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Best choice for Mid size ping pong table

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Are you looking forward for a mid size ping pong table, then just have a look down. These are amazing and you don’t really need to worry about not having sufficient space to accommodate the table and you should surely consider for buying this mid size table tennis table. The table is really just satisfying to the needs and the best part of this is you don’t need to spend a lot of money for remodeling your location.

This table is of thickness 16 mm and the weight is 28kg. This is one of the best mid size ping pong table.  At first look you might find the table separating with 2 dividers when you first open the box. This setup is quite simple and easy. You can also join the 2 tables and put on the net and then you can start playing. You can also assure yourself with using the table to play the game of dominoes, chess, cards and even other kind of games.

For kids this is really an awesome table piece for kids. This is widely made with quality wood. The one can be heavy for some people and the table is really solid one with best wood constructed.  The table also fits perfectly to the basement. Most interesting is the table is available online. This is received with a high quality craftsmanship in return. Highly recommended for those who love to play table tennis with no good space to accommodate the standard size of the table tennis table.

Goplus 60" Portable Table Tennis Table

This is standing among the best mid size ping pong table which is multi functional. The one is compact and is composed of two independent halves. This can be used along as a general table for other functions like playing poker.

The one is releasing good space because of being perfect for small living areas with little of storage space. Each half of it is convenient to be folded up to save the space and you can also place it under the bed conveniently.

  • This is indeed easy to assemble with no need of professional tools. What you need to do is just unfold the legs of the table and latch the two halves together to attach the included net and then can play.

There lies a stable and sturdy construction with making it a strong table due to its durable steel frame. This frame is constructed and ½ inches thick MDF surface. The table has reinforced legs which will not wobble or collapse. Other than that, it has 4 rubber grips on the bottom that keeps the things steady. The following is designed with safety corners guard designs. The one is maintained four corners of the table top to reduce the injury caused by collisions. This is going to become one of the most entertainment facilities for those who are interested in playing the game.

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  • Choosing best of mid size ping pong table

    You can start analyzing the thing with looking forward to different kinds of tables that are available. You can explain them as among the indoor tables and outdoor tables. Other than that you can also look into the space to consider.

    The indoor space tables verses the outdoor tables

    The comparative ping pong table is played over the indoor tables but on a calm place. But a dry day ping pong is played outdoors. While if you think of any ping pong table you can take them both outdoor as well as indoor for a short time period. But the thing lies with the conditions of the outdoor and indoor tables which need certain specifications.

    Outdoor tables

    These outdoor tables are typically built sturdier. These galvanized steel which are under carriages or out of concrete. These tables are going to give weight against the wind. The playing surface is also made with water proof materials to prevent water damage and even warping from the sun. Generally the ones tend to make the most expensive ones when it comes to the outdoor tables. These are indeed more economical models that are made with thinner playing surfaces or materials which are resilient against the elements.

    As per the rule of thumb derived by experts, this is considered to be the best to buy as an outdoor table for when you know to keep it out door. Other than that, this table is unlikely to last incredibly long making it quite an excellent investment. Once you stay strong to buy such a table just look into the basics that you should think about when you are purchasing such tables. Because always make mind to buy the best mid size ping pong table at the best price ever.

    Playing space

    This is also an important factor which one must consider when you are buying the best mid size ping pong table. as per the regulation table it must be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2 and a half feet high with the net extending another six inches past both sides of the size of the open space for a regulation table for experiencing optimal energy. 


    This is another important factor which is taken to consideration when you are thinking to buy an open table. Many people might not be able to take a delicate room for the full time ping pong table. This would be able to collapse your table to get it out of the way and is a convenience way to appreciate the way when you are thinking of the ping pong table.

    Pros and Cons


    • This is of superior quality with awesome overall look and with superb performance.
    • The table is light weight and portable which can be carried to place any where you want.
    • This table is among the best mid size ping pong table which occupies little space.
    • The table is easy to assemble and store anywhere.
    • check
      This comes with 2 pairs of sturdy fold out legs which is very helpful to lock the table into place.
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      The table is an ideal size for living room sport.


    • The packing system might be incurred with leading to damage to the table during the time of shipping. Its size matters within 2/3rd of the standard table tennis table.

     Apart from that the table specification is another important factor. This stands on with standard dimensions with the regulations of the table which is required to be made on continuous price of material. These are generally of wood and even some other derivatives. More over the ones can bring on best of entertainment with the selection of best mid size ping pong table to enjoy the amazing game.

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