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5 Best Designer Ping Pong Tables

Written by Jenny

When you have the wish to practice game regularly but do not have ample space at home to keep a separate ping pong table, along with other equipment, then you need a solution for this situation in the form of a stylish ping pong table.

Seeing this condition and regular increasing demand for the stylish looking ping pong tables, the builders and manufacturers are creating different styled tables which can make your home look an interesting place. Also, your friends and guests will love the corner of your house with this nice addition. The average ones are now not pulling that much crowd as luxurious looking tables are convertible and can be used for other purposes.

Top 5 Designer Ping Pong Tables

So here we will be suggesting a few nice stylish ping pong tables that are available around the corner.

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1. Barrington Fremont Indoor Table Tennis table

When you see a ping pong table and do feel like showing it off to your friends and guests, then you must have bought a Barrington Fremont table which is an artistic piece of furniture. We are pretty sure that after buying this, you will surely love to throw a party and make all the invitees jealous.

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  • Table thickness – 15 mm
  • Top material – wood
  • Dimension – 108” x 60” x 30”


The finest of the Barrington Fremont table comes in assembled condition, so no need for tools, or labor. You can put this together within a few minutes and start playing. The user-friendly guideline or manual provides the instructions detailed in steps. There is a premium set of net and clip posts available with this product so you can start the game on the day it reaches your place.

The table tennis board is of premium quality. The finest solid wood has been used in making the tabletop. It enhances the gaming skill of the players as well as makes the table as sturdy as furniture. The look it carries makes your rec-room ready family member’s party.

The durability of the table is also outstanding. It will last you years so the price, which is a bit on the higher side, will be worth it. The finish of this Barrington Fremont table is sleek and modern. It comes with hardwood finish and the smooth surface is pretty great for the bounce of the balls. The games between friends on recreational purposes will be sorted on this table. The solid wood playfield coated body comes with a black matt finish. The sober look along with the sturdy built makes it a nice combination of utility and beauty.

The wooden legs of this table are easily bolted and it holds the top with firmness. You can never expect the table to fall or wobble while playing, or even having dinner. The structure of the table is securely held by the strong legs. No drilling is needed so there is no chance of tumbling the table down at any moment.

There are options for replacing the parts which make sense. After-sales service is heartily provided by the manufacturers. There is a 90 days warranty from the manufacturers so you can trust this product for quality and longevity.


  • Nice wooden make
  • Sturdy built
  • Bouncy top
  • Sophisticated black finish


  • Heavyweight
  • High Priced

2. Airzone 3 in 1 gaming table

There are few tables which allow you to play the game of billiard as well as ping pong. So this product from Airzone is a nice addition to those multitasking table’s list.

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  • Pool cue – 58”
  • Table size – 7’
  • Overall height5 – 32.1”
  • Drop pocket height – 6”
  • Surface thickness -0.75”
  • Built – multi-ply


This Airzone 3 in 1 gaming table is great for any indoor table games, be it pool, or ping pong.  The dining top is included with this table which will help you to convert the table into a dining one. You can arrange the house parties when this table will come really handy.  Dark woodgrain finish on the frame makes it a classy product.

This is not a lightweight table. There are certain accessories available with the package of this table like 3 table tennis balls and 2 table tennis paddles. Also, there are two cue sticks included. It is built with strong MDF billiard ply so it offers a smooth surface for the games like pool or table tennis.  There is a drop pocket attached to this table which is made of plastic.

You will get the two-piece tabletop as mentioned earlier and on the flip side, you will be able to play the table games. The users find it fitted even to the smaller places which is a benefit for the small apartment owners.

It comes partially assembled so you can do the rest by following the instruction manual with the help of basic tools like screwdriver and wrench. There is space for playing for 2 adult people but since the height is not really much, kids or teens can play on it too.

There is 90 days warranty on this product but it does not cover commercial use.


  • Multi-purpose table
  • Nice make
  • Accessories included
  • Two tops


  • Partially assembled
  • Not high enough

3. Joola Tour Regulation Size Foldable table

Now we are discussing one of the most famous brands among table tennis builders, Joola, which has already claimed its fame for being the maker of Olympic level tables.

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  • Dimension of tabletop – 5’ x 3’
  • Steel legs – 4”
  • Wheels – 3”


The Joola Tour Regulation foldable table tennis table is made of MDF ply and the fiberboard comes with a multi-layer and the surface comes with blue paint. It looks and feels quite stylish and offers fun-filled playing experience for the indoor. The wood composite surface offers enough bounce and you will get ample fun while playing on this table.

