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Best Ping Pong Table Under $200 (2021)

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We see that there are various ping pong tables easily available in the market. We also find that the customers look for tables that are low in price but high in quality. So we have listed the best 5 tables that you can buy for $200.

Best Ping Pong Table Under $200

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1. GoSports 6 x 3feet Mid-Size Table Tennis

The first table on the list is obviously the Stiga competition. Its name indicates that it is one of the best in the world of spirits as it provides the users with sports equipment that is low in price and that is good in quality as well.

The structure of the table is quite good and there are self-ruling casters as well that the users will see. Through this, the two parts of the table are effectively separated and they can then be used as two tables. The table is amassed to ninety-five percent and permits to have very little time required for the assembly purpose.

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The tables are well furnished and we also see that there are casters that help in stockpiling. The table has the feature if bolt wheels which protect it against the extraordinary match. The net measures seventy-two inches and is exceptionally great in clasp style. The movement of the table is also very easy and we see that the users will find a security hook along with the table that is stacked with spring and secures the tabletop.

This component helps to prevent the opening of the table. This model is prepared to keep in view the competition-grade and the size and highlights of the table are also such that you can change the position of the table.


  • The table can be divided into two
  • Storage is easy
  • Almost preassembled
  • 15 minutes efforts and the table is ready for play


  • The surface is less thick as compared to other tables
  • Accessories are not too good

2. MD sports ping pong set

The second table that you will find on the list is the MD sports table. This is a set of 4 tables and the amazing thing that you will find about it is that it is available in the price range of $200. But this does not mean that you get low-quality products or they will get damaged after some time.

This ping pong table is among the best sellers of the tables that are available on Amazon. These tables come mostly preassembled and you can easily start playing after it is assembled. It also requires only 10 minutes of assembly.

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This set includes 8 pieces. These are removable net, ping pong balls, and ping pong tables. There is a space-sparing structure that will change the outlook of your room. The surface thickness of the table is 15 mm. This thickness is of tables that are used for competition purposes. And there is a cover included with the table that provides extra strength.

This set table is issued by the IITF and these can be stored easily. They can be folded and therefore do not take much space.


  • Folds easily
  • Comes preassembled
  • The structure is solid
  • Eye-catching design is there
  • Storage is also easy


  • Paddles are not of good quality

3. MD Sports NEW Official Size Table Tennis Table

This might be a new name if you haven’t checked on the latest products in the market. There are not many reviews on the table. But those who have used it have found that it is very useful and have left positive reviews.

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The plan is upgraded for indoor utilization. The table can be utilized as a solitary player and permits the client to practice without the need of anyone else. This is an advanced option and can be used indoors. The assembly of this table is simple and we also see that the tabletop of the table is two-piece which means that you can use it for playback purposes as well. The new net and the corner top hold the various balls easily and do not stop. The wheels of this table are lockable and can be easily transported. It is easy to change the position of the table into playback one if you are a single player, you just need to overlap the two sides of the table. The table has 4 paddles and 6 balls are available with it so you don’t need to worry if you lose any one of these.


  • The price is low
  • Assembly is easy
  • Net is of good quality
  • Rust free


  • There are screws that are available that you can use to assemble the product

4. Stiga space saver compact

Here we have another product from Stiga. It is very difficult to choose from the tables that Stiga has provided because most of these tables are of low cost and they also provide the quality that is needed.

Stiga space saver is the table that is one of its kind and you won’t find any other table like this in the market. We also see that there are a number of tables in the market that can be folded and that take very less amount space. But we see that this table is the greatest of them all is the Stiga table because it provides the best quality. The dimensions of the table are 71, 40.5, 30 inches. This will definitely make you feel great once you have put the table at the place.

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Thus the table is not just a table but is a ping pong table that can be used for various purposes after some little modifications are done to it. Assembly isn’t required in it and we see that it is perfect to start your game. This table has a tabletop with silkscreen striping and we also see that the thickness of the table is similar to the guideline tables. This table has higher durability and it is more versatile.


  • High durability
  • Can be grouped into different tables
  • No assembly needed
  • Can be used for other sports
  • Strong build


  • The assembly is not as per the requirement
  • Some drawbacks might be seen

5. JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table

The last pick of our list is the JOOLA Indoor 15mm Ping Pong Table. This is the lowest in price and it is suitable for the ones which do not compromise on the quality. Also, the users who do not want to spend a lot on the table can go for this.

This table is great for those who are beginning to learn the game and want to have a table of their own. The aluminum edge of the table provides is not that solid. The smooth surface of the table offers the ricochet and overlaps with the smaller capacity. This table is of average size and is amazing for grown-ups.

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This table was not created to be an open-air table but you shouldn’t leave it outdoors. Also, it is natural therefore you can use it any place you want.


  • It has 4 balls and a pair of paddles
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Can be moved from one place to another
  • Storage is easy


  • Might bend sometimes
  • Not suitable for outdoor games
  • Not suitable for the pro players

Selecting the perfect ping pong table: Buyers guide

If you want to have the best ping pong table, then you should go through the following details that you need to look for in the table. It is important that you look for the warranty, playback mode, features, storage, durability, and easy setup.


Ping pong tables are available in a variety of designs and the different materials are used to create them. The most durable tables are expensive and waterproof. The table should also be approved by the IITF. It is important that you choose the tables that have sturdy legs and a protective coating, its surface should be such that scratches and chirping can be prevented.

If you want a perfect bounce from your table then you should check that is it treated with resin or not. The joints of the table should be such that they can withstand the weight and the pressure of the movement. If you are choosing a table that has a design with wheels and locks then do check that the quality of the table should be high.

Compact storage

The tables should be easy to assemble. It should be assembled in 10-20 minutes. Also, you might need a helping hand for this. The table should be compact so that it can be stored easily and needs the minimum space for storage. Do check the dimensions.


Good brands give a warranty on the services they provide. The warranty provided by the company will serve as the assurance for the product. If you do not get a warranty on the product then you shouldn’t buy it.


We have listed the best picks in $200. The users should go through the specifications and find the best product.


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