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Cornilleau 510 PRO Outdoor Table Review

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Written by Jenny

This ping pong table is created for commercial use. There are a number of tables that are available. This table is an outdoor table tennis table which has an industrial design and it can withstand weather and use from the players.

Cornilleau 510 PRO Review

Let us see some of the features with our review of Cornilleau 510 PRO Outdoor table tennis table. Some of the important ones are listed below:

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Frame design

The most important aspect of the Cornilleau 510 PRO Outdoor  table is the stylish leg design. The steel frame is 2 ¼ inches ad is resistant to corrosion. This is the reason for its high purchases and uses for recreation. These tables have no sign of wear and tear. The corner protection of the pads is great and there is not an issue with the safety. This is because the table does not fold for storage or the playback mode.

The design of the table is an open frame and the metal pieces that are used on the table are not sharp enough to hurt anyone. Still, parents should take the utmost care of their children and small kids go underneath the table to play.


The assembly of the table is not so difficult and there are very minimal parts that are attached to the curved legs of the table. It is important that you protect the table by doing all your work then flip it down after that. By doing this you can secure the table by fixing its system.


The tabletop is laminated with a 7mm resin. The top f the table is hard and it gives good bounce to the table. The ITTF gives approves the table which means that the table is really good and suitable. This is the best table for competition and you can use it in the tennis clubs, schools, and the tournaments. The bounce of the table is perfect although you see that the wind might have an effect on it.


This table does not need storage as it designed to be kept outdoors throughout the year, no matter in what conditions you keep it. Instead of storing it, you can buy a cover if you want to protect it from dirt. That would be a better option.

There is a steel net with the table tennis table and it will last for a lifetime. Most of the people use this table for their resorts or the parks. The net will make playing conditions more fun. The steel net that the table uses might hit the top and may not let you play with all the ease. You can, therefore, adjust the table according to your convenience.

There is a ball holder too along with it for the storage purpose. There are ball dispensers which are very convenient and easy to use.


  • It has a clean and elegant design.
  • It can be used for parties and gatherings.
  • The surface is laminated and there is a matt finish on the top.
  • The material is weather-resistant and you can use it for a decade or more.


  • The price of the table is high and might not be too convenient for the users.
  • People might be using these tables for resorts, parks, community centers which include large traffic.
  • It might not be only for residential purposes and that it cannot be folded.


The table is of high quality and has great features. The users can use it for competitions and tournaments too. Also, the price might be more but the features sum it up.


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