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5+ Best Ping Pong Table under $500

Are you looking for some amazing Ping pong tables? Unable to decide which one should you buy? Need some help to let you decide well?

We are here with this perfect article to help you decide well which all Ping pong tables you can buy under dollars 500. Just sit back and read till the end and decide well.

  Ping-Pong Tables or we can also call is as Table tennis. Table Tennis was found by International table tennis federation in 1926.  It is an indoor game which is based on tennis and racket. In this, two or four players hit the tennis ball back and forth across the table using their rackets. 

Best Ping Pong Guide

Like that from name Table tennis, we can understand that this game takes place on a table. In this article, we will discuss all the key features of Ping-Pong table and also tell or give you the recommendation to choose table based on mid-range and premium. So you can pick a right table for you and for your family.

Our Choice

Competition-ready indoor table tennis table 

This is a top-tier recreational grade table which can be denoted most notably by its actual model

If you simply want one of the best ping pong tables on the market, the Butterfly Compact should easily be one of the top tables on your list.

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Buyers guide before buying ping pong table

There should be two key things to consider a Ping-Pong table, first, one is playing surface thickness, the table’s surface is the most important aspect to consider because it has the greatest effect on the ball, and subsequently the game.

The Second one is the strength of the frame. The plane surface is made of plywood or laminated. Plywood is between 10mm-12mm thick in normal Ping-Pong tables and 18mm thick in more expensive Ping-Pong tables. Laminated is very ideal for outdoor use. Its ranges of 2.5mm which is little too thin to give a good bounce, 5mm is very ideal on choosing the Ping-Pong table always check the thickness of your Ping-Pong table. As thick your table is its better. The Frame will be 30mm-60mm thick.

  • You might be thinking, it’s all about tables? But it is. Even with a professional table, if you’re playing with a low-quality ball the game-play will be negatively a good quality of ball also matter. Next, you consider is the features in the Ping-Pong table. Ping-Pong table should have the net adjustment to manage the height of the net. 
  • Ping-Pong table has corner protector in four corners of the table. Keeping everything neat and tidy, it’s important to build storage in the Ping-Pong table to store the tennis ball and rackets. There should be wheels in your Ping-Pong table to moves table from one place to another place very easily. 

Wheels should design in such a way that it has safety brakes to stop the Ping-Pong table. All the tables should be easily fold up. It’s important to cover the Ping-Pong table when it is not in use. Ping-Pong table should be easy to set up. Throughout your shopping for a Ping-Pong table, you will notice a surface thickness ranging from around 5/8 inch to 1 inch.

Best Ping Pong Table under $500


Butterfly Compact

 It is 12mm thick plywood Plane surface. The Advantage of the Butterfly compact table is it will fold. If money is no issue and you simply want one of the best ping pong tables on the market, the Butterfly Compact should easily be one of the top tables on your list. Pretty much everything about this model screams “professional,” and it should, this is the table that was used at the 2004 and 2005 U.S. Open ITTF Pro Tour championship. 

Provide one smallest storage area. The wheels are 5” and made out of solid rubber with a metal locking mechanism. This will make moving the table when stored much easier while also providing a more stable base when unfolded. Adding to that stability, the legs are made out of 2” steel. The square legs also end in screw-type height adjusters to ensure a level playing surface. It comes is assembled way. Its drawbacks are it is very a heavy Ping-Pong table so it will come difficult to transport up or downstairs. And its edges are Sharpe.



STIGA makes another appearance on our list. This product is only 6 mm thick and is barely thick enough to qualify for the bare minimum of what you should expect from a quality outdoor model. On top of that, the aluminium surface will generate an odd metallic sound as the ball bounces on it. A thicker table would still generate a somewhat metallic sound, but it would not resonate as much and be a bit more muffled. It is certified by the completion played by the ITTF. STIGA XTR come with STIGA locking mechanism. The 6 mm thick table is a bit thin. Edges of STIGA XTA Ping-Pong table are Sharpe.


JOOLA Midsize

One of the best things about this product is its construction. It comes fully assembled and features a surprisingly good quality net for a compact model. Its weight is also too light. These qualities combine to make this one of the easiest and smallest models. This is a big deal if you have a lack of space. It is not expensive. But it is not of tournament size and does not have rolling wheels.


JOOLA Inside 

The JOOLA inside 15 should be understood within its market. However, as this is not a professional grade ping pong table. Instead, this is a top-tier recreational grade table which can be denoted most notably by its actual model. At 15 mm thick, the JOOLA may not impress those who are used to mid-tier institutional grade or top-tier professional grade ping pong tables. But it should be more than sufficient for the average leisure player which is why we named it our best indoor product. 

The JOOLA features a solid frame system that provides plenty of stability. The legs are made out steel and square shaped for maximum stability, while the wheels are 3” and feature an excellent locking mechanism. The frame further provides additional safety when folded for storage with a safety latch that is on par with other top brands. One thing that is a bit disappointing about the JOOLA is that they seem to ride a bit higher on their name and are a bit more expensive than other top-tier recreational grade tables. Also, despite the fact that this is one of the smaller tables in a storage arrangement, it is still fairly heavy at 189 pounds and will be difficult to transport up or downstairs. It also has the feature of safety latch for secure storage.


STIGA Advantage

STIGA is one of the venerable makers of ping pong equipment, having been founded in Sweden in 1944. Also making various other indoor sports equipment, the brand is still recognized primarily for its ping pong equipment. While the brand’s tables are not quite as well noted in the professional arena, they are one of the first and few brands to offer a model that is 30 mm in thickness. That being said, the Advantage is not made nor marketed as a professional grade table tennis table. Though, in fairness, it is unlikely that you are a professional ping pong player or truly have the need for that type of product.

Not to mention the much higher price tag associated with it. It should be noted that this model itself is not especially impressive when compared to the “objective” standards of the market. This is because a consumer grade ping pong table will simply not stand up to a professional grade. As such, the 15 mm thick STIGA is considered a touch thin. Though it is actually the thickest model in the consumer grade. Even one more millimetre of thickness would actually qualify the STIGA as an institutional grade ping pong table.

 Comparison of Ping-Pong Tables

Basic Ping-Pong tables cost from 250$ to 700$. These entry-level models tend to have thinner playing surface and less- sturdy frames, through their quality generally improves as the price goes up. You can find a cheaper Ping-Pong table, but wouldn’t recommend them unless you are shot on space.

Mid-range Ping-Pong tables cost roughly 700& to 1500$. You can find some excellent models in this price range.

 While the surface thickness is undecidedly the most important characteristic for the majority of people, your table choice should take into consideration your lifestyle. Perhaps you have a small child who you fear will lose interest after a short while… it might be smart to reconsider ordering that STIGA Advantage Ping-Pong table.

We hope that the above article will surely help you find the most suited ping pong table for your use. Just go and get your ping pong table from amazon today and enjoy well. We will keep you updated with more such informative article. Stay tuned for such updates.

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