Butterfly Personal Rollaway Review

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Review
Written by Jenny

Hey, all ping pong lovers, today we have come up with another Table tennis table for you and it is ButterFly personal Rollaway ping pong table. It is priced around $400 and it competes with some of the top tables in the market like JOOLA Inside, STIGA InstaPlay, and Killerspin MyT5. The butterfly TR21 is one of the top budget ping pong tables for beginners. It has one of the top features that some other brand will offer at much higher ranges, but when it comes to its assembly, which can be the worst thing about this ping pong table.

Here in this article, we have come up with one such medium grade table tennis table by Butterfly, which is Butterfly personal rollaway. Butterfly Personal rollaway is one of the low-grade budget-friendly ping pong table available in the market, which can be very beneficial for your beginners level play, and or just as a fun element to enjoy your holidays.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Review ping pong table review

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Specifications and Features

  • It has 3/4-inch wooden tabletop with 1-1/2-inch steel railing rim and 5-inch steel legs
  • It Folds up to dimensions of 74 inches high, 27 inches wide
  • It has a fold-and-roll system with 5-inch ball bearing casters, which make it very easy to fold
  • Butterfly provides a three-year warranty


When we talk about design and frame of the table, it has a very minimalistic design, which lessens the time assemble time. Butterfly personal rollaway has been again upgraded to the new design of frames, similar as of higher-end model Butterfly easifold 19 rollaway. When we compare it with the old model it has 1-inch steel legs, which has now been upgraded to 5 inches wheels, though you can not consider them strongest one. But they are sufficient enough for holding to longer years. As this is an indoor ping pong table, hence we don’t recommend you to store it in open and wet areas. The brand has provided 3 years warranty on the table.

Tabletop/Playing Surface

It has a ¾ inch table top which is made up of wood and painted with green colour to contrast your gameplay. The tabletop frame is been supported with one and half-inch steel railing/rim which covers all around the table. This tabletop playing surface is very efficient for normal gameplay, as it is not very thick as compared to expensive and professional table tennis tables, which will provide excellent ball bounce, but in case you are a novice, you won’t even find any kind of difference. Hence, we can say that this table is best for beginners.


The most important factor, we consider while buying a table tennis table is assembly time. If you had read our articles about Stiga InstaPlay or the JOOLA Inside table reviews, you may have an idea about these tables will take around half hour to assemble. But butterfly personal rollaway table will take around close to 2 hours, which may be its drawback. But considering the price and value, it offers this factor can be tolerable. Talking about its assembly guide, there is a user manual assembling guide will be provided along with the table, but we want to request the brand Butterfly, to provide video instructions also.


The table doesn’t have that folding capability as we will find in other brands like Cornilleau and STIGA, but it does have very decent safety levers and folding ability, so that you can store it safely and securely in your house, to avoid any kind of accidents.

Other features

The best thing that we can say about this ping pong table is its price, which is around $400 and hence you are getting very best features at a price less than $500 ping pong table. The other similar kind of products comparable to it are TR21 and centrefold 25 octets, which are priced around $800, hence this table is literally value for money purchase. But if you want to have a professional kind of gameplay we recommend you to consider other options like JOOLA, STIGA and Cornilleau.

This ping pong table by Butterfly is not very durable for long term usage. Assembling time of this table is also very long, hence if you are not patient enough we would not recommend this table to you. Ball bounce is not very high quality, so if you are a professional player looking for high-end gameplay. Butterfly Personal rollaway is not the ping pong table you want. Though it comes with decent safety lever, these are not efficient enough, in case you have small children in your house. You always have to take precaution and take an eye on them, for preventing accidents.


  • Easily foldable for one-person play
  • 3-year warranty provided by Butterfly
  • Priced around $400, Good value for money
  • Fun and you can enjoy if you are a beginner


  • Assembly is not easy and takes long hours
  • Rolling it can take some effort, especially on carpet
  • Not very sturdy and durable
  • Less safety and security features


As per famous e-commerce website Amazon, it has an average rating of 3.4, which make this ping-pong table best among the budget category of less than $500  and very effective one for beginners and recreational players. It has been sturdy and decent safety features and has enough folding levers, make it a good choice as you do not have to worry about its placement any storing place. We would not recommend this product for professional ping-pong games, as it is not that sturdy built and high quality build and stable ball bounce for professional games and will disappoint you while gameplay. I hope you liked our article about the review related to the Butterfly personal Rollaway table tennis table and if you have any more queries and questions related to it please feel free to contact us.


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