10+ Best Ping Pong Paddles 2021 Review Buyer Guide

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Are you searching for a good ping pong paddle to improve your game and beat your opponents?

Using the right ping pong paddle or table tennis racket can transform your game significantly and can help you reduce the stress on your hand significantly. A wrong paddle can not only affect your aim but can also damage your spin and return time.

There are thousands of choices available in the market when it comes to buying a ping pong paddle but we have narrowed them down to ten best table tennis rackets for you to make your pick easily. A detailed buyer guide is also included at the end to help you make an informed decision.

List of Best Ping Pong Paddle Latest

Best Ping Pong Paddle Review

Approved by ITTF, this table tennis racket from Butterfly comes with its own case and a gift box to keep the paddle clean and safe from outside dirt and pollution. The paddle comes with inverted red and black rubber of 2.1 mm which gives a spring to the racket and aids in spin. Both sides of the paddle have pimples to help grip the ball easily. It is a lightweight racket but performs as well as some of the heavier models.

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The ergonomic grip is comfortable yet firm and has a round flared design. The price of the paddle falls in the middle category and it is a good buy if you are a beginner and looking for a paddle which ranks high on performance and spin ratings. It does lack a bit in terms of speed as compared to the 603 model from the same brand but it does not affect the performance a lot.



Ranks high on performance and spin ratings.

The paddle ranks low on speed ratings as compared to some of the other models.

Comes with a case and gift box for ease of storage and traveling.

The handle of the paddle is a bit small according to some users.

The 2.1 mm ITTF-approved Yuki rubber aids in spin and adds spring to the paddle.

The paddle comes with an ergonomic grip for better control.

Final Review

 With great performance and control, this table tennis racket from Butterfly fulfills all the requirements of beginners who want to invest in a professional paddle for improving their aim and spin. It works well for regular use and is reasonably priced also.

One of the most popular brands when it comes to ping pong paddles, Stiga is known for its quality rackets at an affordable price. There are many models developed by the brand to suit a wide range of players and the supreme paddle is made for beginners. With a speed rating of 90 and a spin rating of 92, this ITTF-approved racket is made up of 6-ply wood and is quite lightweight. It uses 2 mm sponge and future invented rubber to generate spin and provide better defense.

The handle of the paddle is made using shock dispersion tube which absorbs vibrations and helps in transfer of energy. The paddle weighs around 150 grams so it is better for players who need better speed. This paddle is mainly used by defending players who play too close to the table. The price of the paddle is a little high but you can get it at a great discount online so that you can take your game up a notch.

Let us look into the some important features and details of the ping pong table.

Sleek appearance

The appearance of this paddle is cool and it gives the players a sleek feel. Some players also buy this paddle because of the design so the paddle can be considered to have a suitable design which is liked by the players.

This paddle can also be used to play during a game from a medium distance from the table.


If you are trying to block the stroke, then you will feel that this table does quite well in the blocking too. The block which is generated is quite good and nice the players can therefore cross the net easily with a short distance.

While using the block, the power needs to be decreased a bit.


When the player wants do a chop using the paddle, it can generate a good and powerful spin. This helps the players to get a good return even when the opponent will not serve you.

Defensive play

This paddle is designed and developed keeping in view the defensive players, if there are offensive players too, the paddle can give you a good play. The paddle can help the players get a good control over some games.

Considering the price, it is quite suitable and worth the price it is available for. If you are not a beginner or an intermediate player then this might not be the best choice for you.

Being an advanced player you would want a paddle with professional blade and rubbers. Also the optimum strokes might not be that perfect.



This ITTF- approved paddle is quite lightweight so it is great for defending players.

The rubber used in the paddle is not as good as some of the higher models.

It is made up of a 6-ply light wood which makes it durable without adding to the weight.

The price is a little high as compared to some of the other models designed for beginners.

It has a high speed rating and provides good spin and control.

The handle comes with a good grip and provides enough support to the wrist.

Final Review

The weight of this paddle is what makes it unique as it is quite lightweight which works well for players who play on the defensive side. It is durable and is made using the crystal tech and tube technology which is also used in some of the higher models from Stiga.

One of the most affordable professional ping pong paddles you can get, the Thunderline 6 star paddle is ITTF approved and is a good pick for all table tennis players. It is made up of 7-ply wood blade with a 2 mm sponge. With a spin rating of 90 and superior control, this racket can help you improve your game easily without having to spend a fortune.

The paddle comes with its professional case and weighs around 185 grams which gives it a good balance. The handle of the paddle is well made and it works well for smaller tournaments. The ergonomic grip and the high-quality rubber make it a perfect paddle for daily use. The price of the racket is very affordable and you can use it to practice before moving on to an expensive model.



