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Difference Between Ping Pong and Table Tennis

Written by Jenny

The general table tennis game is also called ping pong ball game. The process and the equipment are the same and thus it is normal to think that the games are actually one game with two different names. The perception makes the games different.  We look at table tennis as a serious game and are a competitive one whereas we look at ping pong for some time pass or fun. Kids at home can play ping pong on the weekends and on the rainy days when they cannot go out to play. Table tennis championships are held and tournaments are played all over the world.


The name ping pong has originated from China, and this is a funnier and quicker version of table tennis.

But both are actually not the same game. So here we will be offering the way on how the two games are different, actually:

Differences Between Ping Pong and Table Tennis:

  • For ping pong game you need a long flat table, with a net in the middle, a ball that is perfect and sandpaper bat. To play table tennis you need a table of standard size and the bats are of many varieties with good and great grips. The table tennis blades come from the different world-famous brand. So you can say that the game of ping pong is more about skills while table tennis is about the right and best equipment with great skills.
  • Ping pong is undoubtedly a slower-paced game. Table tennis deals with fast pace rallies and quite a high amount of spins which means speed plays a crucial role in the later game.
  • While playing table tennis the ball needs to be thrown from more than six inches up from the open hand. The ball then should hit the baseline of the table. This rule does not apply to the game of ping pong, as serves are normally hit straight out of the hand and the ball can be bounced on the table.
  • In the case of table tennis, till 11 points are scored, the game goes on. Players are allowed to serve two times at one chance. But in time of traditional ping pong matches, the 21 point format is used. Each player gets fives serves at one time.
  • Other than regular singles and doubles matches, ping pong can be played in various other variations. Rundlauf is one such variety. The word means roundtable. This game format has been originated in Germany. The format allows a longer group to play ping pong at the same time. Two teams of players from two queues play the game in an anti-clockwise manner around the table. The first member serves the ball if each team and then the next player take the turn. If the ball is hit before moving then a point will be lost. Otherwise, it will be going back to the queue. The point is lost and the person will be eliminated from the game and his team will have a loss of a life. In table tennis there is no such rule or rundlauf is applied.


Many serious table tennis players do not like the game to be called ping pong anymore. This is rather justified as the name ping pong gives the wrong impression about the game, as it seems the game is for light fun, which is not true for serious table tennis game. The ping pong community has accepted the game to be a less formal version of table tennis. They are more aware of the fun side of the game and it is an item of social get together. The game of ping pong is also free from scoring and the critical part of the rules and regulations.


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