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Donic Waldner Premium 30 Review

Written by Jenny

Buying an IITF approved table tennis table makes you smart enough to handle the professional opponents on the championship table tennis matches. So it is a great idea to buy Donic Waldner Premium 30 table to be prepared professionally.

This Germany made table is great in functionality and will help you to become a trained table tennis player.

Donic Waldner Premium 30

The beginners who are yet to gain the confidence to play in the championship games will be able to enjoy playing table tennis on Donic Waldner Premium 30 table.

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  • Top thickness – 300mm surface
  • Weight – 280 lbs
  • Undercarriage – 60×40 mm
  • Frame – 60 mm
  • Color options – green and blue


The table is solid in structure as it comes with extremely sturdy undercarriage made of rectangle steel tube. It will let the table stay in its place and will not erode fast with weathering. This long-lasting construction has made the table one of the most favourite tables for the seasoned players of this game. The robust built of this table helps it to be a well-constructed one and thus, is much longer-lasting. Use of steel is perfect to accompany such a well-constructed table.

The surface of the table is pretty wide, as mentioned in the specs. So you can get ample space to play the game confidently. The bounce it provides to the ball is perfect and consistent. You will not lose the bounce with time.

The foldable legs of the Donic Waldner Premium 30 table are made of round steel tubing. These are properly fitted to make the table stable and strong. As these are equipped with easily movable wheels with brake, the table can be moved to any place inside the room or any smoother surface. The wheels have brakes so you can keep the table stay in one place while you are playing on it.

No need to be worried about the security or skidding of the table due to the presence of wheels. The safety locking system helps you when you have kids or pets around you while you are playing, as the table will not wobble if the kids or pets get collided with it. Also, the height adjustability of the legs makes the table compatible with the players of all sizes.

You get this table in party assembled state within a carton, but the assembly of it does not call for much technical knowledge. It is pretty simple and fast to be assembled. The weight of this table is not much so you can call it a moderate product when it comes to weight. Also, the weight of the table makes it a sturdy one which helps you when you are placing in on any rough surface of your garden or backyard.

The table can be separated into two halves. This is a boon when you need to keep it stored inside your garage or any small place. Keeping it folded will help you to move it as well. Also, you can only fold one half and play in the solo playback mode. This is a must as most of the days we hardly get anyone to play with us. On those days you can easily keep practicing.

The tabletop apron makes it a stylish table, as it comes in a blue or green variety. Both the colours are quite sporty and make nice equipment for the club or patio. It looks perfectly blended with any kind of interior and exterior. The flair present in the table makes it an attractive addition to the room or ground.


  • IITF approved
  • Good bounce
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Foldable
  • Wheels with locks


  • Party assembled
  • Heavyweight


This Donic Waldner Premium 30 table is for the players who wish to upgrade their gaming skill. It offers enough bounce for the world-class players and also it is sturdy enough to hold all the forceful hits and drives of world-class players. It is not a funky product, so it weighs much more than its competitors.

But that should be counted as a positive aspect, as weighty tables are good for lasting long and facing harsh effects of weathering better. The weight also is not an issue for moving the table to whichever place you like as there are wheels to support your effort. It can be easily placed in any place and wheels can be locked.


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