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Best Ping Pong Tables Under $1000: Which One Worth Your Money?

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Written by Rakel

We all know that ping pong is an exciting play and we can spend a valuable time with our friends and family playing this. You can also play this with the co-workers and enjoy your breaks at work. But when you are buying one you might not know which is the best one that you can buy.

So in this article we are going to discuss about these best ping pong tables and which one you should buy. According to all range of budgets we have a different ping pong set.

Top and Best Ping Pong Tables Under $1000

Now we will be discussing some of the ping pong tables one by one with some features. Now in the article ahead we will be discussing about the best ping pong tables that you can buy along with their advantages, features and also the cons.

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The ping pong tables that we will discuss will be mainly the indoor ones.

Stiga advantage

If you want the most effective and the list affordable one the you need to go for this one as this would be the best choice for you. You can recreate the tournament’s at home and play this exciting games with your friends and family together.

Stiga advantage is one of those products that might have great competition and us giving competition to the others too but the advantage that it has is you can place it anywhere and play freely.

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Another important feature of stiga is that it has a set of clamps. These clamps protect it from moving.

There is also a later if thick sheet which is printed and you can play hardest if shots but it won’t get damaged. This is equally suitable for both kids and adults.


  • It is assembled before hand and you need to do just 5% of work.
  • It will only require a minimum of 10 minutes and you’ll assemble it easily.
  • There are casters on the bottom. With the help of these you are able to move your ping pong table easily.
  • Your surface of the table won’t get scratched or damaged easily.
  • There is net too which will not be moving.
  • You can play it by yourself also.


  • This product does not have that good customer service.

Joola process grade table 300

If you want to have a ping pong table that will match the tournament quality then you need to go for this one. Its is an indoor ping pong table and is of the professional grade. The table has a net set, a ball holder and also abacus scorer.

Your ball will bounce so perfectly and the top of the table is also so reliable if won’t be damaged. The legs are made of thick steel and you can move it anywhere.

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If you want one that in your budget and with the features you want just prefer this one for your purchase. It’s the best.


  • The table top is 5/8 inches and the bounce is almost perfect. The fibreboard has silky texture due to which there is slippage. There ford he surface has an extraordinary feel and the bounce is so good.
  • The Joola table is one of those tables that can be used for multiple purposes. There is a playback position with which you are able to play alone.
  • You can move it to several places through the wheels and fold it into a compact structure.
  • It has a net that is of tournament style. This net us fixed by clamps so it won’t move during your game.
  • The legs are if powdered steel and will prevent scratches and damages.
  • There is an apron too. This protect those uneven bounces.


  • It has a charcoal table top which is of 5/8 inches.
  • The casters ae of three inches.
  • The ping pong table is being approved by the USATT.
  • The aprons are present along with the safety latches.
  • You can store it in a compact form.


  • The quality of this is quite good but there is no warranty period.

Stiga outdoor table

If you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table the stiga XTR would be he perfect choice.

There is nothing they you will be hating about this model. It is of heavy duty and is very durable with wide legs.

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The stiga has all the features that you would want from a ping pong table. If is one of those best tables that you could buy.


  • The model is assembled before hand for about 95%. You just need to assemble about 5% of it. The setup will be finished in just 10 minutes.
  • The table top is made if aluminium composite and it helps your table to perform well in all weathers. The ping pong table is finised with rust proof and sun damage finishes.
  • It also has a support of steel aprons.
  • Since the legs of the table are wide so you can fold it anywhere. The storage if the ping pong table is also quite easy because you just need to fold it into a compact structure and just store it anywhere you like.
  • The steel legs are if 1.25 square inches due to which they give huge strength. There are rubber levelers too which will help in creating a levelled surface for playing.
  • The table also has 3 inches wheels which will assist you in transportation. You can lock the wheels when you want them to be in stable position.
  • The table has a net too. You can take out the best if you want. You can play well since the net won’t move when you will be playing as it will be fixed with clamps.


  • It is having a good construction.
  • You can assemble it quickly and easily.
  • The bounce of the ball is very nice.
  • The carriage system is also quite good.
  • You can also use it indoors.


