5 Best Ping Pong Ball Guns

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A mere toy for the kid’s age between 4 to 10, the ping pong ball gun works amazingly to keep the kids from getting distracted for long hours. They use to play with this for such a surprisingly long time because this gun is attractive, fun and one of the most innovative toys to play with. This works on vacuum pressure and it calculates the time-dependent pressure amount along with the position and velocity of the ball.

Ping pong balls are fun to play with and no one can deny that, along with serious table tennis play, the balls come handy while accompanied with the ping pong gun. The working technique is much like the paintball gun, which is used to play paintball. But unlike the paintball gun, playing with ping pong ball gun will not make you dirty. This is a fun game for adults as well as kids. If there is a birthday party or a get-together, kids will be enjoying this toy. Also, the adults can arrange fun parties which can have a segment for ping pong gun game.

Best Ping Pong Ball Guns

We will be here offering you our suggestion on the best ping pong ball guns which are top favorites among the kids.

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1. Glow In The Dark Moon Ping Pong Ball Gun

This is truly fun for the night time parties. Kids will love the effect of the ping pong shooter. This works with regular air pressure.

Rhode Island Novelty Deluxe Glow Blue Ping Pong Ball Shooter

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  • This is actually a regular ping pong ball gun with the glow in the dark balls. These are perfect to play in a dark room in the evening or night time.
  • This is specifically to be played in-door. As it is played in dark, one can lose the balls or some accident can happen if kids go out in the dark to play with this.
  • There are three guns in this pack. The colors are attractive pink, blue and green.  The guns glow as well as the balls.
  • This set comes with 30 balls, divided into a pack of 3. It is very convenient as the kids can play separately with the balls and there will be less chance of fighting over the balls.
  • The shooter guns do not work with the regular-sized ping pong balls. Only the balls available with this pack, which are a bit smaller than the regular balls, work these guns
  • These are not softballs so it will be fun for the adults too. You can enjoy partying at the darkest hours with this glow in the dark balls.
  • The night-time parties will be real fun with these guns. Kids can play with these balls and shoot them to each other.
  • To begin to play, you have to use the pumper to fill some air into the guns.
  • The quality of the guns is great. But the same cannot be said about efficiency. The most attractive part is that these balls and the guns glow in the dark. It is a nice experimental toy and will surely provide fun and enjoyment to the kids as well as adults.


  • 3 guns and 30 glow balls
  • Nice attractive colors
  • Convenient pricing


  • Not very efficient
  • Balls not available separately

2. Fstop Power Popper Gun

This is a great toy with a nice design and it can be played in the backyard. As it comes with a pair of guns, one can play the game of fighting with his partner. The balls are hard enough to topple soda cans but will not hurt the kids anyway.

Fstop Labs 2 Pack Set Power Popper Gun with

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  • The set comes with 2 pack sets of power popper guns and the numbers of balls available with this pack are 40.
  • The gun is well built and the balls do not hurt anyone.
  • This set is not for toddlers as the balls come with this pack are small enough to be swallowed.
  • The ball loading is easy and anyone can do this.
  • The guns are strong and eligible for rapid-fire shooting. The guns can shoot at a 360-degree angle and it can shoot within 8 meters of range.
  • This is a lightweight gun and thus is easy to carry for the children.
  • They can play with these guns with their family members of other friends, this is a nice item for endless fun.


  • Attractive and nice
  • Lightweight
  • 2 guns and 40 balls
  • Air-powered shooter
  • For indoor and outdoor
  • Strengthens social interaction and team spirit
  • Enhances imagination


  • Pumping needs time

3. Original Burp Gun- Ping Pong Ball Launcher

This is a rather old toy as it has been in the market for a few years. This can be counted as one of the first ball launchers. This one is great for launching standard-sized balls.

MEIBY Automatic Ball Launcher

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as of August 17, 2022 10:22 pm


  • This is one of the favorite ping pong guns and has remained there for a long time now.
  • The range is pretty good; it is accurate up to 20 feet. Rapid pumping can make you reach a distance of 30 feet as well. For an air pump gun, this is a great distance to be covered.
  • The balls make an impact when they are thrown from these guns which are not available in soft foam balls. As it uses standard size burp guns it can accommodate 15 balls at a time.
  • These are called burp guns due to the reason that they emit funny burping like sound when the balls are shot. The last ball makes an indistinct noise though.
  • The toy comes in a patented classic design which is simple yet nice and sober.
  • There is no use of batteries, only air pump makes the gun go with the ball shooting.
  • The manufacturer tests the product rigorously so the customers can avail of the best products with their hard-earned money.
  • The balls can be shot one at a time or multi-shot, as per the choice of the player.
  • This item is made in the USA.


