The 7 Best Ping Pong Paddles under $100 in 2021

For the players and the ping pong lovers who love to play the ping pong game and who want to purchase the ping pong paddles this review guide will be of great help to those.

Most of the beginners think that all the paddles are almost the same. But in the true sense, they are not. This means that you need to pay attention to a lot of factors while you are purchasing a new table tennis paddle.

In this article, you will get to know about the 7 best ping pong paddles under 100 USD in detail along with their pros and cons. You can also check more affordable ping pong paddles.

Best Ping Pong Paddles: Buyer’s Guide

There are many good ping pong paddles in the market, but what is important is to find the best product for you. It will be worst if you are spending money on something and after that, you find that it does not fit your need.

If you are thinking of buying the paddles then it just is according to your playing style and the experience. For this, you need to understand the differences that are there in the materials and the construction that will help you to play the game better.

Playing style

The first factor that you need to consider is which style of player you are. And once you know that you can easily choose the paddle that would be required. The paddle that you buy should be such that its features are in the middle, this is because you are still a learner and you should not buy one which for a certain specific style.

The higher-end paddles will help you to give more power than the others and this can be handled easily by the inexperienced player as well.


The experienced players have recommended that if you play with the club for one or twice you will get to know which kind of paddle you want and what should be aesthetics. Also, you can consult an experienced player to know about it. And they will tell you about how you need to manage and which kind of paddle will be best suited.


The performance of the paddle can be measured easily, and this is done on a three-component scale. You can go for the 10 points or the 100 point scale. Now the ratings can vary according to the different manufacturers.


The power will tell you about the hardness of the material that is used that is the blade or the handle of the paddle. It can also tell you about the padding that is used between the rubber surfaces and the blade. The blades that are used are laminated and glued together. They might be made into a thin layer of lightweight by sandwiching the layers to get a light structure.  The lightweight layers will absorb lesser energy. The power rating will tell you about how much energy it uses. Higher the number, lesser will the power consumed. There is a disadvantage with the higher power rating. This might require your shots to be controlled and this is not liked by the players.


The next factor that needs to be considered is the control. This involves how the paddle strikes the ball and how long it stays.

This is more related to the quality of the rubber, the padding thickness, and it also includes the direction the pips that are present on the rubber face. It is found that tackier the rubber, there will be more control with your shots so that you get the good placement of returns. Also, some amount of foam can provide you with a lot of control, usually at the expense of power.

Best Ping Pong Paddles in 2020

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1. Stiga Pro Carbon

This is considered to be the top choice for the intermediate players. It has a sophisticated construction that is found in the most high-end versions that are available at a high price range. So, this product is great for those players who want to improve their game without paying a lot for their game.

The major ping pong retailers categorize their products into different categories; similarly, this manufacturer also categorizes the paddles into three types. These are spin, control, and power. The STIGA Carbon Pro is ranked highest for the spin category and has been rated 100/100.

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Furthermore, the paddle has 2mm of cushioning sponge along with that it also has rubber-coated 7-ply that is of the extra light wooden blade. Players will love the rigidity along with impressive response as it has double carbon internal layers.

Besides that, you won’t be experiencing shock at your hands, this is because there is a unique shock dispersion feature that ensures the vibration is absorbed, and due to this all the energy is dispersed through the handle. In result, players will get the benefit of exceptional manoeuvrability and great comfort.


  • The rubber is approved by the ITTF.
  • It has a Carbon Technology that gives more speed and power.
  • The performance ratings of the peddle are Control 80, Spin 100, Speed 99
  • Balsa wood centre-ply is used that makes an ultra-lightweight paddle


  • Some product might appear damaged.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • The rubber is very durable.
  • The products do not appear as they are shown.
  • Very comfortable.

2. Killer Spins Diamond TC RTG

Killer spin makes is also ranked in the top list.  This is because this model is crafted with seriousness and is for boot the serious players and the new ones.

The paddle has a reasonable price. But in comparison to the other models in this price range, the Killerspin Diamond TC RTG has been ranked among the top ones, this because of speed and control.

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This racket will help players in improving their skills and will help you to get an advantage over the competition. The paddle has a unique construction. There are seven layers of blades. With this, all your shots are left accurate and lightning quick.

Along with this, it has been designed to get control for precise hits. Also, users find that the grip is fantastic.


  • It is made of great quality.
  • Quite suitable for the professionals.
  • The ratings for the performance are as: Control 8.2; Spin 9.4; Speed 10.0
  • It has a memory book too.


  • It is not so suitable for beginners or amateurs.

Some of the reviews are:

  • The memory book will help you to do your tasks easily.
  • Good for the experienced players.

