7 Best Portable Soccer Benches

Portable Soccer Benches
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The ones who play soccer will find that a soccer bench is very necessary. This is because it is easy to carry as well as it can help in improving the team spirit as well.

It is seen that if there is a suitable soccer bench then the players will not need to sit on the grass while they are not playing. So that the players know about the best product, we have reviewed some of the best choices, that will help them know which product they should buy.

The Best 7 Portable Soccer Benches

Choose from this range of the best soccer team benches.

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1. Kwik Goal 6 Seat Kwik bench

When you will open the bench set then you will find that it might not fit back into the bag again.  But it is not the case, the bench will easily fit into the bag as it is designed in such away.

The bench has a steel frame that is covered in nylon fabric.

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The bench has a collapsible steel frame that is covered with a sturdy nylon fabric. As the name of the soccer bench, it can accommodate up to 6 players. There are nylon seats that are connected to each other and have a collapsible steel frame.

There are vertical support poles present that provide stability. There is a carry bag along that makes it easy to carry. This is one of the best choices for the players and it is good for tournaments and seating arrangements. It is a little heavy to be carried as compared to the other soccer benches available at the same price. But the quality it provides compensates for the weight of the bench. It is a therefore one of the good options that the users can prefer to buy.


  • Strong and sturdy material
  • Set up is easy
  • Portability is good


  • Costly

2. Trademark innovations portable sports bench

While the players are searching for a portable soccer bench, they will find that this is one of the most durable and will last long enough. The trademark innovations bench is very innovative and strong. One of the best features of this bench is that it offers the high durability that is needed. The back posts are reinforced using the extra plastic and that makes it even sturdier.

This bench does not require assembly; this is because it comes preassembled. The set up is also easy and it can b stored anywhere as per the preference of the users. This is light and can be carried easily around.

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Since it has holes therefore it is breathable and it makes sure that the water is not retained in it during the rainy days. It has a capability of 200lbs per seat and can easily accommodate people up to six number. The seats aren’t for adults and are suitable for kids as well as teenagers.


  • It is strong and has high durability
  • The table can be folded easily and unfolded as well
  • The portability is good
  • Assembly is not needed
  • Can bear high temperatures as well


  • Individual seats might be small

3. Crown Sporting Goods 6-Foot Portable Folding

There are a lot of inexpensive soccer benches available in the market but they aren’t so durable and their plastic might wear out easily. Therefore, the users will find this product not only affordable but also sturdy. It can bear a weight of about 250 lbs per seat and it is also suitable for adults.

The bench can be folded easily and stored wherever the users feel like. It is portable and therefore the users can carry it by themselves and place it anywhere. Also, if it feels heavy the users can even change the carrying position of the bench. It is durable and can be used in the rain as well. Therefore it is one of the best choices keeping in view the weather.

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Also, since it is for six persons, the users do not need individual chairs. The children kids and adults all can use it and sit on it comfortably.


  • Set up is easy
  • Durable as well as sturdy
  • Packs easily and can be stored as well
  • Light in weight


  • Heavy

4. Insta bench classic 3 seater bench

This is a portable and a bench that is very light in weight. Therefore it is a great choice for the people and can be used as a side-line.

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The bench can even be used on other occasions and these can be used in tailgating, camping and seating. The product is made of heavy-duty steel which can easily withstand 250bvs of weight. It can be carried easily. It can be folded and stored as well. When it is folded it can be carried much more easily and it weighs about 10 lbs. There is a carry bag available with it and there are straps that help in carrying it much more easily. It is made up of steel and there is 100% polyester used in it.


  • Sturdy and strong built
  • Can be folded easily
  • Light in weight and easy to carry


  • Accommodates only 3 people

5. Go team 4 seats portable folding bench

This is a comfortable bench and can be folded up easily. There is a folding cup holder available with it that can be used for storing the first aid kits or the team gears. This will make sure that whenever a player is hurt during the game, the kit is always available to do the self-aid. The seats are padded well and there is a soft fibre coating that helps to provide the soft feeling. This will help to ensure that the players are not tired of sitting on the bench.

