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5 Best Pool Tables

Best Pool Tables
Written by Jenny

The pool is considered as one of the very popular games and sports that are played around the world including the US and UK. So, there is no doubt in this that the choices available for the pool tables will be large.

Since we are spending a lot of time at home therefore there are a number of options that can be preferred to play and there are a lot of exciting pool tables which are coming in the market right now. This is high time to buy a pool table and you will surely cherish these over the years.

We have searched the best pool tables for you and so that you do not find any difficulty in purchasing the pool tables, the features are mentioned along that help you to distinguish in between them.

The 5 Best Pool Tables

Further in the article, we have mentioned the best tables as per your preference. Have a look at these and you will know about the best picks that you can choose from.

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1. East Point Sports Master ton Billiard pool Table

This table is fun ad classic. The table is popular and the fitting is best for the games room as well as the garage.

The Table has a traditional style and the design is also awesome. There are a number of durable features in it like the pockets are covered with the top rail and the appearance is like that of stained wood. The table has a claw foot design and the small leg levelers are hidden. These are made using wood.

With this table, you will be getting the cues, balls, and the rush, rubber bumpers as well. The table is 7.3 inches long 50 inches wide is tall of about 31 inches. The weight is 200 pounds.

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Assembly is required and the clearance area of the pool table is 17 and 13 inches. The table is created for the families and is very low in price as compared to the others.


  • Affordable
  • Awesome design
  • Durable build


  • Needs assembly

2. Mazurka Donavan II 8’ Billard Table

The price of the table is highly suitable and it is available in either slate or the Slaton. The players can enjoy the features of the pool table by using this at home without having the need to go out. The design of the table is modern.

The playing surface of the table is 8’ and the table is 31 inches in height and 55 inches wide. The weight is about 300 pounds. The dimensions of the pool table are critical and anyone can buy this. The design of the table is stylish and it is red and black in color. This is going to attract the people towards it.

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The table is designed in such a way that it stays for a long time and is also very durable. The cabinet of the pool table is black and there are chrome accessioned corners as well. Moreover, there are rubber bumpers with the table that help to control the ball returns and the adjustable option of the feet is also highly suitable. This makes the table suitable for home as it can be placed anywhere the users want to.

The table also comes with internal drop pockets ad these help in providing the table the contemporary look that you desire.


  • Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Drop pockets available
  • Suitable for home


  • Little heavy

3. Minnesota Fats 8’ Covington Billiard Table

The table is simple and stylish. The table is categorized into affordable tables and the table is perfect for the homes of people. Whether it is the basement or the Garage, the table will catch the eye and the appearance will be liked by the users. The addition of the claw feet to the oak veneer will make the pool table look greater and it can be placed in about any of the games room. This table however comes with a bargain price. It also has a strong internal wood frame.

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The pool lovers are going to love this table and the table involves the use of rubber-lined oak therefore the table gives you a great bounce and easy touch as well.

The homeowners are going to love the durability that the table offers and along with that, there is the use of pressure-treated board which will make the slate look hard as well as resistant to the torsion that is created. 53 inches wide and a table with 36 inches of height will be loved by all. The table is more than 300 pounds and is available with the chalk, triangle, cues, and balls as well.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Highly durable
  • Attractive design and good features
  • Great bounce


  • Heavy table

4. Imperial International outdoor pool table

It is seen that most of the players want pool tables for their home but it will simply not make sense to shop a pool, table for everyone for their home.  Most of the people do not have enough space to keep the table and sometimes the cue gets banged into the wall due to low space.

So, we find that for such cases this is the best pool table and it is one of the best picks that are available in the market as well. You can use it for outdoor purposes as well.

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The table is of high quality and the pool table functions well completely. It can deliver the best game and along with that, it can also provide the game of eight balls with the survival elements. Seeing the parts of the table from the rails to the feet each and every aspect is suitable and we also see that the cabinet is made of anodized aluminum that will prevent rust and wear.