  • The table is very great but the bounce may not be as good like the indoor tables.

Joola outdoor table

This particular table is very common among those players who love playing tennis. This is not just common because if the price but also because if the playability.

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This table is quite suitable as you can use it both inside and outside your house. As in it is made for outdoors and you can tolerate rough terrains and weather also with it. Its bounce remains consistent even if you use it work a couple of years.

You have the best if you buy it.


  • This table has an aluminium composite. The chipping and scratching problems are not found as such since it is made if synthetic laminated material.
  • The legs are very firm and will sustain your play. The steel frame is coated with finishes like rust proof and also coated with powder. The legs will give stability and you can change the height also with the levellers.
  • The table will save most of your space as you can fold it into a compact structure. You can transport it in a much easier way since you won’t need to carry whole of the weight and just move it in halves.
  • You can move if anywhere with a push. The wheels can also be locked so that the table does not move. And you are provided with four wheels so that you can move it easily to places.
  • You have such a perfect bounce in this table. You can play alone or the tournaments it will just be awesome.
  • The net that is used is protected from stains.


  • You don’t need any maintenance for it.
  • It has a durable finish.
  • If you need a consistent bounce this product will provide it to you.
  • You can turn it into a compact structure and store it anywhere.
  • The assembling process of it is quite easy.
  • You can use it indoors as well.


As such there are no issues with the table.

Harvil outsider tabletop

Harvil is also among the leading brands in ping pong tables. We know that harvil is for outdoors and this product has a very nice and convenient design. The ping pong table is very easy to store as you can fold it into a compact structure and then store it anywhere. It is portable too. Also the ping pong table comes with a lot of additional things that is a net, a storage bag, 8 balls and 4 rackets. Which is a very amazing deal. There is a cover too with the package. You can use this cover for storage purposes.

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  • The table top is weather proof and is constructed of aluminium material. The table is able to remain protected from the impacts of weather, moisture and winds. The table has a very sleek design so you can play so smoothly on it.
  • You can fold it easily and store it in a compact form. You can fold it in playback position if you want to play alone and also for storage. The wheels that are provided along with the table can also be locked and unlocked. This helps to add stability and also help you in the portability conditions.
  • The table is of full 108×60×30 in dimensions. The dimensions are similar to the other table tops.
  • The assembly is very simple and it won’t take much of your time. You just need to devote a minimum of your 30 minutes to arrange it.
  • The weight is about 148 lbs.
  • There are almost all the accessories that you would need in it.


  • This is a great sport for backyards.
  • You are able to lock the wheels so that you can play easily.
  • The undercarriage is also quite strong.
  • The assembly is also quite easy.


  • The net creates a certain amount of disturbance.

Harvil indoor table

The harvil is also a very good choice. The ping pong table has a wooden top. The legs are made of powder coated steel. It may not have all the things that a person could desire in a ping pong table but surely it is very convenient and a durable one.

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  • The tabletop is made by a powder coated steel frame. It also similar to all the ping pong tables but really worth.
  • You can fold it to play alone. You might feel that it is like almost the tables that you would get in the market. But every table will not have the playback feature.
  • You can lock the wheels easily and there are eight of these wheels.
  • You are able to fold it easily and keep it in the place you wish to keep.
  • You don’t need any additional space to store it you can fold it and place it anywhere easily.
  • The net is long lasting and the rubber feet is present so that you do not have marks on the floor.


  • The assembly is quite easy.
  • It is reliable.
  • You can entertain your family well with it.
  • The undercarriage is also good.


  • As such there are no shortcomings. It is the best table you will get in this range.

Joola inside table with net

The joola table that you will get is in the range of 15 mm. If you want a table that is sleek and has wood then it is just the one that you would need.

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  • If you compare the price with any other table then you might not get the best in such a price. It is a two pieces table. It will take only a minimum of 15 minutes to assemble it.
  • You can fold it easily and keep it anywhere. The wheels can be locked easily so that you play well. The legs are self opening. The construction is very durable and reliable.
  • This is approved by the USAAT and it is along with a net.
  • The quality is the best and there are no issues regarding the quality found yet.
  • The table top is of robust blue and is of 5/8 inches. It is made of wood. The white stripes on the table would be silk.


