Best Ping Pong Robots Under $300

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Practice makes a man perfect. This is no different in ping pong, but it can be hard to find a partner to practice effectively. Or just playing against the wall doesn’t help either. So the solution to this problem is a robot. Yes, a ping pong robot. With ping pong robot you can practice any time and improve your game.

Best Ping Pong Robots Under $300

In this article, we will see the various ping pong tables that the customers can get easily in the range below $300. So you can find the robot that suits your need and don’t break your bank.

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And we will also give you some tips on what to look for in a table tennis robot.

1. iPong V300

Let us first look at the specifications of the product which will help us to know the product in detail:

  • There is a two-motor wheel design
  • Can create single spin at a time that is either the topspin or no spin.
  • It works the best with the 40 mm balls
  • Ball tray has a holding capacity of 100
  • The casting frequency is 20-70 balls at a time
  • There is a wireless remote control
  • Ac power supply is provided
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The iPong has been developed with more powerful motor and the oscillation features. It has upgraded software. The recent upgrade that is done resolves the issue and improves the accuracy of the ball. It has a powerful remote. The speed setting is low. The trajectory of the ball is bit off and this is the issue with the beginner robots. This is a little costly than the iPong V300. It has some extra functions like the random oscillation, memory settings and the wireless remote with it.


  • It has adjustable oscillation
  • Better design and it gives good quality option in comparison to the iPong original
  • The motor design and the wheel is also improved
  • The remote control is wireless.


  • Ball jamming and multi-release are experienced. This usually happens due to the irregular size of balls.
  • No side spin is there

2. HP-07 Robot

Let us look at some of the specifications of the product:

  • It has two motorheads
  • The spin, speed and direction is adjustable
  • The throw angle is of 7 different types
  • Variety of spins
  • Ca initiate different serves and returns
  • Holding capacity is of 100 balls
  • 40-70 balls can be cast per min
  • The supply is AC

The manufacturer of the robot is the Huipang, which is a Chinese Manufacturer. The same robot is sold in a number of brands like the pop sport, yaetek and the Gdae.

This is battle supported. It is one of the best spin robots that the people can get. This is the best for the players who want to train and improve their game.

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This is good for both the intermediate and the beginner players. By using this player can serve very well. It has the number of spins that is the topspin, underspin and the no spin. The head of the robot can be moved and that too in seven different positions. The oscillation ca place the place at 8 locations. You can adjust the remote, speed, spin and the ball placement.
It is a solid intermediate level robot and has a number of features. It has a good build, quality and the best thing is the price.


  • Have 36 varieties of spins and 7 types of ball throw angles.
  • Speed can be adjusted and the direction too
  • Construction quality is good
  • Realistic spin is produced


  • The head is to be rotated, to produce spin.
  • The instructions are given in Chinese.

3. iPONG V200

This table is the choice for those who want an expensive robot. This table is fast and the setup is also easy. The frequency of the table can be adjusted easily. The table is light in weight and is easily portable. The frequency of the table can be varied from 12 to 70 balls per minute. The customers can easily adjust the speed and the spin. It has about 100 balls and it weighs about 2.5 pounds.

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  • It is light in weight, portable and very easy to operate
  • The robot is very affordable
  • It has a high capacity of about 110 balls


  • Cannot be relied on always for speed or placement
  • Time is required for set up and to set up the ball right
  • It has higher spin settings and it might have vibrations

This is one of the most affordable table tennis robots that we get in the market. It is a good choice for beginners. It might not be the best choice for kids but it is the best for adult beginners. It requires a bit of tweaking and consistent performance. But an adult who simply requires a basic robot, for them it is a great option with affordable prices.

4. ZXMOTO Robot

This ping pong robot has 36 different spin balls table.

  • This robot can deliver about 36 types of spinning balls. The installation is easy; it does not need any equipment.
  • The set up is easy and it fills the server machine with the set ball container.
  • The end serve is double. The falling point of the robot is not fixed.
  • The falling point in the double end serve is not fixed. The topspin cannot be generated.
  • There are different spinning gears that are used to create different spinning balls.
  • The position of the machine can be adjusted easily.

The table tennis robot is simple to operate, it is light in weight and it has a large number of shots. The frequency of the balls ranges from 40-70 balls per minute.

