5 Best Dart Flights For 2021 [Review]

Best Dart Flights
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If you are a new player who doesn’t know much about darts then it is important for you to know that there are various dart flights available. These are of different shapes and sizes and the players can easily select from these.

Best 5 Dart Flights: Our Top Choices

In this article, the users will get to know regarding the dart flights and the advantages of each of them.

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1. 5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Flights

This is the company which has quite a respectful history and it also does a very good job in maintaining the reputation of the same among the various players.

The body of the flight is created using two parts. This involves a part that is 100 microns thick and is designed for durability as well as strength. The darts of this company are very long. The players will find this enjoyable and some might not even find it. Some felt in control while using the slower shots.

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The display of the flight is soft as well as it compensates for the fins by introducing the flexibility that is needed on the backside. The blend of both these makes the flight a little and not overboard.


  • The piece of equipment looks very good
  • The price is affordable
  • The build of the flight is good and has flexibility as well


  • The added drag is not liked by everyone
  • The design is modular and compensates for the durability

2. Cosmo Darts Fit Flight

This product is not going to impress anyone with the design and the flights that are seen in the package are solid and built well.

The moulded design of plastic involves both the pros and cons of using it. It does not matter how much you dislike the flights it will maintain the 90-degree angle with the fins.

The durability of the flight is more and it always goes with the weight. The flights mass is balanced by the smooth surface. And due to this, the darts can fly smoothly.

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The main point of the flight and the innovation involves the push-in installation system.

There is no need to assemble the parts of the dart. The darts have a good holding capacity and they do not show any sign o wriggle during flying.


  • There are six sets of the flights
  • The flights are strong and sturdy
  • The smooth surface helps to balance the weight of the flight.


  • The flights are quite heavy
  • The push-in system works suitably well but the shaft models do not

3. Ignat Games Dart Flight

This is one of the most suitable offers that you won’t be willing to refuse. The product is one of the best solutions for meeting all the dart needs. If you are looking forward to finding a good bundle and also achieve a suitable performance then this is the product for you.

The flights are made through durable PET material and it offers the excellent balance that is required. Through the innovative material the speed of the throw increases. The flights are designed in such a way that the flights paths are consistent and the accuracy is achieved.

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As far as it is examined it is seen that the Ignat flight darts will last for a longer time as compared to the other flight models. Along with this kit, the users will get the dart protectors and this will help in prolonging the dart flight service. Also, they will help to protect the backside of the flight from damage. Along with this, the protectors will ensure that the speed is achieved at a 90-degree angle. This will also help in improving the performance.


  • There are ten sets
  • These fit easily into the dart shaft
  • Protectors are provided to give better performance


  • They can easily tear

4. 5 x Mixed sets of harrows carbon dart flights

If you are looking for a backup set then this dart flight is the best option for you. This will make a perfect present for you and if you are a dartboard enthusiast.

The set is available in a standard shape and the price seems to be fair. You will find that some of the darts are of very high price and do not have such good performance.  Due to this reason it is a good idea if you are going for the dart flights of the Harrow company. This is because the company provides assurance if there is something that happened to dart flights.
AS compared t the other dart flights, these are quite sturdy and thick as well. But it is important for the users to know that the fit of these darts is quite good and there is not much problem with the shaft as well.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=item next=1 disable_features=1 hide= price,stock_status,merchant] Moreover, the dart flights available are of the same colour and there are no mixed coloured flights available in this. So, it would be really cool if you want to replace your old set and get these home. Moreover, you will be quite surprised by the strength and performance of the flights, even if you are a beginner.


  • Very affordable
  • The design is sturdy and thick
  • The fit is quite good


  • Suitable for beginners only

5. 30 Ruthless Dart Flights R4X Black Xtra Strong Standard

The players mostly refer to these flights as the generic ones. The flights are tough and do the job quite well. These flights overperform. Starting with the design we find that the product has a plain and simple body. But the other entries of the flight involve light in weight and a good texture that makes it highly suitable for the players.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=item next=1 disable_features=1 hide= price,stock_status,merchant] The build quality of the product is quite strong and they might not be as sturdy as the other options that you may find but the flights won’t break easily and are quite a good option for you.

