5 Best Swing Sets Under $1,000

Best Swing Sets Under $1,000
Written by Jenny

A swing set is an adventurous friend of your kids, they not only swing but climb, slides, hang in a different style which makes them happy, keep their mind active and creative.

When we talk about a swing set it is a complete playing destination for your kids. They could do many things with it accept swinging so it is very important for you to choose a perfect swinging set.

There are many types of swing set available in the market. They differ in features like swinging style, ladder, slipper, sand tube, chalkboard, small wooden house etc. They also come in different materials like some made of wooden, some of the steal and some of the mix.

The main point when you buy a swing set is money. As much you will pay so you will get a better swing sets with more added features.

Top 5 swing sets under $1,000

Here we are suggesting 5 swing set which cost you under $1,000

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1. Bell Peak Play Swing Set

Made with Metal and steel frame material the bell pack play swing set is a Wayfair exclusive swing set. It comes it the affordable price of $480 only.

The best thing about this swing set is that it comes with cool included features as it includes with a six-sided tower with three climbing features, a saucer swing and mini-trampoline attachment.

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This is a more than a swing set, it is a complete fun destination for kids. There are two ways by which kind can reach to the middle of the tower; first, they can reach through the flap entrance or they can climb to the top with the metal climbing ladder which has blow-moulded 2 in 1 rock climbing ladder and a cargo net.

The bell peak plays swing so-called as it has a bell attached rope that can be rung from the top or bottom of the tower.

For kind to sit, relax and enjoy the swing set has three seats. They also can relax after swinging in the flying saucer.


  • It comes with a ladder, climber and climbing frame, a swing and Mini trampoline as the additional item.
  • This is a pre-drilled swing with a weight of 209 pounds
  • Best for age group 3-8 years.
  • 2 people can swing at a time.
  • Web and saucer swing.
  • Come with one year warranty

2. Spring Meadow Wooden Swing Set

Very creative and with adventurous features this is a good swing set for the age group of 3-10. Developed by KidKraft the swing set includes with a high rail wave slide that kids can zip down. It only cost you $ 474

The swing set is a completely fun, play and learning experience for kids. It has a rock wall ladder to reach upper clubhouse, This clubhouse has a giant vinyl chalkboard for kids to show their creativity.

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The swing also attached a picnic table and bench with a cafe-style string awning.


  • Solid wood frame material with 100% premium cedar lumber
  • A slide, Climber or Climber frame
  • Rooftop
  • A sandbox and Picnic table
  • Trapeze Rings
  • 2 swings and Anchors


  • Total weight – 179 lb
  • Weight capacity – 990 pounds
  • 10 people can enjoy it at a time
  • Swing beam length – 7′ 4″
  • Required area – 25′ 1 “× 26′
  • Comes with 5 years warranty

3. Free Standing Swing Set

Free Standing swing set is a simply designed swing set by Gorilla Playsets. Comes with the features like UV Resistant and pre-stained this is an ASTM Certified swing set. It comes in $ 740 only.

This is a good swing set for the age group 3 to12 years with a weight capacity of  425. This is a fun exercise swing set for your kids as it has one Trapeze ring.

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The swing set is made of wood and good plastic material. It has two swings and a trapeze ring for multiple fun and exercise activities. It has good safety features as it stands on A shape strong stand in both side and, it is a non-toxic swing set and the best thing that is made of UV resistant material makes it safe in all kind of weather. Very easy to assemble clean and maintain.


  • One Trapeze ring
  • 2 Swings
  • A-Frame bracket
  • Wide base stance
  • Wood and Cedar frame material.


The swing set requires 14’×21’×6″ area to keep. It has the following measurement features –

  • Swing beam height – 7′
  • Swing beam length – 9′
  • Swing beam thickness – 4″
  • Total weight – 156 lb

Other Features:

  • Frame material/ Details – Wood / Cedar
  • Hardware – Stainless steel and iron
  • Swing Weight capacity 424 pound

4. Rosemead Swing Set

Rosemead swing set has four swings, two moulded swings and a slide. Six people can swing at a time. Sportspower made it for complete fun and exercise for the age group of 3 to 8. The swing set also includes patented flying saucer and blow-moulded roman glider.  This swing set is so chief only come at $ 220.

The swing set is made of the high-quality heavy-duty 2-inch steel tubes which makes the swing more durable and sustainable.

Frame material is Metal and frame material details of Galvanized Steel. The maximum weight capacity of this swig set is 100 lbs perusers.

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Sportspower included so much of safety aspects in this swing set. All the chain are 4-point chain covered with sturdy vinyl to protect kids hand while swinging. The wide saucer has an inner webbing to keep kids when swinging double. The roman glider has an extra thick hanger and handle. Like other products from Sportspower Rosemead Swing Set also has an ASTM safety standard.


  • One Ladder and one slide
  • Two swings
  • One wide saucer swing
  • Two Roman Gliders

Measurement Features:

  • The swing set requires 8″×1′ safety zone
  • Total weight – 110.7 lb
  • Lengthy without the slide – 150 inches
  • Seat dimensions – 19″H× 21″ D

5. Buckley Hill Wooden Swingset

Made by Backyard Discovery this is a good swing for the age group of 3 to 8. The swing includes two swing, one ladder, one slide and a roof top.Made with wood and cedar, Buckley Hill wooden swing comes in very affordable price.

The dimension of the swing set is 123×107×92. Along with swings it has upper play roof top made with chalk board added with mesh enclosed walls for kids safety. The base of the swing set is so study provide perfect stability and protection for kids.

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The swing set has two swing connected with heavy duty belt and rope chains provide perfect grip in hand. The ladder is very easy to climb for kids.


  • Made with 100% cedar wood
  • 15×15 chalk board
  • Easy to assemble. You can assemble it by youtube instructions. 3D interactive assembly instructions also available in the free BILT app.
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Total weight is 27.4 pounds
  • Price $449

Before Buying a Swing Set

Although we have suggested you best affordable swing sets but before choosing any if them or any other swing set you should keep in mind following things –

Size –  Choose a swing set which could be fit in the space you have for. The ideal swing set size is 6 fit as for safety aspects but you can choose bigger according to your requirements. If you don’t find swing set of your size you can modified them if your retailer could do so.

Material – as he have said the swing sets are come in different materials like wood,plastic and steal, iron or mix. You should choose according to the place where you wish to put it.

If the space is open amd near water you can choose steal swing set otherwise the wooden swing set is best in look and safety.

Easy setup – some swing sets are very easy to assembled you can put them in one place to another in quick time and, some swing sets are heavy to handle is required experts to setup. It also depends on the retailers you are buying through. Make it clear if you will get good customer service after buying any swing set.

Features – features in swing sets are the most considerable things before buying a swing set. Swing sets ate mostly for the age group of 3 to 10 which is the mind developing age for your kids so you would like have swing set with extra features that your kids can play, enjoy, learn, do creative things etc.


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