Best Ping Pong Paddles Under $50

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Table tennis can be called an indoor game but can be played outdoors when the weather is calm. It needs two or four people, for singles and doubles respectively, a lightweight ball which will be sent across a table by the help of a paddle. Now if you have taken up this hobby, and have been playing for quite a few years now, it is likely that you played with different types of paddles. But if you are an amateur and play once in a while, then you may feel like, are not all the paddles same? Well, no, not all the paddles are same and they do not perform or last the same way.

Top 8 Ping Pong Paddles Under USD 50

We are hereby giving you a detailed description of the best ping pong paddles which are reasonably priced yet are of good quality. Let’s start.

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1. Stiga Pro Carbon

The brand Stiga has built paddles which are best for the intermediate level players. This one comes with some of the high-end features but the price is compromising. So this is a reasonably priced paddle for the players who are ready to be a perfectionist.

The features of the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle make it an amazing product. It has a 7 ply blade, which ensures the strength and longevity of this paddle. The power of returning shorts becomes more vivid for this one. Except that, the top-level spin provided by this paddle is awesome. It garners a spin rating of 10. For a lightweight paddle, the sum is pretty impressive. The speed that it offers is 9.9. That makes the racket best for the players who are more into offensive playing.

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The amount of professionalism that this racket offers is amazing.  This Pro Carbon paddle is available at the price of any moderate paddle but can be worked as a professional paddle. The rubber of the paddle may get deteriorated with time, and that may disappoint you. But the speed it offers on the first day of its use remains the same. So probably you can get the rubber changed and see the difference. After the first few months, the paddle needs the mere change of rubber and it will work the same way. But when you remember the price you will understand that it is the most interesting intermediate paddle to grab.


  • Lightweight Balsa wood centre ply make
  • Great performance rating
  • Carbon technology
  • ITTF approved rubber


  • Moderate quality rubber

2. Butterfly 401

This Butterfly 401 can be called an entry-level paddle as this is best suited for the ones who have started table tennis playing. For those who are starting to play will be greatly helped by this paddle. The price of this paddle is quite low so you can get it easily when you think of starting to play.

For speed and spin, the paddle has been rated 8. The 8.5 level of control is good. The Butterfly 401 paddle helps the players those are yet to gain the balance and strength in the table tennis game. As this is a low budget product, and it lasts long, so you will get the value of the money in full form.

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To be honest, it offers maximum longevity among the paddles of this price range. So this has become trusted equipment for the beginners in table tennis. Not only that, the rubber does not get disfigured with time, unlike the rubber of the paddles of this price range. The blade is great while it comes to beating. So basically for the play that takes place in offices and rec rooms, this is an inevitable instrument.

However, the paddle does not cover fully in terms of balance. The control that this paddle has is not as great as many other similar products. The reason behind this is, the handle is smaller than average and thus the paddle is difficult to hold.  So for the players with large hands will not find it comfortable to use.


  • ITTF approved rubber and sponge
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Approved for tournament
  • Specially built with rubber


  • Balance not great
  • Handle short

3. Stiga Titan

The control that is gained from this pocket-friendly paddle is awesome. Stiga Titan captures the rank eight for some great benefits that it has to offer. This is for the players who have some experience and is turning from amateur to serious table tennis playing. This is also great because it makes your budget low while providing you with the expert level of features. This paddle is great for defensive playing.

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The great feature of the Stiga Titan is probably the blade. This one comes with 5 plies all wooden handle, and it is specially treated as well. So you can expect a high level of performance from this paddle. The use of Triumph rubber also gets it great longevity. However, the higher-priced paddle from Stiga gets rubber of better quality and those are definitely more long-lasting than this one. The manufacturing quality of this paddle, as reported by a few users is not really great either.

The brand Stiga is there for a long time and it has produced many paddles, among which Stiga Titan is a well made one. The materials may not be of the same quality and strength but it has pretty much same technology while built. So you can trust this not- so-pricey item to be your best friend while playing table tennis on a serious level.


  • Great performance level paddle
  • ITTF approved tournament rubber
  • Blade made by Crystal technology
  • Optimal speed and spin


  • Not high-quality material

4. Killerspin JET200

This is again an entry-level paddle. It has been priced close to Stiga Titan and Butterfly 401 and like the two others, Killerspin JET200 paddle is great for the beginners who have passed the entry-level. The power of this paddle is lesser than Stiga Titan, but the hold is better than that one. This one is new equipment in the world of ping pong, but it has already become popular due to its superb quality and aggressive style. This one also comes at a good pocket-friendly price.

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The paddle comes with 5 ply blade and it offers power in defensive playing.  The hold up of this paddle is great and it has got strength while playing table tennis. A few users, however, have reported of breakage issue, so from there we can assume that the ply is not treated in the same way as in the case of Stiga Titan.