Moreover, it is also seen that the balance of the darts was not affected and since the dart remains straight, therefore, it is quite suitable for the price it is available.


  • The purchase is affordable
  • The product is light in weight
  • The build quality is quite good


  • These flights do not improve your technique
  • The design could have been better

How to choose best Dart flights?

If you are thinking of buying flights for your dart then it might seem easy but it is a difficult task and there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you buy it. There are a lot of factors and the customers need to consider these before they shop the products. The significant things that the users need to consider before they shop for the flights are mentioned below. The users should first go through these and then come upon any decision.

Shape and size

There are a lot of different colours and shapes in which the dart flights are available. The users need to know the configurations are suited to different players of the way they throw the dart. If you lob the darts while throwing them or you slightly change the angle then you might find that the dart flight style would be a little different.

Also finding the right kind of shape as well as the size of the dart would involve experience and experiment. But to know the different forms of the results you will know about the best product and your search will become narrow. Selecting the right shape and size of the dart will need time.

Standard: One of the most common shapes that are available in the standard or the regular flight. These are very good for beginners and is also one of the reasonable choices that are available.

This type of dart flight helps to keep your dart straight and also when it is suitably in the air. If you are willing to land the shots straight on the board then this type of dart flight will help you in improving your game. If the size of the dart flight is large then the drag is more and the tip is pushed upwards. The downwards angle is the thing that a lot of players are willing to overcome.

Slim: These are the flights that are smaller and a little less than the actual kinds. These are the best and the ideal ones if you want to throw a harder throw and will work the best for the lightweight darts. If you are willing to throw shots that are high and land a little upward then choosing this flight will be quite suitable. This is because these have less chance of bounce-outs and will even work suitably well for the tight groupings.

Teardrop: These are the pear-shaped flights that have a complete and original design. They help to give a better lift despite the size. This is round in shape as compared to the other flights.

The round shape when combined with this will make the landing of the shot easier. If you are playing with a pear flight then hitting the mark won’t be as easy as it is with the round one.

Fantail: This is one of the good options if you are using lightweight equipment. These are quite good for the hard throws and help in improving the score.

Smooth: These options offer quite a minimal drag and help to guide the flight through the air quickly. These are available in a number of shapes and you can pick any one of them depending upon your style. The flights that are smooth are better and accurate ss compared to the others.

No. 6 shaped dart flight: This is similar to the standard one and is a little smaller in size. They offer great stability and lift to the dart. These help to give quite good control and are the best for the new players.

Lantern: These are aerodynamic. They have a unique shape and while they are in the air the tail is a little low. If your shots land with the rear then this is the best choice for you.


The weight of the flight is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. This is because it gives you the advantage of providing durability and long-lasting strength. They might lack in speed if the weight is more. We see that that the dart flights which are light easily sail through the air and they might even fall apart in a short time.

It is quite tough to know which one of the flights is the best if you won’t try them all. Through the trial method, you will be able to know the style that is best suited according to your game. So, checking out the various options that are available will become quite easy for you and you can choose the best option faster.

There are a lot of types of darts that are available.

  • 75-micron dart: This is the ideal one for the players because it is easy to control.
  • 100 microns: This is one of the common darts and the weight can be easily managed through fast speeds.
  • 150 microns: This is very durable. At this stage the speed reduces.


There are various style darts that are available and the users can easily choose from them. Most of the players choose the dart flights based on the appearance. So it is always best to choose from the features rather than the appearance.

So, choose the flight that suits your taste and you need to decide the print and the graphics, colour as well as the combination of the darts before you purchase one for yourself. There are variously available and there are a lot which includes prints of famous personalities.

Since there is a lot of colour combination therefore you can easily pick one of the best styles for yourself and you can even decide the holographic shades.

The dart flights mostly provide you with a standard structure. This means that you can first choose the style and the print you want and then go for the features.

Most dart flights offer you the choice of either a standard or slim structure. Meaning you can first choose a look you like and then select the style and size you want.


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