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7 Best Ways To Practice Table Tennis Alone

Ways To Practice Table Tennis Alone
Written by Jenny

Table tennis is a game of concentration. it is the game to set the mind with the moves of hands and legs. The game is about hitting but not so hard, play fast but should be slow in mind. Practising alone will create those frames of shots to move them fast while the match is on. Sometimes it is the helplessness that you would have nobody to practice with but this situation could gain you some real tricks to win.

Ways To Practice Table Tennis Alone

Top Ways To Practice Table Tennis Alone

Here we have come with 7 ways you could follow to practice table tennis alone, by incidentally – when your partner or opponent not around or by intentionally.

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1. Dodging

Dodging will help to improve your controlling power on the ball with the racket. Dodging is simply let jumping or we can say juggling the ball on the surface of the racket. Make sure every time the ball will hit the centre area of the racket so that it couldn’t be misbalance and you can control it better.

You can Be Dodging in two ways –

  • with a single surface of the racket
  • to and fro from the racket – one by one with both sides.

You should perform it 100 times in one round.

2. Forehand Practice

It will require your hand little band while hitting the ball and continuously hitting the ball with the racket in the same way. You can practice this with any normal table or of table Tanis. Stick with a wall so that the ball can hit on the wall and will return to you with the same pace as it would your opponent.

You can also practice it without a table. Choose a wall perpendicular to your hand, while hitting the wall, and a hard surface beneath the wall. First, hit the wall on the beneath surface and it would hit the wall and return to you, then again hit and so on.


3. Backhand Practice

For backhand practice, you just have to change the angle of your wrist and of your racket. You would have to stand a little straighter than the for hand practice.

For both hands, you can hit the ball alternately.

4. How to serve

Serve is one of the great aspects of the game of table tennis.  You can learn the basics of serve technique alone, you will need a table tennis table, racket, and some bolls.

  • First, you can practice hitting the ball as it could hit in the middle of the table of your part so that the ball could reach your opponent correctly.
  • Practice for middling the ball when serving. what should be the position of the ball in the palm, how to bounce it in the air before hitting it to the table and what should be the position of the racket while serving.

5. Play with your shadow

You don’t need a ball it will be only in your mind. Just take a racket and imaging an opponent in front of you and hit the stocks in the air. This technique is called shadow drills.

  • In table tennis, there are some static positions; of your legs and hand position, in which you have to remain for a while when playing any game. So you can practice being on those positions with shadow practising.
  • Here you only have to feel the game and practice for your footwork, hand position and position of the racket.


6. Watch the game

When you don’t have a partner or opponent to play with you can also practice by seeing other’s games.

You can also watch online videos but offline is the best way to observe. There are many tutorial videos for table tennis you can watch them too.

7. Practice with Machine

This is an expensive idea but a way to practice alone, like in the cricket we have a bowling machine, in the table tennis there also a bowling machine will throw a ball toward you to hit back. The table tennis table covers with nets one side so that the balls couldn’t go around.

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