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The case is strong and sturdy and it can be tugged around easily. The portable folding table is made in such a way that it endures the toughness that the soccer bench has to go through.


  • Can be folded and carried easily
  • The sears are comfortable
  • There is a cup holder on each of the strong and sturdy
  • Light in weight


  • Customer service is not good

6. Travel chair travel bench original 6 seat bench

This soccer bench is also one of the portable as well as the durable benches. The setup process of this bench is also easy and it can be set up within minutes. The frames are strong and they can accommodate a weight of about 300 lbs. The soccer bench is sturdy and light in weight therefore it can be easily carried on the shoulders. When the product is wet it dries up quickly.

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There is a carry bag along with the bench on the side that can be used to keep some important stuff. There are straps that help in carrying it easily. There is a mesh pouch as well that is very suitable for holding the team gear. It can accommodate a max of six people and therefore it is one of the best choices for the players.

This can also prove as one of the best options for those who want instant and group seating. With this soccer bench, you can easily enhance team spirit.


  • Set up is easy
  • Light in weight
  • Portable
  • The seats are comfortable


  • Price is high

7. Trademark innovations portable 6 seater sports bench

This bench is a six-seater bench and is a great choice for those who want it for sports events, camping, tailgating and some other events. It is light and very easily portable. The bench is perfect and is easily collapsible. It does not require assembly and can be set up easily. The bench is strong and sturdy and is therefore suitable for kids as well. There is a carry on bag on the sides with the help of which it can be carried easily. Overall as per the features, it is a good and a suitable bench that is having a reasonable price and also has a good value for money.

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  • Does not need assembly
  • Light in weight
  • Price is fair
  • Strong and also durable


  • The straps are not strong

Buying guide : How to choose best Portable Soccer Benches

Some of the factors that the users need to consider while purchasing a bench are mentioned below.


One of the most important things that are to be considered while purchasing a bench is that it should have a perfect size. This means that the seating capacity of the bench should be about 4-8 and the seating capacity that is very common is 6.

To check out the size you first need to know the number of players in the team and how many would want to rest at a time. If you are not sure about it then you should go with the largest size and there is not much difference in the 6 seaters or the 8 seaters.


For those areas where there are no benches, this feature is to be analysed properly. Get a table that is light in weight and can be carried easily. For some games you will need a ball and to have a bench that is compact in size would be much better during the time when you have to pack it carry it around. The bench can be stored easily and the users can also travel with it.

This is portable even if the users do not have a large vehicle. The right size can even be carried in one arm or over the shoulders.

Set up

The set up of this product is quite easy. Now we need to know that the player that is present to play soccer would not like to spend a lot of time while setting the table up. Whether you are a coach or a player, there is a lot of time spent on the field and no one would prefer to gather things up after the game. So to save this hassle it is recommended to shop the bench that does not require assembly and comes to the place easily.


The players will have to play in a number of conditions and it is necessary that they need a bench that can last in all those conditions. The bench should be able to withstand the sun, the rain and should also last long.

  • Frame: The picks are present with the steel frames and since steel is strong it will last for a long time. With steel, the benches are safe as well as sturdy.
  • Fabric: The fabric of the bench should also be strong as well as durable. Also, it should be tough.

Weight limit

The benches are designed in such a way so that they can handle the weight that is around 145-180 lbs. But if you are looking for benches that are for adults or kids then go for the heavy-duty ones.


If you are coaching the young ones then you must be aware of how difficult it is to keep them seated. So if the bench is not comfortable it will become very difficult. So, make sure the bench you are buying is very comfortable.


As we have seen the best benches in the above article, we find that it is very important to have a good bench for the players. And we have mentioned all the necessary points regarding the benches.

According to the analysis we see that the Agrora bench that is 6 seater is the best pick with value and quality. Moreover, as it is six-seater it is very helpful to accommodate six people at a time.

If you are a coach or a player you will find the bench to be perfect and there are a lot of mote options in the budget range. In case you are in the market to replace the old bench and shop for a new one then you will find this article very useful.

Moreover, do go through the pros and cons of the benches that are mentioned above before you decide on shopping for one for yourself and consider the buying guide as well.


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