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Butterfly Europa 25 Review

Written by Jenny

If you have been there to shop the table tennis tale then you might be aware of the fact that the Butterfly Europa 25 table tennis table is available at a great price and is among one of the favorite tournament tables in the market.

In this article, we will see the Butterfly Europa 25 table tennis table along with its pros and cons. We hope that by reading this article you will be having a clear view regarding the subject and will find it much easier to decide the best table for you.

Butterfly Europa 25

Let us first see the important features regarding the table tennis table. The table has a 1-inch playing surface with legs of 2 inches, 5 inches wheels, and 2 steel railings of ¾ inches. The table has a weight of 270 pounds and there is a warranty of 5 years.

This is one of the compact tables that can be stored easily. It has a depth of 6 inches and it is approved by the ITTF tournament, and you can store it anywhere easily.

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Tournament ready

It is difficult to find a suitable tournament table in the market easily. However, the Butterfly Europa 25 is the competition ready table that you can purchase easily. Since the table has a 25mm thick table top, therefore, t gives you the perfect bounce that you need with consistency. Also, you will enjoy using this table when you will be used to playing with it.

The thickness in a table tennis table is very important and you require a minimum thickness of 19 mm for getting a decent bounce.

If you are finding a table that needs serious training and has great experience then you can surely try the Butterfly Europa 25 Table tennis table which will be one of the best choices for you.

However, if you are finding some fun stuff or recreational table this will be one of the suitable and cheapest ones then this might not be the perfect one for you.


This table tennis table leans towards the play and the ability of the design. These are the most looked for features on the table tennis table. The design is simple and it will last for a long time.

The steel legs easily support the weight of your table and you can even lock them in place. The weight of the table is not too much and so you can carry it easily to the place for playing with it. The depth storage space of 6 inches is the best feature of the table.

If you are thinking of the best features then you should know that getting a table that is approved by ITTF and is compact too will the best ones.


As we know that is necessary for a table tennis table, his table also has a high-quality net available with it. If you are having a good quality table tennis table but the net is not of that good quality then it means that your playing is going to affect adversely. But thankfully this table comes up with high-quality nets.

The posts are kept at a place as it uses screw-on clamps for that and there a felt tips too. These will be preventing any scratches on the table.

There should be enough tension on the table so that you can play well.

Butterfly sells these nets and includes those in the tables too.


If you want a high-grade tournament table, then surely you have to spend a lot of money for that. And the Butterfly is one of the expensive tables that you get in the market. But if you want a table that can last a lifetime for you then no doubt this is the best one.


You have seen the features and the price of the table. You also need to know about the customer reaction on the table. The customers find it to be highly suitable and that the nets are the best to win over an opponent in the game.

If you are finding a professional table then this will function exactly like that. You might have to spend some extra money on it. This is also the best choice for recreation.


The Butterfly Europa 25 table tennis table is for both professional and competition use. If you wish to buy a table that gives you a good play at the tournaments as well as home, this is very suitable.


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