5 Best Dartboard Backboard

Best Dartboard Backboard
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When you will be setting up the darts then you would find out that there is a need for a certain backboard to your dartboard. So, if you are looking for something like this, then you are at the right place.

In the article below you will find the top 5 backboards that you can use for your dartboard. The buying guide is handy and will give you the best picks for your need. There are some tips as well that you should go through before you use the backboard.

Some of the recommended picks would include the dartboard that already comes up with the backboard. But some do not have for that you can buy it separately and that is not at all a big problem. So, read ahead and know the important things you need to know about the dartboard along with the best backboard that you can use.

Before going into the details the users must be first clear regarding what is the difference between the dartboard surround and the backboard.

These are both used for the same purpose but are not completely the same thing. There are surrounds that have a hole that helps the dartboard to completely and perfectly fit into it. Along with that, there are backboards that are mounted on the wall and are attached to the dartboard.

Why buy a dartboard surround or a backboard?

So, before you see the best picks in the section it is important for you to know that why using these is important. So lets us read ahead and clear all the doubts.


The main purpose of buying these backboards is to protect the walls. This is not related to how good you are as a player, because it will eventually ruin the wall, and when you miss a lot of darts then after some time there is a hole on the wall. And if you want to protect it you need something that is strong enough and can bear the damage. So, in order to prevent the ugly looking holes, the users need to get a backboard that will prevent damage to the walls and also protect the darts.

There is very little possibility of damaging the darts themselves if you surround your dartboard with something that is soft and in the form of foam. When the darts will land on such a surface, they won’t get damaged and blistered. So you can use it anytime again for playing.

Most important thing is that you need to protect your walls more than the steel darts.


Since the backboards and the surrounds for the dartboard are designed in such a way that the darts bounce off when they come in contact with the walls, they will cause less damage as a result.


If you are getting a backboard for your dart space then you should know that it will improve the aesthetic of the dartboard as well. The backboards from the big brands will give a more appealing look to the dartboard and will go well with the décor of your house. Along with this, you can also go with certain creative and artistic ideas for your dartboard.

Best Dartboard Backboard

Let us now have a look at some of the important dartboard backboards that you can surely consider as a choice while purchasing.

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1. Viper defender 3 Backboard

This is the product that will go suitably with the 17 as well as the 18-inch dartboards. It helps to provide 8.2 square feet protection and also offers 1-inch thick foam.

This velvet surface option shows that the wear and tear would be minimal and that the assembly would also be quite easy. For thus you won’t need any additional bracing and you can easily use it for any of the games room.

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The backing of the dartboard is completely reversible and is designed in such a way that it provides long-lasting protection. The dartboard will fit easily and will provide a suitable play experience. The backboard also helps in preventing the walls from dents or markings. The foam is of high quality and will provide the necessary protection that is required for the darts.

This can be used indoors and not for outdoor purposes, this is because it won’t be able to stand up.


  • Compatible with most of the dartboard
  • It helps in protecting the 8.2 square feet of wall space
  • Fits easily


  • The 18 inches product might fit tightly

2. Winmau professional backboard

This is one of the best choices that the users can opt for while they want to play darts indoors or in the games room.

This is a stylish as well as a professional-looking protector; this is mostly because of the logos present on it. The product works excellently with the bristle dartboards if we exclude the Rebel from it. This product costs similar to the others and has good construction. This makes it a very suitable investment.

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The molded structure of the product is one of the best ways of protecting the areas around it. This will add additional coverage and also eliminate the requirement of a cabinet. The backing of the dartboard can be mounted directly with the board and therefore is one of the suitable choices that the users can opt for.


  • Compatible with the bristle boards
  • Has a good and professional appearance
  • Has good coverage


  • Does not fit with the Winmau Rebel

3. Viper championship wood frameset

This product provides a good finish. It looks clean and sharp and also adds a good décor to the room.

This product is very suitable for keeping the darts and fits with almost all styles of dartboards.  The product is developed using the mahogany finish and will help in reducing the bounce-outs. There is a storage rack available with this and along with this; there are 12 flight pockets as well.

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There is a dry-erase scoreboard that makes it quite easy for keeping track of the score. The surface of the backboard is smear-free and therefore if you miss the darts accidentally then you won’t need to worry about the erasing. The set comes p with everything that you require which includes a scoreboard, marker, storage rack, hangers, unique materials, and along with that a lot of rigidity.

The backing of the backboard has plush and there are no dart holes on it. Even after you use it for months you won’t see any damage sign on it. This is because the material has grip and it is of high quality.


  • The backboard is made of the mahogany finish
  • The set involves the 12 flight pockets
  • Storage space is also provided
  • There is a plush backing also


  • The board as well as the dart is not sold in the same pack.

4. Viper Defender Dartboard Backboard

This is the sisal backboard that is suitable for all kinds of dartboards. The Defender backboard will suitably go with the 17.75 inches dartboard and it will also give the protection of 5 inches. The design of this dartboard backboard is circular and the black hue of this makes a stylish appeal that is liked by a lot of people.

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The velvet surface completes the look and the backing of the product is made of high-quality material that helps in reducing the wear and tear of the darts. With this dartboard backboard, you won’t require any additional equipment because it is suitable for all the needs of the players themselves. It is seen that the dartboard is reversible and will last for a long time. Through this, the players can have many hours of enjoyment. The backboard is one f the most economical options that the users will get and it can be obtained at a very reasonable price.

The product is made using high-quality foam and with this, rigidity and flex are also experienced. These help in reducing the rate of bounce out which further makes the game enjoyable.


  • Fits easily with the standard dartboards of 17.75 inches
  • Helps in providing the 5 inches wall protection
  • It is fully reversible and
  • It involves the use of high-density foam


  • Some darts might cause damage to the wall.

5. Dart stop pro series backboard

This is one of the best and excellent choices that the players can consider while buying the dartboards. This is because it is available in three different finishes that are black, burgundy as well as tan shade. It can be blended easily and along with that, we find that the décor is pretty much good. The backboard looks aesthetic and it will also change the appearance of the room. It has no holes which means that the finish is optimum and even after you use it for a long time, you won’t find any damages.

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The mounting system is good and therefore you can easily hang it as well. It goes very well with the ¾ inch wood backing surfaces. The wooden backing will make it look stronger and will last for a long time and you won’t find holes.

The backing does not include the extra darts. The price is high but it is a good investment for those who are serious dart players.


  • The surface area is 29 inches
  • The wood backing is ¾ inches
  • Does not get holes easily
  • Three variants are available


  • It is expensive


It is seen that the backboard is very necessary if you want to protect your walls. So, you can select the one from the list above as per your needs.


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