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DONIC Waldner Classic 25 Table Tennis Review

The table tennis table which is of world-class quality and a nice pretty look is, none other than, Donic Waldner Classic Table Tennis table. This is an IITF approved completion level tableland it offers pretty good bounce to the regular Table tennis players. This one is to offer the practising experience for the players who wish to win the top-level competition.

DONIC Waldner Classic 25 Features:

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  • This is a TTIF approved table which is of competition level.
  • The top is 25 mm and so the bounce it will provide will be ample and great for a professional level player.
  • The nice blue colour of the tabletop makes it look pretty and smart.
  • The legs come with height adjustability feature so you can set this table at any corner of your house. Also, it can be set at any uneven surface.
  • The steel tube made undercarriage is sturdy, so you can expect this table to last long and to get the value of your money back.
  • The blue-coated improved lacquer frame makes the table looks steady and also it makes the table weatherproof. It does not let the undercarriage corroded or rusted.
  • The table can be folded, which makes it easy to store and move. The four wheels attached with the legs make the sliding and moving the table even easier.
  • The price-performance ratio for this Donic Waldner Classic table is perfect. You will get the proper value for money for this product.
  • The brand is from Germany and the reputation that they have earned is quite justified. So you can expect a nice product from a renowned brand.
  • The solid, long-lasting automatic table comes with great construction.
  • Each of the halves of this table can stand on its own and it is much steady.
  • The safety locking system of the table is there to support the structure when you are playing your game. This makes sure that the table does not wobble in between the games. The security standard of the table is never hampered.
  • When the table is folded in one half, then you can play solo. This playback mode is a nice way to practice your game without the company of other players. You can play solo and spend a nice summer afternoon with yourself playing table tennis.
  • The bounce and consistency of the table are of competition level. You will be effectively playing the game of table tennis and polish your gaming skill.
  • The table comes with a high quality Donic net set. The accessory is necessary and as it is already available with this table you do not have to buy it additionally.
  • The table comes partly assembled and you have to manage the rest on your own. The process is not much complicated though. The net and post set only needed to be inserted before you can start playing on this table.


  • IITF approved quality
  • Good bounce
  • Strong undercarriage
  • Leg levellers
  • Wheels with caster locks
  • Solo playing facility with one half
  • Foldable so easy storage
  • Nice blue colour
  • 1-year warranty
  • Reputed brand of manufacturer


  • Needs assembly
  • heavyweight


Users are mostly happy with the product. The price of this table is not sky high and so you will get a good product at a budget price. Users also have acclaimed that the spin and bounce of the table is smooth and fast. You will learn the techniques of playing like a pro if you buy this table for practicing the game of table tennis regularly. The separate stable automatic undercarriage makes the table safe and reliable.

You can keep this table at home as it does not need much space for storage. With the help of wheels and folding capacity, it can be easily stored anywhere at the home. German engineering has made it a smart looking and long-lasting product. You will be able to use this table for years to come. It can be used for a tournament at any corner of the world, as the quality of the table is great for any championship. So this table is a great choice for both home and club use.


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