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Goplus 54” Foosball Table Review

Table football also called as soccer is also one of the very famous games that you might get to play today. This game has been originated in North America and has become very popular since then. In this game what you basically need to do is that use the rods and move the ball towards the opponent side. The rules of this game might change from country to country. The game is played as a casual one but can even play at a competitive level.

There are a number of foosball tables available in the market and online. But not all are so suitable. Some of the tables might disappoint you as some of their parts might rust. But you won’t find this issue in the table that we are going to discuss in the below article. The section of the article will involve features and specification along with the pros and cons of the Goplus 54” foosball table.

Goplus 54” Foosball Table

The manufacturer of the table has put in great efforts. This is because he has developed the table with strong rustproof steel rods. There are leg levellers available with the table. These are oversized. This will make your table stable and also improve its appearance by making it attractive.

The rods of the table is available with the slide bearings. If you are finding a table for foosball then you need to go for the Goplus 54” table as it is the best. This table has tear and wear-resistant surface which makes it best for the tournament and tough games. The long compound coating makes it very strong and sturdy.

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The design of the table is very sleek and it has soccer balls, with goals. There is a scorer which helps you to play an excellent game. There are non-slip handles which control the balls. There are eight rows and 4rows are occupied by each team. There are 13 black and ivory players. There is a scoring device too.

Goplus 54” Foosball Table Description

This is a very suitable and fun foosball table, that you must have in your game room. This table has been designed for competitive players. This will help you be entertained for a long time. There is a lustre coating on the surface that protects your surface from scratches. You can play it aggressively and defeat your players.

There is a bushing system that lets you spin the rods and slide them easily. With this table, you get the perfect opportunity so that you can defeat your opponent. There is a bead style scoring that helps you in keeping track of your scores and there are oversized leg levellers that help you in having suitable gameplay. The table is of 54” and there are two foosballs.

Goplus 54” Foosball Table Features

Let us now look at some of the features of the table:

  • There is luster long coating on the surface which makes it shine and also resist the wear and tear.
  • There is a rod bushing that gives high-performance spin. The oversized leg levellers will maintain your play.
  • The material used is MDF frame steel rods, the polo shirts are black and white in colour.
  • The dimensions are 53.5” in length, 30.5” in width, 35” in height.
  • The weight of the table is 72 lbs.
  • With the product, you get 1 foosball which you need to assemble, 8 steel rods, 13 players white in colour, 13 players black in colour with 2 footballs.

This table is from a very well known brand that is Goplus. It is among one of the top brands that you get in the market. The table has an MDF construction and there are leg levellers that help to keep the table stable and flat.

  • The table is friction less since it is coated with scratch-resistant coating.
  • The players are placed across the steel rods. There is a ball collector and a scoring device for your convenience.

Some of the important segments:

  • There are oversized leg levellers
  • Coated surface
  • Steel rods that make the table sturdy
  • Slide bearings
  • Ball collector and a scorer
  • The solid structure


  • Frictionless surface
  • The surface is resistant to scratches
  • The rods rotate and slide smoothly
  • Fun and entertaining game
  • Stays flat


  • Some users do not receive the L brackets required for assembly.
  • Steel rods are not reversible.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • The table is strong, attractive and functional.
  • Improper assembly
  • