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Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review

The Butterfly Tenergy is among the most popular table tennis rubbers. It is common since the year 2008 and is used by a number of professionals. This is among one of the best innovations which have been designed by the spring sponge. This is among those table tennis rubbers which have been wielded by a number of world-class table tennis.

This rubber is great for the players who wish the attacking to be of solid technique. If you are finding a rubber which is the best for your topspin game then you don’t need to look any further as you have got the best one.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review

In this article you will be able to know about this table tennis rubber in detail and whether it is fit for you or not. Let us see some of the technical details of the table tennis rubber.


  • The table tennis rubber is very delicate. And the rubber surface is required to protect it.
  • The speed is 13 and the spin is 11.5. The racket will give a full range of topspin play that is offered at the table or even able the table. Spin power is the most important feature that is higher for this tenergy table tennis rubber.
  • This rubber is a little heavy and is about 50 g in weight. The feel that it offers is medium to hard and it has a high tension technology. The tension technology helps to optimize the speed and spin of the play.
  • The uncut weight is 69 grams whereas the cut weight is 49 grams.


  • The rubber has high sensitivity.
  • The sensitivity helps you to grip the ball. And this will result in a good spin.
  • The speed is good.
  • Smashing and blocking is also very easy.
  • The short game is easy with it.


  • This table tennis rubber is not suitable for everyone. For this, you need a proper technique and you also need to be aware of the sensitivity and responsivity.
  • This is better for competent players and will not be suitable for beginners as they wont find a way to control the speed and to deal with it.
  • For beginners, the handling might be a bit difficult. For the intermediate ones, it is difficult to handle the hard sponge rubber and the throw.
  • While pushing and blocking it may be difficult to control it.
  • It is expensive.
  • The durability is low.

Now let us look at some of the features of the table tennis rubber.

This rubber has been developed through advanced technology. The use of this technology helps to enhance the performance of players.

  • Inbuilt sponge technology

The spring technology that is inbuilt in the table tennis rubber gives high elasticity and flexibility. It helps to get a high arc and a powerful stroke.

  • Rubber with high tension

This technology will help to put a spin and this will increase the performance of the ball. The rubber will play well with this feature and will even give your ball the backspin. The ability of gripping is good and it also gives a good amount of spin.

  • Service

The service of the tenergy table tennis rubber is quite a descent. And especially for the short games. The service is quite quick and it behaves too well for a fast rubber. The rubber is very popular and this is because of the spin qualities. If the contact with the ball is good then you can create a number of spins.

  • Counter spins

It provides great counter spins. If you have timed counters then it will probably help you to win a lot of games. Also, it requires a proper technique that controls the spin aa the rubber has high sensitivity. The counter spins are fast and you need only little effort and a push to roll the ball.

  • Strokes

The tenergy 05 is known for its strokes. The strokes refer to the speed that the ball can produce along with the spins. The grip is good and the sponge of the rubber helps to give good shots. These are both fast and with a lot of spins. During top-spinning, consistency will be maintained even at high speeds. So you don’t need to worry too much about the strokes as your rubber will respond in a good way.

You need to be relaxed as the rubber will have a lot of propulsion. And you don’t need a lot of power to generate high speeds.

Some of the reviews after testing the product are:

  • The rubber is very bouncy.
  • The spin is sensitive and high.
  • If you want both power and spin, this is the best.
  • It is fast and the controls are less.


The tenergy has been reviewed by a number of players and it is found to be the best rubber for spins. It has good consistency and is highly advanced.


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