The 10+ Best Dart Boards to Buy in 2021

Best Dartboards
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It is seen that if you aren’t a regular dart player even then you must have played the game once or twice with your friends. If you have played it then you must have found it interesting.

But, it does not matter if you are a professional player or a beginner, you might not know which dartboard is the best one for you. So, in this article, you will find everything that you need to know about it.

10 Best Dartboards

After going through the results and the tests we have listed the 10 best dartboards that the players can purchase for themselves.

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1. Winmau Blade 5 dual Core Bristle Dartboard

There are a lot of bristle dartboards in the market and we find that this product is an indispensable one. There are a lot of reasons for this and we should start with one of the major reasons. The density of the product is very high, and this makes it highly durable.  The bounce-outs of the dartboard are reduced. Moreover, the wiring of the dartboard also reduces the bounce-outs and the design as well.

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Along with this, the amount of dead space that is present on the board is very less and there are very few bounce outs. This is not true for all of the darts, but if you are making use of the darts that are small and soft then they will bounce out easily and frequently. This is not a common thing but the users must be aware of it.

The board is a little costly and if you are keeping a budget then you need to think twice.  But it is suitably good for playing.


  • The wiring design reduces the bounces outs
  • The board is durable
  • The look and feel is great


  • Not suitable to be used with the shorter darts
  • The price is high

2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

This is an affordable dartboard that is available easily on Amazon. It is priced fairly and this makes a good option for the users. We see that the product has a lot of good features. It too has some faults but these are not much as compared to the features that it provides.

This dart is useful for eight players and has various game modes that are about 40. The variations are 179 in number. This dartboard makes the game quite impressive and helps the players to get more fun.

Through this feature, the users can find their points calculated automatically and easily. The players can use this for improving their game and the players will be able to know how well they are playing.

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There are three different levels of the game and the heckler feature also praises and scolds the players for their throw. This game is quite fun and can be used at parties and gatherings.

This dartboard will last for a long time and is designed in such a way that it has high durability and the density of the holes helps in seeing the number of bounce outs.

The darts that are available with this are of low quality and we also see that they might even break. There are also some issues near the bullseye and some players might feel that it is not worth playing.


  • Small in size and can be ported easily
  • The product is affordable and
  • There are various modes that can be used for playing
  • Has high durability


  • The darts available with the dartboard are poor
  • There are a lot of issues and there are some modes that cannot be used to play as well

3. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard

If you are among the casual players then you might want to have a good quality rime while playing the game. This is the game that you will find interesting and you can play from time to time. The board is of high quality and is not too costly. There are no staples and this means that the bounce-outs of the dartboard are reduced. For beginners, this is a good board this is because it will make the games more fun. The bristle board is very dense and the darts will surely stick to the board instead of falling down. This makes the durability of the board very high and it will last for a long time.

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If there is anything bad about the dartboard it is the setup. There are three bumpers that are used for its setup. This makes the dartboard unstable and the users need to find an alternative to mount it. The price of the dartboard might even seem a bit steep for the casual players and the price will be there for a long time.


  • The design is staple free
  • Has high durability
  • There are professional specifications of the same


  • The mounting method is not good
  • The price is high

4. Hathaway CenterPoint

This is one of the most beautiful dart boards and it has a good cabinet as well. This is a dartboard that is affordable and is constructed using yellow wood. The finish o the furniture is great and in dark cherry colour. This makes it suitable for any room. The diameter of the dartboard is 18 inches and the size of it just the right one according to the casual players. The board is made in such a way that it is durable and there are no signs of damage even after using it for months.

The darts are complimentary with the dartboard and they have high durability.

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The cabinet is different. The users might find the units to be poor and lacking certain features. The hinges on the doors of the cabinet are poor and if you open and close it a number of times then it will start to fall. The cabinet of the dartboard is fragile and it can get chipped easily. The users need to handle it with care.

The product is very suitable as per the price and is one of the best dartboards that the users will get in the market.


  • The board is sturdy
  • The darts that are available with the dartboard that is of good quality
  • The price is good


  • The hinges are of poor quality
  • The cabinet is a little fragile

5. Fat Cat Electronix Dartboard

This is among those dartboards that are great and you will love it as soon as you open it. The product has the best designs and features. The product comes up with a warranty of 1 year.

