7 Best Shuffleboard Table Reviews

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Shuffleboard tables are similar to table tennis tables but are named in a different and appropriate way. When you want an exquisite look in your playroom and make it something exclusive then go for a shuffleboard table. When the room is not large enough to hold a table for air hockey or pool, then narrow and long shuffleboard will fit into that place. A game room or a pub is incomplete without a shuffleboard table.

You may have seen shuffleboard in any resort where you have spent your holiday, and obviously you may want to recreate the fun time that shuffleboard can offer you.  The tables are special for many reasons. Not only it creates the same feeling of fun time spent in any travelling spot, but also it creates the feel of shuffleboard court. It does not make you bend while playing, so you can keep playing for longer hours.


Best Shuffleboard Table

We have hunted the shuffleboard tables that are best of all times and offer you all the necessary features at a justified price.

1. Atomic M01702AW 9 ft. platinum shuffleboard table

The brand Atomic has came up with their latest addition in term of modern platinum shuffleboard table. This is a perfect item to be placed at bar, lounge or any game-room.

Atomic M01702AW 9' Platinum Shuffleboard Table

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am

  • This table is designed so that each player can start their game with 4 pucks and they can slide them into scoring zones according to the points they have earned.
  • The playing surface is smooth and poly coated, and thus it provides smooth and fast action to the ball.
  • Shuffleboard is wax coated and thus the game can be really challenging for the smart players.
  • Simple abacus style scoring helps the keep the track of the points.
  • The pedestal legs come with levellers so the table sits stably and does not tilt or bend anyway.
  • The profile of this shuffleboard table is 24 ¼” so you can play from anywhere, and will not disturb the foot traffic.
  • The assembly of this table is quick and simple, and thus you do not need much people to get it going.


  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • Smooth surface
  • Abacus style scoring
  • Leveller in pedestal


  • No assembly instruction
  • Expensive


2. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Woodbridge shuffleboard table measures 14 foot long and it is one of the best shuffleboard tables of all time. You will have much room to move around the table while the players will be busy in game.

Playcraft Woodbridge 12' Espresso Shuffleboard Table

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am

  • This one comes with a classic look.
  • The rich espresso finish creates a high class look in itself.
  • The pedestal legs have levellers.
  • The antique bronze or brass finish makes the legs look exquisite and create the look of an old time pub.
  • There is traditional 1-2-3 indoor scoring system in this table.
  • The one piece micro-lam cabinet has increased the stability of this table.
  • One of the leg come with built in storage to keep the balls or other small items.
  • The levellers are there to make the table adjustment easy. It can be set on any uneven or sloppy surface as well.
  • The design is quite unconventional; it looks more like a butcher block with multiple layers of woods in it. The ¾ inch thick, solid vertical, stave edge is glued to hardwood bed which is not laminate.
  • The finishing is done by 10 coats of polyurethane so you get a smooth glossy surface.
  • There is glue around the edges of this table which gives it more strength.
  • The built in rail runs along the edge and it is there to absorb the shocks of puck hitting. There will be no chance of scratches and damages easily.


  • Smooth finish
  • Leg levellers with legs
  • Unconventional look
  • Bronze finish in the legs
  • Glue around the edges
  • Scratch and damage proof


  • Not fully flat


3. Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard table

If you are looking for a professional level shuffleboard to play at home or in the club, the yu can select this one.

Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard, Dark Cherry, 9-Feet

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am


  • This one comes with sleek playing surface along with polyurethane coating.
  • The convenient built in storage cabinet is there to store the balls or some small items.
  • This is a much stable and hardy table.
  • The leg levellers make it a stable one which can stand on any surface.
  • The classic and vintage look that it offers is great for your interior.
  • The dark cherry laminate makes the table look well finished and a very smart one.
  • The antique bronze cabinet hinges give it an old world charm.
  • The hardwood butcher block playing surface is great and highly accurate with sleek finish.
  • There are two wood abacus scoring units to keep the track of scores.
  • The integral climate adjusters will ensure the flatness of playing surface.