The price of the paddle is quite affordable as compared to the quality.

The rubber starts to come off the edges if you are not careful while playing.

It comes with its own professional case and is quite sturdy because of the 7-ply base.

It does not have a very fast blade.

The weight of the paddle is evenly distributed so it provides a good balance.

The racket has a high spin rating and offers good control over returns.

Final Review

This affordable ping pong paddle is a great buy if you want to try playing with a professional racket without investing heavily in other models. It is built well and has a good spin rating. It does not last as long as some of the other models as the rubber begins to peel off the base but if used carefully, it is a great purchase.

Made with ITTF approved rubber, the Duplex ping pong paddle is designed for tournament players and is made using 7-ply wood to add weight to the paddle. The weight is balanced properly which improves precision and lessens return time. It is durable enough for extensive use but the rubber does not stick to the base very effectively so the paddle wears out very quickly.

The paddle comes with a long handle and is suitable for both offensive and defensive players. It offers a good control and spin but lacks a bit in the speed department. It is a good pick for beginner and intermediate players but can be a bit troublesome for professional players as it demands a lot of maintenance. The paddle comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you can get a full refund if you are not happy with the product. The price of the paddle is a bit high. 



The 7-ply wood base adds weight to the paddle and the design is balanced well.

The quality of the paddle demands high maintenance as the rubber wears off the paddle.

The paddle is suitable for beginners and intermediate players and for both offensive and defensive play.

The price of the paddle is high as compared to its quality.

The rubber used offers a good grip and adds to the durability.

The paddle comes with a long handle which provides additional stability.

Final Review

The Duplex 6-star ping pong paddle is not really great in terms of durability but it uses resilient materials to give you a great experience. It is good for all players but professional players might feel the need for maintenance after every few games as the rubber comes off the paddle quite quickly.

Rated as one of the most popular ping pong paddles available in the market, the Killerspin Jet 800 paddle is a great combination of comfort and performance. The design is sturdy as the racket is made up of 7-ply wood blade and 2 carbon layers for reinforcement. The ITTF-approved Nitrx rubber generates great force during shots so this paddle is more suitable for offensive players.

The paddle has a flared handle which provides a good grip. With a speed rating of 95 and a spin rating of 90, this paddle is one of the best in all departments. The wooden tape on the sides provides a catapult effect and absorbs energy to give you better control. Another great feature of this model is that it comes with a memory book for the players to note down their scores, records, and a lot more. The paddle comes with a 30 day warranty. The price of the racket is high but it offers great value for money.



Provides great value for money as it is the right combination of speed and spin.

The price of the paddle is a little high.

It has 2 layers of carbon to make the paddle more forceful and sturdy.

The rubber of the paddle can get damaged if rubbed repeatedly against the table.

It comes with a memory book which can be used to store the racket and write notes.

The paddle is good for offensive players who like to use a bit of force.

Final Review

This racket is one of the top-performing ping pong paddles you can find in the market. It offers a good control over speed and spin and has a sturdy construction. The memory book is a classy addition and the carbon layers help the paddle withstand strong force.

With a speed rating of 99, this ping pong paddle from Idoraz is popular for its well-balanced design and value for money. The rubber used in the paddle is ITTF approved and is suitable for offensive play. The paddle also has a high spin and control rating so it is suitable for all types of players. It comes with its own professional carrying case and the rubber can be replaced easily when it wears down.

The weight of the paddle is a bit more than other models but it is balanced well over the handle. It might need a little bit of practice for intermediate players to get accustomed to the speed but once you know how to play with this paddle, there is no looking back. The price of the paddle is reasonable as compared to the quality.



The paddle is great in terms of speed and spin and offers a lot of control also.

Some users say that the speed rating of the model is not up to expectations.

It uses ITTF-approved rubber which can be replaced easily when it shows signs of wear.

The rubber of the paddle has a strong scent which can be annoying for some users.

It comes with its own protective cover and is quite durable for tournaments.

The brand offers a 30-day full refunds guarantee on all models.

Final Review

This ping pong paddle works well if you are looking for a more professional racket with high speed and spin. It offers a good value for money and the quality of the rubber is also very good and adds to the durability of the paddle.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket

With three handle styles to choose from, this ping pong paddle from Butterfly is the most expensive racket featured on this list. It is reinforced with carbon fiber plies to offer good spin and speed and is designed to maintain balance. The forehand side comes with red rubber and the backhand side comes with black rubber. This table tennis racket is not for beginners as the speed can be too intense. The rubber used in the paddle is the Tenergy 80-FX rubber which is high in terms of quality and does not wear out easily.

The rubber can easily be removed and replaced if it shows signs of wear. With a speed rating of 100, this paddle is great for professional seasoned players who know how to work with high spin and speed. You can choose between flared, anatomic, and straight handles as per your preferred grip. The price of the racket is quite high but it will last for years if maintained properly.



The racket is made up of carbon fiber plies instead of plain wood which add to the durability of the paddle.

The price of the paddle is quite high and it is one of the most expensive ping pong paddles you can find in the market.

It has a high speed rating and is great for professional players.

It is not for beginners who are not familiar with high-intensity games.

The paddle offers three handle styles to choose from.

The Tenergy 80-FX rubber offers good spin and return.

Final Review

This paddle is quite expensive but it is preferred by professional players for its speed and spin. The carbon fiber plies make the racket quite sturdy and improve upon the balance.

Suitable for both tournament play and home ping pong sessions, the Spinforce 900 racket from Joomla is another favorite of ping pong players who like a heavy spin. The paddle is available in three styles and is made up of a 7-ply plywood carbon blade which lends additional durability for offensive play. It uses ITTF- approved rubber and is suitable for players who want to learn to master advanced spin.

The Ergo grip technology used in the flared handle provides a firm yet comfortable grip to the players. The paddle has a control rating of 86 and a spin rating of 84. It also offers a good speed but not as good as some of the other paddles we have seen on the list. The paddle weighs around 150 grams and is balanced well. The price of the paddle is a little higher than other professional paddles but the quality makes it worth the high price.



The 7 layers of plywood with carbon reinforced blades provide maximum power to the players.

The price of the paddle is relatively higher than other models.

The paddle is good for learning advanced spin and is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

The rubber used on the paddle is not of a very sturdy quality and begins to wear out quickly.

The flared handle with an ergonomic grip provides a firm control.

The paddle has a good control and spin rating.

Final Review

The Joomla Spinforce 900 paddle offers a good combination of control and spin and works well for all kinds of ping pong tournaments. It has a high price but is suitable for learning advanced spin and offensive play.

If you are looking for a professional ping pong paddle at a reasonable price, the DHS Hurricane-II ping pong paddle is the perfect choice. The paddle comes with ITTF-approved red rubber coating on one side and black rubber coating on the other side. Both sides have dimples to absorb shocks and improve returns.

The rubber can be replaced easily after extensive use. One side is for offensive players and the other side offers better control. The spin rating of the racket is one of the best you can get among all professional models. The racket comes in a gift box with a cover of its own and two ping pong balls. A wrist support is also included with the paddle to reduce injuries. The price of the paddle is reasonable but it is still not as cheap as some other models.



The paddle comes with a gift set and 2 ping pong balls which make it a good gifting option also.

The speed rating of the racket is not as good as other professional paddles.

The dual rubbers with dimples allow the players to play with aggressive spin and control.

The customer service offered by DHS is not very satisfactory according to some of the users.

The racket is lightweight and comes with a wrist support for added support.

The design and the craftsmanship of the paddle make it worth the high price.

Final Review

Suitable for all types of ping pong games, this paddle is a great purchase as it offers two types of rubber surfaces to play with and has a great spin rating. It might not be good for players who want a lot of speed but it works well for professionals who want better control.

Another bestseller from Stiga, the Stiga Titan professional table tennis racket is an affordable option to consider for beginners and intermediate players. It is made with crystal technology which hardens the blade to provide more force. The 5 –ply construction with a 2 mm sponge absorbs shock and aids in spin.

With a control rating of 82 and a speed rating of 80, the paddle makes up for its lack in the spin department with its controlled performance. The paddle has a concave Italian handle which is comfortable to hold. The racket is designed for defensive players and the ITTF-approved rubber improves control. The price of the paddle is quite affordable and it is one of those models which provide great value for money.



The price of the paddle is quite affordable as compared to its features.

The paddle lacks a bit in the spin department as it has a spin rating of 77.

It has a nice control rating and the crystal technology gives more force to the players.

The weight of the paddle is around 200 grams which is heavier than some other models.

The concave Italian handle with balsa wood center provides balance to the paddle.

You can play both professional and home ping pong games with this paddle.

Final Review

The Stiga Titan professional racket is a notch above the supreme model and works well for its price. It is popular among players who are just starting in the professional tournaments. It offers good control and speed and the design is suitable for defensive players.

Buyer Guide: How to Choose Best Ping Pong Paddle for Yourself

Now that you have seen all the features of ten of the best ping pong paddles you can invest in, it is time to look at the features which you should consider when buying a ping pong paddle to get the most value for your money. You might buy a model which might be very popular but if it does not fit your playing style or requirements, it can be of no use. Let us discuss some of these features to help you make an informed decision.

Your current playing level

This is obviously the most important aspect you should consider before buying a ping pong paddle as all paddles are designed according to the type of tournament they are being used for.

If you are a beginner who wants to learn the game, you need to go for a paddle which allows you to master your strokes rather than target your spin and speed. Paddles with a higher control rating should be considered at this level as you mainly want to keep the ball on the table for as long as you can. It is also advised to not go for very expensive paddles in the beginning and choose a one which is affordable and offers good features.

For an intermediate player, improving your technique and speed is the target. Most paddles with a good speed and spin rating work well for such players. Some paddles offer an advanced spin rating which might be a little difficult to handle at this point.

Professional players at an advanced level can go for a more refined model which can also be expensive as they play in tournaments which justifies the price. You can get a model which has the highest speed and spin ratings with rubber which adds durability to the paddle to get the best results.

Your Playing style

The next factor to consider is your playing style as every table tennis player has a different style of playing. Players who play on the offensive side find it better to play with heavier rackets which offer more force. Paddles with a high speed rating also work well for offensive players. On the other hand, if you are a defensive player, rackets which offer more control should be chosen. Paddles with a good spin rating should be chosen by both players as they work well for both playing styles.

Racket attributes

There are three main attributes of ping pong paddles that are most important to any player who takes the game seriously. These three attributes include the spin, speed, and control ratings of any model.

The higher the speed rating of the racket, the more speed is transferred on the ball and you need lesser force to get the ball across the net to the opposition’s side. Such paddles also need lesser energy from the player.

The spin rating decides how much you can move the ball while serving so that your opponent finds it difficult to control the ball. Both defensive and offensive players can go for a racket with a good spin as it helps them to deliver backspin and forehand loops respectively.

The last rating, called the control rating, works opposite to that of speed rating. Faster rackets tend to offer less control while slower paddles are easier to control. You can improve your control easily through practice but beginners should focus more on control rather than speed or spin.

Type of rubber

The three main parts of any ping pong paddle include the blade, the rubber, and the handle. The type of rubber used in the paddle can greatly affect the performance of the model. Most ping pong paddles come with ITTF- approved rubber and a sponge padding to absorb shocks and improve returns.

There are many different types of rubbers being used in paddles and the main criteria that should be considered for the rubber is its softness and tackiness. The sponge’s thickness also plays an important role in the dwell time offered by the paddle.

Shape of handle

With flared, anatomic, and straight handles to choose from, a paddle’s handle is what determines how comfortable it is to hold the racket comfortably during the duration of the game. Flared handles are the most popular as they do not slip out of your hand while playing. The other two types need some practice to master as they have a different shape. The straight handle is of the same width throughout while the anatomic handle is thicker in the middle. The flared handle is wide at the base so it provides the most stability.


The blade is the wooden base of the handle. Most models use 5-7 ply wooden blades for durability. Some models have blades which are reinforced with carbon layers for additional firmness without adding to the weight of the paddle. Some blades can be rigid while others are more flexible to offer better control.

Gripping technique

There are two main gripping techniques that players prefer while playing ping pong. The two techniques include the penhold technique and the shakehand technique. While both these techniques can be used on all types of paddles, the shakehand technique is more popular since it allows you to play backhand easily.

How to clean and maintain your ping pong paddle:

Once you are done purchasing the paddle which suits your playing style and requirements, it is very important to understand how to maintain your racket to keep it in the optimum condition for a long time. People who do not maintain their paddles well see a significant loss in performance as dirt and dust builds up on the paddle.

First of all, you should keep your paddle in the protective cover that comes with it at all times when you are not playing to keep it protected from dust and wear. To clean the blade and rubber, take a solution of mild soap and water and gently wipe the rubber with some clean cloth dipped in the soap solution. Dry it with a clean towel and let it dry. Do not use a lot of pressure to clean the paddle as this can damage the rubber. You can also buy professional table tennis racket cleaning sprays to clean your paddle easily.

So this was our detailed review of the top ten ping pong paddles you can get in the market along with a detailed ping pong paddle buyer guide to help you select the right model out of countless options. Buying a ping pong paddle can be a tricky decision but this article will help you find the right paddle based on your playing style and other requirements.

Have you used a ping pong paddle? Which one is your favorite?

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