The table comes in 95% preassembled condition and thus you do not need to spend much time and energy on the assembly. The frame is sleek and it can be separated into two halves, making it a great storage item. There is 1.2-inch apron and sturdy steel legs to make this table stand on any uneven surface. The adjustable rubber feet of the table with thick steel legs make it a nice buy.

Folding it into half makes it easy for solo playing as well as great for storage and portability.

There is a dual safety anti-tilting locking feature which makes the table stand on its legs peacefully. Not only for the playing situation but also for the storage situation, this feature makes it safe. The net and post set is included in this package so you do not have to buy these accessories. There is adjustable height levelers with the legs which makes the legs fitted for people of any height.

This Joola Tour Regulation table is USATT approved so you can get the feel of championship playing when practicing on this table.


  • USATT approved
  • Clamp-on style
  • MDF tabletop
  • Consistent bounce
  • Foldable


  • Entry-level only

4. District Eight Indoor table

This is a beautiful multifunctional table for indoor use. The District Eight products are always quite favored by the users, so you can expect a nice product in the form of this indoor table.


  • Tabletop thickness – 25 mm
  • Overall dimension – 108” x 70” x 30”
  • Top Material – wood
  • Balls included -2
  • Legs -4


District Eight Indoor table is equally workable for office and home use. There are paddles and balls from the same brand available with this table, which save quite a few bucks. The leather net and paddles available with this table are free accessories. It is easy to disassemble this table so if you need to carry it too far off places then that is easy by disassembling it. This is not a foldable table so you cannot fold it while carrying.

This is a lightweight table so you can take it to another room or outside, but this is basically an indoor table so it will last longer if you use it for indoor matches. The design is from a classic French factory and modern aesthetic sense is imbibed into this table. The surface is made from hard fumes oak and thus you will get ample bounce with a smooth feel. The pedestal based design of the table stands steadily and makes the game more enjoyable.

There are always great customer service people to support you after you have bought this product. You do not get the height adjustability factor in this table but that is not a big issue as the regular height of this table makes it quite fine to be played by people of different heights.


  • Oak fumed top
  • Pedestal based design
  • Accessories included
  • Sturdy design


  • No single-player mode
  • No height adjustability

5. You and Me Indoor/Outdoor table

This is truly a multitasking unit, you can use it as a buffet table, conference table, or ping pong table. You can put this table in an office space or at a rec-room, to see it fulfill many purposes easily.


  • Overall dimension – 71” / 87” / 108” x 39.4” / 47” / 60” ( three size options available)
  • Thickness of top – 1.8”
  • Balls included – 6
  • Paddles included – 2
  • Net included -1
  • Legs – 4


The brand is originated in Spain. This great table from You and Me offers multiple functionalities. It is a nice structure adjusted with a thick and smooth tabletop. You will get plenty of bounce as well as the strength of wood. The surface, design, and structure make this table one of the best product and it will be fitted to any purpose and in any room.

As it is modern in look and versatile in functionality, you will love to grab this table at a pocket-friendly price. There are ample accessories offered with this table, from the net to paddle to the ball, you will get anything that is asked for a game of table tennis to start. Also, you will get 2 table halves which can be later used if the present top gets damaged.

You cannot fold this table, neither is there the feature of leg height adjustability. But you can use it at any place and it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use at the same time. The top of the table is laminated with synthetic material which ensures that weathering will not affect its bounce or smoothness.


  • Metal frame
  • Well constructed
  • Durable
  • Nice design


  • Softwood top
  • Not foldable

Uses of Designer Ping Pong Tables

  • You can use these modern-looking ping pong tables into dining tables or reading tables. All the accessories can be put inside the drawer of the table. So you do not have to search for the net, paddles or balls when you suddenly plan to play a game of ping pong on a weekend evening.
  • Along with having the ping pong game you can arrange for a large dinner party. These tables can be used as a dinner buffet place too.
  • Also, you can use the table to create the workstation, especially when you are stuck at home and doing all the office work from home during this pandemic situation.


Now in many modern households, there is not enough space to create a playroom. But your game practicing should not be hurdled due to this scenario. You can get a nice looking table which will be converted to a stylish table for other purposes. Also if it looks stylish, then it will add a gorgeous touch to the interior or your house with its glamorous look.




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