The playing surface of the table is light and collared in Camel talon cloth. This is waterproof and provides better durability to the table. The bed is designed in such a way that it provides a good play. Also, the surface s leveled and hard and provides a good game.


  • Weather protection
  • Durable
  • Design is highly attractive
  • Provides good play
  • Waterproof


  • Not for professional purposes

5. Hathaway Games Newport 7’ pool table

If you have a small room or a basement then this one would be the best pick for you. This can be used for other purposes as well and when you have to play you can simply peel back the display. There are benches included in it that you can use to store the accessories and when your family is having dinner.

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The table measures 84, 47, and 32 inches. It is a heavy and great piece of furniture. The weight is 593 ponds that are quite heavy when it is completely assembled. The benches are available with the padded seat and the hinges open up to complete the storage of the compartment.

This table helps to provide a light melamine finish and also has drop pockets that will help to catch your balls.


  • Drop pockets
  • Can be used at home or basement
  • Benches available


  • Very heavy table.

How to choose the best pool table?

When you are selecting the pool table the most important thing that you have to see is that the size of the table should be around 7 ft, 8, or 9 ft. The style of the bed should be American or English. The price of the pool table starts from around $50 to 600.

In the Buying guide, we have covered all the options that you look into before buying, and along with that, there are summaries of features as well which you can consider before your purchase.

Here is the list of all the things that you need to look at while you are up to purchasing something. Through this guide, you can feel endless. But you can narrow down your search by looking at the best features that you can get in the desired price range. You can also make your decision starting with some of the simple ones so that you know about these fully before you opt for the premium tables.


One of the most common bed materials that you would surely get for your pool table is the MDF as well as the slate. These are known as the Pool table bed.

The pool tables are mostly made using these materials and might even differ in the price range that these are available in. The slate pool tables might have a higher range of price than any other because it offers excellent playing quality and is thick enough that it won’t get damaged easily.

These are developed in such a way that they provide the perfect flat surface to you. You can even achieve a good quality surface with the ones that include MDF in it and for most people, the difference is created only when MDF is included in the right choice for them.

Moreover, if you are a serious player then you can invest in a good pool table, play for fun as well and choose the ones that include MDF in it.

Playing Cloth

The playing cloth is also one of the most important components of the pool table. This is because the ball will be rolling on this surface and there are only two main choices in this that is the English and the American pool tables.

If you will run your hand around the English Pool Table then you will find that the surface might be a little rough and fuzzy and the fibers in it are also directional. This will make the ball run slow and can be easy for the players who are new to it. American pool tables, on the other hand, are woven and the fibers are non-directional in nature. Therefore for most of the players, the playing cloth would not be an issue but you might need to adjust your game a little bit.

Cushions and rails

The new players think that the material used for creating the pool tables is the same but mostly the tales are made of rubber and the shape of the tables remains almost the same.

The users might find that changing the cushion of the pool tables is much easier and the rubber cushion will directly have an effect on the elasticity and the bounce of the ball. The manufacturers of the table are opting for the right cushion so that they can improve the speed of the table. So you can also replace the right cushion so that the speed of the table is made optimum.


There are two kinds of pool table pockets that you can find on the tables. These are the ball return pockets and the drop pockets. If you have played the pool then you might have found the coin-operated pool table in the bars or the clubs. Or you might have even used the pool table that has an in-built ball return system. These operate with a series of gutters and track that helps to have the feeling of a professional play.

Through this, the drop pockets appear to be the cheaper option. You can also get the hybrid option that is the mixture of both the drop-down and ball return systems.  These capture the ball.

Pool table size

The pool tables are measured in feet and are mostly in the range of 6ft to 9ft. You can even find the smaller ones but these are most suited for the kids. The pool tables that are of full size are 7ft. In the US these might range to 8ft.

If you want to find out the correct size that will be suitable for your pool table then you need to take the length of the cue that is around 54 to 57 inches. Next, you need to add this to the side of the table and it will help you in getting the correct space for the cue.


The best picks are listed above, you can choose the one you find suitable as per the buying guide mentioned.



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