Butterfly Viscaria vs Stiga Carbonado

Butterfly Viscaria vs Stiga Carbonado
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Are you aware of the best-selling blades for table tennis? Well, in this article you will get to know about two of these and how beneficial these are.

Moreover, you will also get to know about the comparison between the two and the best one that you can select for yourselves. Thus, you can read ahead and know the features of both picks.

Butterfly Viscaria

The first and foremost thing that the users need to see about Viscaria is that it is really fast. It is difficult for some to control as these move very fast. The weight of this blade is 90 grams and the handle is concave in shape. The speed can be adjusted. The hardness of the table tennis blade is medium and it has test rubbers of Tenergy 05.

The design of this pick is pretty cool and you will find that the dark and the light blue color go really well with the table and make it appear quite suitable.

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While counter-driving using this blade users will feel that it has a lot of power. It is not as stiff as the users might expect it to be but it appears to be medium-hard.

From the backside of the blade, it appears to be stable touch and it might lack little control in some cases. The inter force is also fast and harder to control for some people.


Using this blade the block feels very different and we see that it helps to give a certain amount of pressure on the opponent. It is easy to get the ball in various directions and place it where the users want to.

Short serves:

The serves felt great while playing with this blade. With this blade the serves are good and they also help in providing the spinny serves in the dwell time. Some people might even get disappointed with this one when it is a short game because they might not get good control over it as they would like to.

The offensive pushes with the blade are great and we find that it also tries to return some of the spinny serves.

Mid distance:

For this particular criteria, we feel that the blade is super cool. IT is fast and it also helps in getting good control over the game. The blade is very well suitable for advanced players. This blade is also recommended for players who prefer offensive games. Except for the design, this pick is awesome and it provides good control and speed as well.

To check out the key points related to the Carbonado, read ahead.

Stiga Carbonado

The weight of this pick is 93 grams, thickness is 5.87, it has a straight handle and the speed is also great.

The carbonado 190 blade is one of the best and it is quite suitable for those who prefer to keep the pressure on the opponent. The weight is optimum and it does not feel so heavy on the hands. The rubbers on the blade also seem to be perfectly used.

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Some counter drives are used for this one and it is seen that it helps achieve a great balance between power as well as control. It is fast as well as stiff and this is one of the best parts about this. Every stroke of this blade feels alike and when you begin to loop away from the table you can genuinely feel the power that this generates. With the Tenergy 05, the players can generate the topspin loop and also have great control over the ball even if it is under pressure.

Block and counter-attack:

Blocking through this blade feels alike as it feels with playing with the Infinity VPS but you can get used to the difference very quickly.

The Carbonado helps in generate the spin and the speed just through the opponent’s power and it generates constant pressure on the opponent. This blade is very well suitable for those players who want a flat trajectory.

Short serves:

This blade provides the best service to those who wish to have a short game. With the Tenergy 05 rubbers, this can help in getting good control over the short game. It can also help in achieving the low spin serves and returns as well.

Mid distance:

This blade helps in providing good pressure when playing at a mid-distance and since it has a good spot, therefore, the users can easily place the ball at the desired place. The main goal of the players while playing the game is to keep the pressure along with the table and play a little fast than the opponent.

Since the blade has a lot of speed the trajectory is flat and it provides pressure on the opponent too.


We see that both the picks are great and this blade is recommended as it is much better than the other one as it provides, speed, sturdiness, and pressure as well. The impression that carbonado has on the players is uneatable. Moreover, we also see that it is a special one and provides service worth the price. Moreover, Stiga is a well-known brand and would prove to be quite suitable.

Thus, the users should preferably go for the Stiga Carbonado but the Butterfly is also one of the best picks.


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