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You can easily control the topspin, the underspin and the left or right spin. The head of the robot can be tilted up or down. This is done at 7 different angles. It produces different degrees of bounce. The ball speed options are also varied. The storage capacity and the ball capacity are 110. This can be easily adjusted by using the wired remote control.

The machine is of high- quality. It has enough options and you can easily practice any kinds of strokes. This involves the serve turns. The weight is about 7.7 pounds. The robot is easy to use.


  • There are large number of settings and various options
  • The set up is easy and simple
  • There is a wired remote for the adjustments
  • The machine is very reliable.


  • The instructions are given in Chinese.

This is also one of the most popular ping pong tables. It has great reliability and the operation is simple. The table is reliable and it has a reliable mechanical operation. There is consistency and reliability.

The robot cannot randomize your shots but it has enough speed and variation.

5. iPing Original

Let us first look at some of the specifications of the ping pong robot.

  • It has two-motor heads
  • It has the ability to produce either the topspin, backspin or at a time no spin.
  • The ping pong table is easily compatible with 40mm balls
  • The holding capacity o ball tray is 110
  • Ball casting frequency –is about 20 to 70 balls per minute
  • It has a remote control
  • A/C supply is used

Since the table is manufactured by the leading manufacturers Joola, it is an excellent robot for the beginners. It can easily hone the skills of the beginners too. The robot is light in weight and can be operated easily. You can easily place the robot on any side of the table. After this you can feed the 40mm balls on the tray. You need to turn on the power and all is set.

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The table has a wired remote and helps to produce a great spin. The speed setting can also be done accordingly. The robot has the ability to throw 70 balls per minute and can produce one spin at a time. If the users want to spin no-ball at a time then the spin of the ball is to be set at underspin. However, the robot does not have random placement options.

You can place the robot at a number of positions and keeping in view the different important aspects of the game. For instance, the users can place the robot at the corner of the table and help to practice the users with backhand and forehand returns.

If the users want to practice the returning serves they can do by placing the robot at a downward angle. This robot is an excellent table for the kids, beginners and everyone who is interested in the sport. The users can easily work upon their forehand and backhand results, use counter spin and looping. In the beginning, we might come across ball jamming, due to the use of multi-ball release but with practice, it can be resolved.


  • Starter robot to practise and get strokes right
  • It creates topspin, backspin and also no spin.
  • You can adjust the ball speed in consideration with the spin. The settings are limited with the speed and the spin.
  • Consistent and the ball placement can be varied.
  • Robot can be placed in different modes and it helps to practice well.


  • Ball jamming is experienced along with the multi-ball release. The new firmware has a resolved the issue in some cases.
  • Sidespin is not there.

After going through the best table tennis tables you now should have a look at the buying guide for the table tennis robots.

Buying guide:

If you are thinking of investing in robot to practice table tennis then it is not a bad idea. But for this, you should prefer the robots that are under $500. But in this review guide, we have discussed tables that are below $300. This is because these are the best for beginners and the prices are also very suitable.

Now, before you go on to buying some important stuff for yourself you should have a look at the buying guide. This will help in providing you with the knowledge for which features should be included in your robot.

There are a lot of them that you can consider before buying a table tennis table but we will only focus on certain specific features.

The important specifications to consider:

Al the robots do not have the same feature or technical abilities. S you should go through the important points before you hit the buy button. This is very important for you.


For the robot to be the best ping pong robot, it should have the ability to generate the topspin, backspin ad the sidespin. The basic models have one or two kinds of spin, but if you want to alter the spin, you can change the settings. The more sophisticated robots have random spin and it has a complex game.

There are a lot of advanced ping pong machines that have a directional spin. There are a lot of features that human cannot perform. This can help you to play against a human opponent and practise your game well.

Ball capacity and speed:

If you are looking for a ping pong robot then you should go for the larger capacity table. Most of the table tennis robots have about 100 balls to 200 balls that can be held at a time. More the feed balls more will be the convenience. You need to see that complex robot have a net that is used for recycling.


We see that there are a lot of ping pong tables and the customers can go for any of these. There are different ranges. So, we hope this article will help you find a robot that suits your preferences within the budget.


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