  • It is the best as per your expectations.
  • The top and the undercarriage are solid.
  • It is very long lasting.
  • The playability is quite good.


  • It does not have any drawbacks. It is quite good.

Viper Arlington table

This is also similar to all those tables that we have discussed. The surface is made black and there is a red trim that would surely attract the people. You just need to see the price and go on buying it.


  • The halves are foldable which means you can play alone also if you want a d practicing solo will help you play better. The halves can be separated and so you don’t need to create some extra space for it. You can place it anywhere easily.
  • The structure is standing on the metal legs which rest firmly on the surface. The wheels help you to move it to places and you have the option of locking other wheels too. This will help you in playing because if the wheels are not locked the table might move when you are playing.
  • It is almost assembled before hand so it won’t take much of your time assembling it.
  • The wheels lock feature is of quite a advantage to you.
  • The net is attached to it and it looks like a very high quality surface. The feets can be adjusted and you will get surely attracted towards the red trim of the table.


  • The appearance is quite attractive.
  • It is of mild range.
  • It is very strong and you can use it for the undercarriage.
  • It is the best that you can buy.


  • The tabletop gets marks easily. So the cleaning would require more time of yours.

Stiga space saver

This is the cheapest table. It is just of 300 bucks. And the band itself suggests that it is quite suitable. It has the smallest table and has a very compact size.

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  • You don’t require any assembly for this . You just need to unpack it Nd open some of the folds.. you are able to store it easily. You just need to fold it and you can place it anywhere.
  • The tabletop is if 5/8 inches which is fairly suitable. The cheapest product and the smallest product would be surely what you want. The screen stripping is there and along with it some coating is also done which makes the surface more smoother and attractive.
  • The legs are of powder coated and will provide you great support as they are thick.
  • The legs will not scratch your floor which us also one of the best things.
  • The bounce is very excellent and you have good coated aprons for it.
  • There is a small net which will meet your requirements.


  • It is the best for spaces that are tight.
  • The quality is quite good.
  • The has a super assembly.
  • The price is great.
  • It has a good durability.


  • It is cheap but the best.

These are some of the ping pong tables that you should buy. These are the best ones that have been discussed here.

The best ping pong table that will be suitable for you would be the one that will be easy to store and you have the feature of playing it by yourself too.

So read the above carefully and buy the one of your choice appropriately.

Few more tables:

Stiga advantage

  • It is the best as it will add value to the money you invest in buying it.
  • It is assembled itself and you don’t need to waste much of your time placing it together.
  • You can move it around easily.
  • It’s a great and a solid choice.

Jools inside

  • It is also one of those amazing ping pong tables that you can prefer buying.
  • You can install it in 10 minutes time.
  • You can also play it alone you don’t require any companion.

Jools tour 150

  • You can set up easily.
  • It is available in a very affordable price.
  • It is safe and you can place it anywhere.

Stiga Energy

  • You can play it in 20 minutes after the setup.
  • It has a silk screen on the top of table
  • It is safe and you can store anywhere.
  • It has 3 wheels and also consists of locks.

Jools Nova

  • This can also be setup easily.
  • It is weatherproof. And the table set is also is also along.
  • You can use it for tournaments also.

Stiga XTR

  • This is perfect one as it is very durable.
  • You can fold it also and it will take a compact shape that you can store easily.
  • It has a good performance in all weathers.
  • It has an alluminium top.

Stiga Vapor

  • It is also protected and you can use it in all weathers.
  • It is resistant to dust and is portable.
  • You can play alone with it.
  • It is very durable.

Cornilleau sport

  • It has an excellent quality and a good bounce.
  • You can place it by folding it anywhere you wish to.
  • It has a good quality of frame that is galvanized steel.
  • It is highly durable.

Harvil outsider

  • You can use it perfectly for outdoors.
  • It can packed and kept safely.
  • It is durable.
  • You can fold it into a compact structure and is portable too.

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