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Butterfly Timo Boll Space Saver 22 Reviews

Butterfly Timo Boll Space Saver 22
Written by Jenny

Are you aware of the Timo Ball space saver 22 table tennis table? Well, you can go through the information that is given below. This is regarded as the little brother to the Centerfold 25 table. It does not require any assembly and is also having a slim fold design. The tale is 3 mm thin and it meets all the standards that are set by the ITTF.

It is highly suitable for tournaments and clubs as well as the games room. It has a 5-year warranty that is sufficient. Moreover, we also find that the users can enjoy the playing conditions that it offers.

The table tennis table offers high-quality bounces and we also see that it has a 7/8 inches top with a good grip. The frame of this tale is sturdy and is also very durable. The steel legs are 11/8 inches. If you are folding this ping pong table then you will find that it is easily foldable and the wheels help in the easy movement of this.

The safety lock mechanism of the table makes it easy ad safe while the locking wheels will ensure that it does not move while you have to play.

The top of the tale is 22mm in length is scratch proof and is also protected by the PVC band. It also has a strong steel rim of 2 inches. You can level the top using the height adjusters. You can enhance your playing experience with the National League Table tennis set.

If you fold the table it has the dimensions 60”, 63”, 19” whereas when it is unfolded then it has the dimensions 9’, 5’, and 30’.

Butterfly Timo Boll Space Saver 22 Reviews

The table brand was founded 60 years ago. The founder of the brand was Hikosuke Tamasu. The butterfly is one of the well-known brands whenever we discuss the Table Tennis Tables, rackets as well as table tennis accessories. As it is one of the premium table tennis brands it uses modern technology for the creation of high-performance equipment. These are for different level players that are intermediate, beginner, and advanced.

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For 40 years the brand has established its importance in North America and set its importance so that it can be renowned in the world. This rand is one of the best-known table tennis brands that are available and this is seen recognized by the players of all skills that are casual to advance. Whether you want a ping pong table or accessories, the Butterfly Company has everything for you.

Features of the Butterfly Timo Ball space saver table:

  • This table is regulation size
  • The table is supported with the undercarriage
  • The tabletop is made f wood and is 7/8 inches
  • The steel rail is 2 inches and ¾ inches
  • There are rubber wheels of 3 inches which can be locked
  • There is a safety lock feature as well
  • This set is approved by the IIFT
  • The feet are adjustable
  • The playback position is not available with this table set.


  • The overall dimensions of the table tennis table are 1008, 60, 30 inches
  • The weight is 215 pounds
  • The shipping weight is 240 lbs

The assembly is required to set up the table.

Some More features and specifications regarding the table:

  • This table is approved by the IITF which makes it high quality and suitable according to the standards.
  • The table is assured with the professional quality
  • The assembly is required.
  • The bounce it provides is consistent and therefore it can be used for institutions as well as game rooms.
  • The table can be easily folded and kept in small spaces for easy storage. You can easily store one or more tables compactly.
  • The set comes with the professional net
  • The color of the table is grey
  • It is made of wood and has a thickness of 7/8 inches
  • The legs are made using steel
  • There is a safety lock feature available and the table does not offer the playback position.
  • There is no accessory holder available with it.
  • Has a good warranty period.


Overall the product is good and has a lot of good features that will be liked by the customers. But we see that the users need to assemble it by themselves and it might take a few minutes to set it up.

The users can go through the details that are mentioned above and shop the table to get the best playing experience.


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