10 Best Table Tennis Rubbers Reviews (2021 Latest)

The professional or the amateur players know that a table tennis paddle is comprised of many parts, like sponge, rubber, grip or handle etc.  All the parts should be good and compatible with each other if the player wants to play comfortably. The performance of advanced players depends a lot upon these parts of the blade and other equipment. So getting the combination of best quality rubber and blade will make a winning duo and will definitely enhance the skill of the players.

There are numerous choices for the rubbers of the blade. Almost hundreds of the brands are selling rubbers and most of them are of pretty good quality.

So choosing the important part like table tennis blade rubber needs patience and information. For a quality paddle the rubber should be of good life span, or else it will keep tearing off and you will be changing them quite often. So with a little bit of knowledge of playing style and information about rubbers and glue, you can choose the rubber sensibly.

Best Table Tennis Rubbers

Here we will be offering a suggestion about 9 top quality rubbers, which you may find useful:

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1. Butterfly Tenergy 05

This Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber will definitely top the list. This is debatably the best rubber for a great spin.

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  • This one comes with the spring sponge technology which holds the ball in contact longer when it touches the paddle.
  • You will get a maximum surface grip and thus the top sheet will release better tension. The spin to the ball will be great.
  • This is one of the most explosive rubbers and the spin and this helps the aggressive players in the defensive strokes as well as spun balls.
  • The competition-grade rubber sheet is used for the high tension technologies and the power and speed is increased with it.
  • The rubber Butterfly Tenergy 05 has more elasticity than other rubbers. The players are allowed to generate the topspin more easily.
  • You can play from near or far but the tension and the force or technique will not be affected.


  • Spring sponge technology
  • Highest spin rate
  • High tension rubber


  • Novices may find it hard to accommodate

2. Tibhar Evolution MX-P

This rubber is gaining attention for a few decades now among the professional players. Those who love to play the faster game will love this rubber. The lower throw of Tibhar Evolution is better than its competitors. The ball is thus easier to be kept on the table.

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  • All-rounder attacking players will find Tibhar Evolution rubber more useful, as it is perfectly compatible to create the power loop.
  • The gaming experience is more like T80 as it shows great power on the flexible blades too.
  • The grip is really good though the speed is not that great.
  • The spin is good and you can play shot games like pushes, blocks, flat hits or serve the returns.
  • On the brush strokes, the rubber acts with more spin. The smart pimple geometry which makes the ball stay hold than the regular expected time but spin and speed will not be hampered.
  • According to many players, this is an attacking rubber because the rubber surface is extremely versatile. You can play offensive as well as a defensive game with this rubber on the blade.


  • One of the fastest rubbers
  • Great control and stability
  • The longer dwell time of ball


  • Weighty rubber

3. Yasaka Rakza 7

Another good quality all-rounder rubber from a well-known brand is Yasaka Rakza 7. It has the ability to beat some of the top-level rubbers with its potential.

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  • Topspin can be done with this rubber with low pushes and can block heavy topspin.
  • The players who use backhands more will love to use this rubber for counter hitting and active blocking.
  • The rubber offers perfect feel for the short plays and the return serves are always well controlled.
  • You can play the open-loop against the chop and Yasaka Rakza 7 is fast enough to hit but not so fast to lose the control.
  • For the backhand players, it had the perfect throw angle, which is just linear just rightly and not too high.
  • Choose the sponge thickness wisely, as the 1.8 mm thick sponge will give you the best effect.
  • The rubber is effective in grabbing the ball when it hits the blade. It holds the ball for more power production so you can achieve better control over the game.
  • The returns with this rubber will be very sharp and handling is easy. You can hit the ball with much spin with comfortably.
  • Longest lifespan is a great virtue of this rubber. Yasaka Rakza 7 will last you longer due to its make from natural gum.


  • Long-lasting
  • Natural gum
  • Perfect for backhand
  • Good return
  • Great grip


  • Not great for the professionals

4. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

A nice Chinese rubber with some potential to make you win almost all the matches that is what you expect from DHS Hurricane 3 Neo.

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  • You will get plenty of attack from this rubber with good technique and ample speed. Attacking shots will be played nicely with DHS Hurricane 3 Neo.
  • This one comes much cheaper than most of its competitors so you can definitely give it a try for the beginning level table tennis game.
  • The rubber of the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is denser and thus ensuring greater speed while you hit the ball. There are short pimples with inward faces which go to the sponge. The surface is much smoother and it will surely hold all the different types of strokes easily.
  • You will be able to play any kind of shots, like the high speed or the low loop or the passive one, with DHS Hurricane 3 Neo.
  • The durability of this rubber is amazing. With the mid level hardness and the guarantee to serve you for a longer time, you will find the rubber without tear from months to come.


  • Stronger spring
  • Powerful NEO sponge
  • Great durability
  • Cheaper


  • Bounces against blocking

5. Joola RHYZM-P

For the aggressive players, the rubber which is ideal is Joola RHYZM-P. It will offer extreme speed and spin with a comfortable grip and a smooth feel.