The quality of the rubber is much better than other paddles of the same price range.  It stays in good condition even after a long time. Thus this paddle offers more and better control and yet the spin is not compromised. The speed rating of this paddle is 6, which makes it an average paddle in this context. But the players who are more into focussing their control will be benefitted from this equipment.


  • Great construction
  • Perfect ball control
  • Good for basic strokes
  • Personalized memory book cover


  • Breakage issue for some users

5. DHS Hurricane II

After discussing a few entry-level paddles, we are moving towards a few pricier products. DHS Hurricane II is better than entry-level performing paddles, and it is higher in price too. This one is great for the ones who have taken the game seriously and are used to with shake hand or Asian style playing. The grip on the paddle differs in these game styles and this paddle is eligible for that style. So we can safely say that it is a professional style paddle and comes with a higher price tag.

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The brand is Chinese, so we can assume that the product manufactured by them is based more upon the Asian style of game. The paddle has its sweet spot onto the handle at the front part. At this point, the rubber of the handle is given slickness and that offers the great spinning ability to the player. The weight of the paddle is just perfect to lend the player the feeling of control.  This is not available in many paddles.

The rubber of the paddle, however, loses its tackiness with time. In fact, that goes away too quickly and that is something a turn down for a paddle of this level. Also, the weight may seem problematic for a few players. Still, this paddle offers the possibility of great spin and that is what makes it an exclusive item for the tennis players.


  • Landson wrist support
  • Good grip


  • Weight

6. Killerspin Jet 600

This is not an advanced level paddle but is very near to that. The paddle from this brand offers lots of features that can make your playing experience enriched.  The price of the Killerspin Jet 600 is not too high, so you can experience a high level of gaming facility without spending for a high-quality product. This can be clearly called a tournament level paddle, and the players who are getting prepared for the tournament shall practice with this one to reach the level of perfection.

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There are 5 layer constructions for the Jet 600 and this is the secret of strength for this paddle. The lightweight paddle offers great control. The rubber used in this paddle is also of great quality and the tackiness remains intact even after a few games. The counter spin and return can be gained only by this paddle’s superb quality and strength.

The issue faced by the users of this paddle is, however, the acclimation.  The handle adjustment problem caused by the handle construction is a problem faced by many players. This needs slight adjustment of your grip to smoothen out the feel and response. Other than this, it is a great paddle with a moderate price tag and high-end output.


  • Tournament level paddle
  • Speed rate rank 8
  • 30 days warranty
  • Great for intermediate and advanced players


  • A glitch in handle construction

7. Killerspin JET800

This one is a straightforward higher-end model of the paddle. You can expect top-level offensive stroke from this one. It is the right choice for tournament level players. The topmost professional players from all countries prefer this kind of paddles.

The JET 800 comes with 7 plies wooden blade and its carbon fibre layers offer the durability and returning power of professional level. The return power of this paddle scores 9.5 ran. The rubber used in this paddle is of high quality and specially treated which offers strong spin with offensive alignment.

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So it is almost a perfect paddle. Sans the price point, there is a small drawback though. There is a learning curve in this paddle of which most users have reported. It takes some time to get adjusted with that, and later it becomes easy to handle. However, in this list, this is the most expensive model and it will have the worth of its value. It is a durable paddle with unparallel performance and longevity


  • Tournament level paddle
  • Great construction
  • Accurate return and powerful grip
  • Personalised memory book


  • Learning curve
  • Price

8. Thunderline 6 star premium

If you are finding a good quality ping pong table that can elevate your ping pong game then is the one. Usually, when we talk about purchasing the premium paddles for the game then it is important to know about it, its features and after that purchasing it.

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Go through the points below and you will know about the ping pong table in detail.

Paddle quality

Usually, when the users go for purchasing paddles, then the most important feature hat is considered is quality. If you are looking forward to by this paddle then you should now that it has 7 plywood blade and a 2.0 sponge. The paddle can therefore maintain the glue rubber and the durability too. This is one of the reasons for it being one of the top purchases.


If the killer spin is used during play then it has a speed of 88 and 90. The users can experience great control and speed playing with it. The paddle has the best characteristics and it gains lot of popularity among the players.

Best choice

The common habit of people is to check for the features before purchasing any product. It is important for them to know some of the features before they buy it.

The performance level of the paddle is great along with the amazing features that it has.


The ping pong paddle gives a good play to the users and they can enjoy playing the game with their competitors due to the good quality of the paddle.


There are various brand offering different styled paddles, if you are a beginner then you must choose the paddle wisely. However, we need to take care of a few points while buying a new paddle.

The playing styles are various and so is the holding style. In the case of penhold or shakehand, the demand of paddle will be different. As well as the offensive and the defensive playing style will come forth.

Also, the ranking or rating helps to choose the right paddle. The ratings depend upon the power, control and spin. The features change with every brand and every product, so you can choose accordingly and select the right paddle for your requirement.

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