  • Comfortable playing experience
  • Decent pricing
  • Simple set up
  • Leg levellers to stand it stably


  • Square bolts are given for fittings.
  • No pre drilled holes for scoring abacus


4. GoSports Shuffleboards and Curling 2 in 1 table

The unique feature of this shuffleboard is, it allows you to play two different games in a single table. The name suggests that you can play curling as well as shuffleboard here.

GoSports Shuffleboard and Curling 2 in 1 Table Top Board Game with 8 Rollers - Great for Family Fun

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am


  • You can just flip the playing field to play the chosen game, both the fields at each other’s opposite side.
  • The solid wood frame of the table surrounds the playing fields.
  • There are small gaps between the playing field and the fame, so any stray pucks are caught and that saves you from the hazards of finding the missing rollers.
  • There are eight rollers those come along with the package. These rollers glide smoothly over the field so you can get the actual experience of full games.
  • This is a smaller table than the usual shuffleboards but the compactness also makes it ready for wrapping in the box.
  • You can play inside or outside with this table. The design of the table lets two different teams to play. The teams may consist of two or four players.
  • The wood that is used in the frame is unfinished and thus it blends with other interior items.
  • The table can be availed in a box with a nice wrapping, in case you wish to gift it to someone.
  • You can play and shoot rollers with your own hands and that includes shuffleboard playing filed members. The lines will show the scoring are of each member.
  • The curling playing field have circles that use red and blue marks to help you with the marks and scores.


  • 2 in 1 gaming feature
  • Sliding pucks
  • Enjoyed by full family
  • Nice size
  • Stable wood make
  • Good sliding
  • Levelled surface


  • Need to sand the rough edges


5. Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard table

The brand Playcraft is one of the leaders in the sect of sports items. This is one of their best models which can be used greatly for the playroom.

Playcraft Georgetown Espresso 16' Shuffleboard Table

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am


  • This is high end shuffleboard. The hardwood butcher block design shows it is a sturdy and durable one.
  • The smooth glossy surface offers fast and effortless playing.
  • There are options for 1-2-3 or 1-2-3-4 scoring pattern so you can choose whichever fits your choice best.
  • The climatic adjusters are there for shaping the profile of the playfield.
  • There are double panelled box legs which offer storage as well.
  • The sturdy and smooth butcher block comes with multiple layers of polyurethane to make it sleek and glossy.
  • You can get this table with 12, 14 or 16 foot long legs which will have different scoring patterns.
  • The playing equipments are available with this package so you do not have to buy them separately.
  • The levellers are 6 inch so you can keep the shuffleboard table stable in any surface.
  • The smart abacus scorer comes with deluxe hardwood which makes it a trustworthy item.
  • This is a gorgeous table according to the users and it will surely add the glamour to your interior or exterior.
  • It is pretty heavy so difficult to move, but that also ensures that it is a stable item.
  • The setting up is easy and you can perfectly settle it yourself.
  • This is basically a mid level shuffleboard and kids or teenagers will love it.


  • Smooth surface
  • Great for the teenagers
  • Setting up is easy
  • Stable
  • Looks stylish
  • Abacus scorer included
  • Playing equipments available along with the table


  • Heavyweight
  • Not for the competitive level players


6. Snapback Tavern Shuffleboard Table

This one is yet another sports item manufacturer and this time they have come up with the Snap Back Tavern shuffleboard table for the sports lovers.

Table Shuffleboard Bowling White Pins - Pinsetter - Booklet - Score Chart & Wood Ball

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am


  • This one has the simple and conventional design of shuffleboard. It looks great in home as well as in any tavern or pub.
  • The size of the table is perfect for the smaller in house gatherings. It has been manufactured with high quality materials and state of the art design.
  • The material is sturdy dense fibre wood so it helps the table to stay strong for years.
  • They have ditched the abacus scoring feature here and have added electronic scoring system.
  • The scoring system works on its own that detects where the puck lands, and from there it adjusts the scores. This way you can keep your focus stable at the game and at the same time check the winning strategy.
  • You can see who is winning while playing, so accordingly you can play better.
  • There are two clearly marked areas in the table on the opposite sides. This place means to provide the players a proper and exact place to stand for shooting.
  • Use of MDF construction makes this table, a sturdy and durable table.
  • However, it also features multiple layers of wood veneer which provides the smoothness and extra stability.
  • The UV coating keeps the table protected from the weathering caused by Sun, which again adds up to the durability factor.
  • The decoration of the surface does not fade easily and thus you can keep it beautiful for a long period of time.
  • There are no pedestal legs, but four larger legs which add to the durability quotient.
  • Each leg comes with their own leveller at the bottom so you can put the table stably at any surface.
  • The 2.3 inch playing surface is clear and the smooth coating offers superb bounce to the balls.