  • Lightweight
  • Two kinds of action for shooting
  • Looks classy
  • Emits burp sound
  • Shots up to 20 meter
  • No battery used
  • Happy customers


  • High priced

4. Exercise N Play Power Popper Gun

This one is another playing item to be played with and this one is quite sturdy an item for the kids. These are air power shooter and children will love to play with these.

Exercise N Play 2 PCS Power Popper Gun Dual Battle Pack

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as of August 17, 2022 10:22 pm


  • This Blast popper gun comes with a stronger solid spring structure and it ensures rapid-fire shooting.
  • This one can shoot up at 360 degrees.
  • The shooting range is up to 12 meters which are really fun for the kids. Not only them but the adults who are young at heart will enjoy playing with this gun.
  • The pumping action is easy. The foam ball should be fed into the gun and then the rear rod of the gun should be pulled to inhale the air. Now you can push the rear rod so the gun shoots the foam balls.
  • This gun is completely safe for the kids. The foam balls will not hurt the kids even if these hit them.
  • The use of environment-friendly ABS plastic makes it a safe option for all the kids. There is no chance of toxicity from this gun.
  • The balls are made of EVA foam which is another eco-friendly material.
  • The package contains 2 blast poppers and 20 foam balls which are sufficient for kids to play with a partner.
  • The set is suitable for the kids above 6 years. Toddlers are not advised to play with these small balls.


  • Perfect gift option
  • Lightweight foam balls
  • Shoots at 360 degree
  • No chance of accidental hurt
  • Great for kids over 6
  • Easy pumping


  • Fragile

5. Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper Dual Battle pack

The pack of Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper comes loaded with two guns, as the name suggests. Along with that, there are more features to it.

Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper 12X

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as of August 17, 2022 10:22 pm


  • This is great for kids. There are soft foam balls instead of ping pong balls which are harder. With this, you can be ensured that there is no chance of getting hurt.
  • The numbers of balls are 60 or 72 which is great. Also, you can choose options as there are two varieties available for the ball set. The price is not very different for these two combinations.
  • The blaster works on air pressure and this works great when it is shot.
  • The balls can be shot up to 20 feet.
  • The design is truly sporty and surely your kids will love it.
  • This is a great game for indoor fun.
  • This is also a fun element for young adults. You can compete with your kid while holding one of the two guns.
  • As this is an air blaster, you need to pump some air to shot the balls from it.
  • The set will help to spend some fun time with your family and kids. Not many toys offer such pleasant time-pass and enjoyment.
  • As it comes with foam balls, it is pretty safe for your kids.


  • A huge number of balls
  • Foam balls and not plastic ones
  • Two guns
  • Shots up to 20 feet
  • Easy handling
  • Easy pumping


  • Nothing much

Why you should buy a ping pong ball gun?

  • Ping pong ball gun is a fun element that can add excitement event to the elders’ parties.
  • For kids, it always offers a hand and eye coordination as well as motor skills.
  • While playing with other kids with this gun, your child will learn social skills like communicating with each other as well as compete.
  • The healthy competition always should grow at an early age as this will strengthen the base of a child’s mental growth.
  • For the elders, the moonlit balls which glow in dark can be a fun item. You can plan a get together at weekends and get a few of such ping pong ball guns which will add extra glamour to your party.
  • The ping pong ball guns are cheap and thus it will not be heavy on your pocket. You can buy them in a lot and arrange a fun party for the kids on a summer afternoon.
  • As this one is not a high priced item, you will not feel bad if one or two go missing or get broken. Kids are prone to break the toys, but since this is not a pricey item, it will not cost you much.
  • The balls are so many in numbers that you do not have to be bothered about securing them. A few manufacturers offer extra balls in separate packs. If you are arranging a party for kids, it will be better to get them stocked beforehand, so the kids can play freely with the guns.
  • There are two variations of balls available. The plastic balls shot higher, whereas the foam balls are lighter and thus there will be no chance of getting hurt by a hit of the ball. You can buy any kind of balls according to your choice.
  • However, the balls are usually smaller than the regular sized ping pong balls, and thus you must keep an eye on the pets and the toddlers who may face an accident by trying to put the ball into the mouth. The kids should play in the presence of some adults.

Special features of a ping pong ball gun:

  • While kids love to play with paintball guns and BB guns, it is better to offer them ping pong ball gun. This one is much safer than the BB guns and paintball gun. There will be no issue of hurting each other or no creation of mess.
  • This one comes much cheaper than the BB guns of paintball guns, which is another reason to prefer the ping pong ball guns.
  • There is glow in the dark ping pong balls which offer super fun for the kids. When they will play with these balls it will make them excited.


Playing with different toys makes kids fun-loving and energetic. There are various kinds of toys available. you can try the ping pong ball guns which will make your kid and his or her friends happy for the next party.


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