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Butterfly 603 Review

A Table tennis racket is one of the key elements that players remain concerned about. Players always look for a perfect paddle-like Butterfly 603 to have great speed and spin in the game.

Butterfly 603 Review

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some key points which every player should look for, before buying any paddle and features of Butterfly 603 and will try to know why this is a smart choice ho have.

The professional touch –

Butterfly 603 provides good spin and great speed like a professional player in the high-level game. So this is the paddle for professionals.

It has both sides; forehand and backhand power generating designed that you can play by generating more quality shots.

Rubber –

The rubber on the surface of the paddle decides the speed and spin of the ball during the game. More soft rubber generates a better spin and firm rubber generates more speed.

The Butterfly 603 is an ITTF approved paddle. Both the surface have a wakada 2.1 mm rubber, in two colors; red and black. The quality of rubber generates great power and speed in the game.

Butterfly 603 has a different thickness of rubber for both sides. Red side it wakada 2.1 mm and on the black side, it is 1.9 mm wakada rubber. Both sides get a different speed and spin while hitting the ball.

Grip –

It has the flared handle which provides a good grip and comfort.

Wooden Part –

Wooden – This is the basic surface on which the rubber got to stick with. Wooden blade and carbon layer are important factors in the wooden surface.

These days the demand for carbon fiber layer paddle has increased. These factors decide controlling of the paddle and also the speed and spin.

The base for the rubber surface and all wooden parts of it is made of a 5-ply wooden blade with arylate carbon.

This wooden area adds more power and speed in the game.

Attraction –

When you will get your Butterfly 603 paddle, you would have a gift box. You will also get a racket cover for free to keep protect your paddle from dust, dirt, moistures, and any kind of damage.

ITTF Approved –

The International Table Tennis Federation has set the standard for all the instruments to use in the game of table tennis. Before buying a paddle a ping-pong paddle you should confirm if it fulfills those standards or not.

Basic Plus Points –

  • Great speed, control, and spin – You would get 82 of speed, 85 of control and 90 in the spin.
  • Wakada Rubber of 2.1 mm
  • 5-ply wooden blade with Arylate carbon
  • Sponge layer of 2.0
  • Great ergonomic grip.
  • Affordable and you will get a warranty too.
  • Free racket cover

Minus points –

  • The heavyweight of the thick paddle. A little bit difficult to control
  • A short length of the handle.

Overall, Butterfly 603 is a good racket to generate great power and spin in the game. Its 2.0 mm sponge layer generates more spin strikes and powerful returns.


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