  • Nice make
  • Strong and sturdy
  • UV coated top
  • Smooth surface
  • Leg levellers
  • Electronic scoring board


  • Leveller sometime malfunctions


7. Playcraft Telluride Pro-style Shuffleboard Table

The brand we have repeated here is Playcraft, and that too is for some good reasons. This is a rather reputed brand and their products are so good in quality and durability that we are compelled to keep two of their products in the best Shuffleboard list.

Telluride Pro Style Shuffleboard comes with electronic scorer and is definitely one of the best equipment that this company has manufactured.

Playcraft Telluride Espresso 16’ Shuffleboard Table

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as of July 26, 2022 3:29 am


  • The 24 inch electronic scorer hangs from the curved metal rod and it ensures that the players are able to see that clearly.
  • This one hangs on the top of the table so there will to be any discomfort on the part of players, and their visibility will not be affected while playing.
  • There is a Lexan face that covers the front and keeps the scorer safe from any flying shots. This way the scorer stays safe and sound while the players keep playing.
  • The model is 22 foot long and is best for the serious players.
  • The regulation size that is mentioned for the professionals is this, and thus it will be apt for practicing the game for competition level.
  • The carpeted gutters and side walls are there to keep the eight pucks included from getting damaged.
  • The built in storage shelf comes with six legs.
  • There are levellers on each of the legs so that you can adjust the slope and height of the table easily.
  • The table comes with rich furniture quality finish so you would like the addition in your interior.
  • The material used for this table is Canada Maple Edge glued vertical stave butcher block.
  • The package comes complete with playing equipments so you can start playing just after unpacking the box.
  • You need to do the assembling of the table, but the process is pretty simple. Assembly needs two people at least.
  • The board is pretty heavy so it is actually an issue if you need to move it frequently.


  • Easy assembly
  • Electronic scoreboard with Lexan face
  • Nice colour and texture
  • Great leg levellers


  • Pieces of wood with mismatched colour
  • Wax included in the package not good quality


How to choose a shuffleboard table:

  • Size- the size of the table matters most. There are varieties of sizes available. You can get something in between 9 and 22 feet so the variations are great. You must follow the space where you are supposed to keep the table and buy the table in accordance with that.
  • Thickness- this is a major decisive factor while you are planning to buy a shuffleboard table. Thin table will not be able to withstand the pressure of the puck and it can crack easily. At least 3 inches thick table top is good for indoor and personal playing.
  • Material- the surface and the structure both depends up on the material of the table. Something like solid wood and not just smooth sparking top should be your chosen thing. The cradle structure will be preferred if you go for maple or other such hardwood material.
  • Climate– as tables come under the weathering, you must choose a table with UV protection so that the table can withstand the sun and moisture of the regular weather. the bolt and the screws you need to change or the curvatures of the table has to sustain the weather, so you may need to tighten or loosen them once in a while to keep the table intact for longer period of time.

Our choice:

From the list we find the Atomic 9 ft Platinum Shuffleboard to be the best choice. This table offers fun and the classic look adds to the grandeur to the interior of your house. This one is cute and sophisticated so you can fit it in any corer of your house. This one is made from high quality materials so it is provided with stylish modern look as well as tenacity to sustain for years.  This will be the perfect addition to your home interior when you are looking for nice and functional shuffleboard table.


A shuffleboard table is always a welcome addition to your house. If you have teenage kids or if you are free in the evening and wish to play a game or two with old friends or even with your spouse, a shuffleboard table will make that happen. We hope to help you choose which table will be best suited for your purpose. The table should be good as you must not invest your hard earned money on something cheap and fancy item.

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