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  • The P in the model name stands for three aspects, precision, professional and poly ball.
  • The geo-grip power technology used in Joola RHYZM-P makes it a significantly developed rubber when it comes to grips of the ball and spin against intense friction.
  • The surface structure always allows great hold and control over the ball.
  • The brand has launched the rubber for more than 2 years now and it has become a hit among the players. The rubber surface is much improved and it was much worked upon to provide the users with better playing experience.
  • The rubber should ideally be used with Poly ball.
  • The rubber comes substantially with more grip and thus more spin is generated with better control and durability.
  • Joola RHYZM-P allows you to play on your own style and never affects your playing technique. Rather it enhances the perfect style for better gaming.
  • The rubber is great for the beginners and will surely click with the intermediate players.


  • Great spin and durability
  • Lets you play with your own technique
  • Smooth grip


  • Not for the high-level professionals

6. Andro Rasanter R47

The best part of this rubber is speed. If you are a fan of speedy strokes then this Andro Rasanter R47 is just the perfect choice for you.

The fastest rubber in the market has arrived, bring the Andro Rasanter R47 and win the games with great skill and potency.

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  • You can play with this rubber after applying a medium sponge at 47 degrees. You will see the difference while you will try to loop the ball.
  • This rubber is for advanced players as players without skill will never be able to handle Andro Rasanter R47.
  • The rubber weighs only 68 grams when uncut, so you can imagine how light it is. The possibilities of this rubber are amazing.
  • You can play with spin and offensive playing is just easy. The rubber will allow you to play the strokes at higher speed.
  • The precise curved trajectory of this rubber will ensure that you win the matches with great skill.


  • Great speed
  • Lightweight


  • Not long-lasting

7. Butterfly Sriver

You will be able to win the table tennis matches by playing offensive with the best quality rubbers if you buy Butterfly Sriver.

This can be easily called the best quality ping pong rubber and its hard and tacky surface makes it a great choice for the attacking games.

The sponge with Butterfly Sriver can be medium-hard or flexible so that the rubber is able to deliver with full speed and spin. It will compliment your playing style and will make you effortlessly play the games.

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  • The tacky rubber surface of Butterfly Sriver has inverted pimple faces moved inward and thus you will be able to gain more control over the ball.
  • The strokes will be more powerful with this rubber. The stability on the hold of balls will be incomparable so you will be able to gain speed of 100 and spin of 80 easily. Thus it is much more efficient than the regular rubbers.
  • This rubber is famous throughout the world and more than 20 world and 70 European matches have been played with this rubber. The consistency of this rubber makes it a favourite choice of all the world-class players.


  • All-rounder
  • Hard and tacky surface
  • Great speed and spin


  • Fragile

8. Stiga Mantra M

When you wish to change the rubber quality from hard to soft you can try Stiga Mantra M, a nice combination of soft to hard quality which can improve and enhance your playing style.

Moderately hard and designed with new Japanese technology, Stiga Mantra M will match your skill and allow you to play effortlessly. The development and manufacturing of the rubber allow providing the catapult effect which will provide perfect ball balance.

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  • The presence of microscopic air bubble within the rubber makes it feel like a sponge and the surface created great tension.
  • There is an oxygen capsule system in the Stiga Mantra M rubber, which is great for providing speed and spin but do not tamper the stability and control.
  • Players of all category and ability will find the Stiga Mantra M rubber fine and exception with the control over the balls. The holding capacity of the rubber makes it a natural choice for high-level performance.


  • Medium sponge for high speed
  • Mid distance feeling
  • Great upper hand for spin-spin rallies
  • Oxygen capsule system


  • Nothing much

9. Xiom Vega Pro

The all-rounder rubber for the players who are yet to achieve the best place on the table tennis game is Xiom Vega Pro.

It offers you the flexibility to play the great spin shots as well as control over the whole game and the ball.

Not very fast, but Xiom Vega Pro will make the game of table tennis easy for you. It will let you play your own game and that way you will be able to achieve more.

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  • The players who are converting from soft rubbers on flexible blades to harder rubbers on stiffer blades will find it more useful.
  • The affordability and durability of this rubber will allow the beginners to try it.
  • The built quality is really good and the sponge is firm. A thin top-sheet and supple feeling throughout the rubber will make you confident while playing a serious match.
  • The Xiom Vega Pro rubber is fast and yet linear. So you can easily control the ball and the strokes.
  • The speed will be as expected by you and there will be no tensor effect. It can offer you really fast play but that will depend upon your playing capacity.
  • The spinny rubber will allow you to play the topspin shots and high arc with good balance makes it a perfect choice for the amateurs.


  • Hyper elasto and carbo sponge
  • Tensor technology
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Distance from close to mid control


  • Brittle edges


A good rubber should have many features, like two different coloured rubbers on two sides, one for the faster shots and another side for the extra spin, ITTF approval to match the quality of governing body of International Table Tennis Federation along with right sponge density and reverse rubber pimples. Every player has an individual style of play and the rubber should complement the playing style of individuals.


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