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Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchucks – Real or Fake?

Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong
Written by Rakel

Bruce lee was a famous Hollywood actor and martial artist who is predominately known for his work in Hollywood movies related to martial arts. He is the inspiration for many generations of martial artist through his compassion towards the martial arts. However in this article we will not talk about his work in martial arts and acting but there is video going viral all around in social media of him playing Ping-Pong with his nunchuck. What do you think about reality of this video?

In this video Bruce lee is playing ping pong with his nunchucks (kind of stick which is held together by chain and used as weapon in martial arts) and there is another ping pong player playing along with his table tennis paddle has been demonstrated in this viral video and lee with is nunchucks not only matching compatibly with the ping pong player but also he is winning each and every point very easily. As an entertainment point of view the video has been mastered very well and editors make it look black and white and little grainy to make it look old and very authentic

Big thing is that this video rolls out once in a while every year on various social media platforms like facebook, instagram and make list itself in top trending videos across all platforms. The video looked so authentic that lots of myths had been started rolling across with it. When this video has forwarded to me for once I believed its hype and thought that it is a real one but after making some thinking about it, I had come with some genuine reasons to cross check its reality.

  1. The first thought came in my mind that very little amount of public has knowledge about table tennis, so in real time they cannot differentiate between a real game play and digitally fixed one.
  2. People find this gameplay of ping Pong very entertaining to find keen interest in this clip to go share and making it viral without checking its authenticity.
  3. With increasing trend of showing Table tennis in advertisements making it go viral further more

Controversial spread

In this controversy gets its spread as the world famous Martial artist, actor, director Bruce lee is been very famous for his action sequels in his movies like knocking out 10 15 peoples around him within matter of minutes. His punches tearing down shirts of his opponents and specially he is very famous for his ability to do tricks and things with nunchucks. Make this video to look very realistic and authentic that making people believe that, it is that same Bruce Lee, who has been beating his opponent on the ping Pong table within a matter of seconds and believing it people started sharing it all across various Social media platforms making hype of this Viral footage.

Some Facts and features about video?

  • This advertisement was created by Nokia for promoting its Bruce Lee edition cell phone.
  • The link address associated with the video has .cn extension which means video has been made for Chinese market specifically.
  • If you cross check ball in this video you will find it is digitally altered. This is not same as we will find in movies and real game play.
  • And talking about Bruce lee’s pictorial, though it is very difficult to differentiate but experts will tell you that it was real one as in the dragon series of movie, fist of fury.

The video has gone viral with the name Bruce lee playing ping pong to that extent that is recorded more than 700k views in first 24 hours of upload and till now has more than 25 million views on its original official posting account on you tube with many more millions of views on other social media platforms.

Some myths that spead and there reality breakdown about this video

  • What conception people make after watching video: wow! Great Bruce lee playing ping pong with his nunchucks
  • What is the reality? – An ad made by Nokia for promotion of its N96 Bruce lee edition.
  • Advertisement making agency JWT Beijing.
  • Year created: 2008
  • Making Year -2008
  • Views till now more that 25 million views on official You-tube account

In actuality of this video is that there is an actor which is almost has same appereance as of bruce lee and he is also very good with nunchucks and it has made like that he has been doing various things with his nunchuck and his partner from other way around replicating his actions with Ping pong paddle and the ball shown in video has been added by some VFX effects.

By appointing person of same appereance and making some b and white and grainy quality of video with mastering ball movement through digital mediums JWT Beijing has created a masterpiece to make it so realistic so that it went viral, initially a 10 second of teaser footage has been leaked to hipe the market and bring attention of public toward the story behind the video and that tricked worked and it got 700k views with in a day, and after some time during the launch of its Nokia N96 Bruce lee edition company came up with full video and after that many people shared this video considering it real as Bruce lee playing pin pong with his nunchucks.

Even though the brand and advertising company JWT never mentioned about that it is real bruce lee playing pin pong with his nunchucks as Bruce lee died in 1973 and video has been made in 2008 and the science has not been that advanced to fake someone’s death to make some kind of  video. Brand and  J. Walter Thompson didn’t even think that public will take this so seriously and making advertisement more popular in comparison to the Product i.e. Nokia N96 Bruce lee edition for which this video has been shot at first place.

But the main thing which has to be considered that how many people believed this video is real? To answer that as video is in black and white and little grainy to make it old and it is not looked like a professional ping pong game likewise someone is making this video for himself. Along with that other things to be considered are the movement of ball shown in the video has been made so authentic and the actions performed by actors to answer that movement make to so realistic making people to believe it. And other factor can be the popularity of Bruce lee which make video go viral.

Final Conclusion

So conclusively we can say that video is not real and authentic. But the matter of fact knowing reality of the video would not affect your interest in the game of ping pong and that was not our purpose to do so. In reality ping pong is very much entertaining and you can spend some of your quality time enjoying this amazing game and in future if someone forward this video again you respond him by appreciating quality of ping pong game not by Bruce lee’s charisma.

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