There are a number of thermoplastic segments in the dartboard. This means that it has good quality and will last for a number of years.

If you are looking for a board that is reliable then you can go for this option. This is an electronic dartboard and using it can be quite tricky sometimes.

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It is important to know regarding the technical features as well. These involve the landing of the darts on the dartboard is on 360 degrees which are the landing zone for the shots.
This is very helpful and did not damage the last shots.
If you are among the ones who are struggling for the bounce-outs, you will find this extremely useful. Along with this, there are thin walls too which allow the tighter groupings. Due to this, the bounce-outs are avoided and the shoots can be carried out easily.

Sometimes, it is suitable to use the traditional scoring method but sometimes the fancy version is also helpful. There is an LCD as well that helps you to track all the scores and save the hassle.

Moreover, the players can play up to 38 games with 8 players.


  • Design is durable
  • 5 levels
  • The screen is dual


  • Poor quality darts

6. Viper Slash bristle steel tip dartboard

There are a lot of good features about the product but we find that one of the important things about it is that it has self-healing fibres and these help in repairing the hole of the dart. Once the dart is pulled out from the board it is repaired and thus it helps in creating a long-lasting and smoother surface.

The product also includes the magnet art holsters. These help in connecting the sides of the board and also help in providing the useful storage that is necessary. The thing looks very cool and is useful too. This dartboard is very helpful in reducing the bounce outs. This will also save the time you spend picking the darts.

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The things that you need for setting up the dart box are all provided with it such as the hardware for mounting and the instructions.

The thing that is missing is the darts. These are not included in the box and is a drawback. This is an affordable product and has good quality construction. The target area is also regulated.  This is one of the most popular options that are available to the players.


  • The target area is large
  • The landing zone is made of sisal fibre
  • The dartboard has self-healing properties


  • The darts are not available

7. Viper ion Electronic dartboard

The dartboard is the electronic dartboard that has a target area that is light. It has segments that are blue and green. This makes the board different from the others and this is, therefore, an excellent addition to the games room. There are 48 games in this and the variations are 315. It will give you a number of hours of entertainment.

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  • There are a lot of variations to the game
  • The target area is illuminated


  • The lights of the dartboard burn out very quickly

8. Nodor SupaMatch 3 Dartboard

This involves everything that is required for hanging. It does not have a bracket that can be attached to the cabinet. The feature that we found with this dartboard is that it gives a satisfaction guarantee to the customers and this implies that the customers can return the dartboard whenever they feel there is an issue with it.

The playing surface of the dartboard is super hard and it also has carbon fusion technology. This makes it very long-lasting. It also improves the play of the players.

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There are fixed numbers and it indicates that the users cannot rotate the board. But apart from this, it is the best choice.


  • The construction of the table is staple free
  • The bounce out is less
  • The surface is hard


  • It has no equipment for mounting available.

9. Rally and Roar DB410Y19036 Dartboard 

The Rally and Roar offer a target area of 18 inches. This is long-lasting and the face is also bristling. The users can choose between three styles that are classic, bristle and standard.

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The board comes along with the equipment as well as the gaming instructions. This helps the users to start easily and straight away. But it is necessary for the users to shop the darts separately. One of the innovative features that are available with the board is that it is cross-compatible. It helps you to play with the steel or the soft darts.


  • The regulation size is 18 inches
  • The construction is a bristle
  • There are 3 styles


  • There are painted chips

10. Viper shot king dartboard

This product is complete and comes with a removable number ring. The dart board can be rotated easily and it will also extend the life of enjoyment that it will provide. There is a built-in compression band. This binds the sisal fibres with the compression force and helps in providing durability.

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The things that are required to play are available right in the box. The board can be mounted easily and there is no cabinetry. This is the most inexpensive choice and is one of the most affordable choices that the users can shop. Using this board the users can easily save a lot.


  • The number ring is removable
  • The construction is staple free
  • The fibres are tightly compressed
  • The target area is 18 inches


  • The healing capacity of this is low



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