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Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Written by Rakel

Finally, my search for the perfect Outdoor TT Table ended with Cornilleau. I would like to write the detailed review of Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor TT Table:

Made with the finest quality of the material. Earlier, on the basis of the images, I was feeling a little dicey about the life of it. But after receiving the same, all of my doubts got dissipated. The material used to manufacture this table sounds solid and I’m pretty sure about the long lasting life of it. I don’t think that rain or sunlight is going to impact it.

Setting up and assembling this outdoor table tennis table doesn’t sound like a rocket science to me. You can very easily work on its folding operation. It comes up with four sets of the two-fold large wheels at each corner. With the help of these wheels, you can move this table tennis table not even on the floors but also on the grass and dirt. You can fold and unfold it anytime and move it as per your choice.

Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor Table Tennis Table 

Do not worry a little bit about its wavering while playing the ping pong. Its set up is totally stirred and gives you an awesome gaming experience. When I had assembled it completely, I realised that there is no scope to have any doubt about the durability of this table tennis table.

The most amazing thing I have observed in this Outdoor Table Tennis Table is its well-furnished corners. They are designed and furnished by keeping in mind all the aspects of safety and protection of the players.

Cornilleau’s TT Table is giving an awesome bounce and there are hidden ball holders on the underside of each end. The ball dispensers are available right below the table which gives you the extra ball instantly rather than chasing the previous ball each time. I loved it.

Its surface is pretty cool with the anti-glare finishing which doesn’t create any kind of hindrance while concentrating on your game.

  • It has the adjustable legs, with the help of which you can raise or lower the table according to your requirement. It can be raised to a height which is pretty enough for the taller players or players playing on wheelchairs

While making the decision to buy Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor Table Tennis Table, you may be in dilemma with the price but its price is worth to invest in. The long-lasting quality material and design will make you smile. In fact, the makers itself are providing the warranty of 10 years. Another dilemma you may have about its heavyweight, but it is the real reason behind the perfect stability this Table Tennis Table is offering to its most satisfied users. You may find another petty issue by reading some of the reviews that it comes up in unassembled form. But as shared earlier, assembling it is not a rocket science so you should ignore such negative fact from the scratch. 

  • The final conclusion: If you are looking for one-time buying option then Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor Table Tennis Table is the smartest choice due to the features shared above. But in case you are concerned about the budget then have a thought that you are investing in quality rather than just spending your money on a product.
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  • Cornilleau Sport 500m Final Conclusion 

    If you are looking for one-time buying option then Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor Table Tennis Table is the smartest choice due to the features shared above.

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