3. JP Win Look Ping Pong Paddle Set

The most important thing while buying a table tennis paddle set is that you need to ensure that all the boxes are checked. Some sets have quality paddles, but not in the number that you might need.

For example, you might need a set for playing with your friends and family but it might have only two paddles. Table tennis paddle is available in different loads of products. It has a carrying case, a number of balls, four paddles, but they do not have so good quality.

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This ping pong set is an all-around table tennis set. It comes with four durable paddles, and each racket is made from eco-friendly rubber and fiver wood later. We have one more reason to opt this.JP Win Look set has a 1-year replacement warranty, that displays the manufacturers high level of confidence in this unit.


  • Convenient for easy transport.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • It has 5-plywood blades.
  • There are handles.


  • The chemical smell that is present needs some time to go.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It has handles that give better use.
  • There is a warranty too that is a plus point for many users.

4. STIGA Titan

This equipment is of great quality and therefore is ranked in this top list. The STIGA Titan offers the players total control and is not overpriced. It is recommended mostly for the players.

The performance of this paddle depends upon the blade construction. It has a blade that features a 5-ply all-wooden handle. STIGA Titans have more power in comparison to other rackets in this price range.

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The Stiga has the advantage of Triumph rubber, and it is very different from the material that is being used for the other high-end lines. Unfortunately, it has some of the concerns regarded to its durability, as some of the users had claimed that this paddle was not as durable as the other Stiga products.

The Stiga Titan is among the globally-leading manufacturers of the ping pong world, and it gives a decent balance.


  • It has a high-performance level.
  • It is ITTF approved.
  • It has an optimal spin and speed.
  • The blade uses crystal technology.


  • The response is not that good.

Some of the reviews are:

  • It has not been ranked with some good responses due to lack of durability.
  • The performance is high.
  • The blades are also very optimal.

 5. DHS Hurricane II

This choice is one of the excellent options for players that have to shake hand grip style. This option might be more expensive, but it provides more than entry-level paddles.

The DHS Hurricane has been created keeping the professionals in mind, and this makes it pricier.

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The manufacturer explains that their paddles are a great offer for the shake hand or Asian style of play. The paddle has a sweet spot which is close to the front, and the rubber is available in a sleek design that helps players to achieve higher spin. Also, the weight of this racket is too good to give a feeling of total control which many paddles lack.

However, this product might have some defaults. The rubber might not be able to retain the tackiness for a long time, and it is also found that its weight disturbing.

Nevertheless, it is basically for players who have a lot of spins, and for them, it is an incredible choice.


  • It is suitable for all-round play.
  • It also has a Ladson wrist support.
  • The spin and control are awesome.


  • It is heavyweight.
  • Not suitable for the newer players.

Some of the reviews by the users are:

  • It is a little heavy that might prevent some of your good shots.
  • It gives you an all-rounder play.
  • Has good spins so it is very suitable for your play.

6. Stiga Supreme

The Stiga Supreme is the other intermediate-level paddle that offers players and helps them to set up their game. It’s a great choice for reactive players who are looking for a defensive play or who prefer playing with more power.

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The blade also stands out with 6th ply, and the paddles which are in this price range have the 5th-ply construction. Unfortunately, this paddle also has some drawbacks that might be its struggle for producing significant power. This drawback will not let the player play the game far away from the table.

However, as the machine is lightweight therefore it allows quicker and almost instant reaction. This makes playing to be defensive inspire of the fact that it does not have much power. It has an incredible combination of lightweight that makes it a Stiga Supreme that focuses on defence and goes back to the offence.


  • It has good speed and control.
  • The performance has been rated as Spin 92; Control 89; Speed 90.
  • The rubber is approved by IITF.


  • The power is not suitable.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • The rubber is of high quality.
  • It gives a good spin.
  • The speed is also good.

7. Killer spin JET800

This product has a price tag similar to high-end paddles, and it also gives a tournament-level and top-line offensive play. This model has become one of the few choices for professional players.

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The paddle has a seven-ply wooden blade that is good for an incredible return power and extra durability. The paddle also has sport carbon fibre layers. Still, as it is light in weight it helps to get better at return.

Further, it has high-quality and uses treated rubber that gives a strong spin performance rating. This product still might have some drawbacks beyond its high price. The paddle has a different set up than the others.


  • This has been rated as the professional-grade equipment.
  • It has high accuracy.
  • It has a memory book along.
  • It has great construction.


  • It is expensive.

Some of the reviews are:

  • The paddle is a little expensive.
  • The memory book helps you to use the paddle easily.
  • It gives great shots.


Table tennis paddles are available in various built and designs. Some of them are ones made keeping beginners in mind, while some are made for advanced players. In this guide, we have mentioned the top 7 which will suit your requirements.


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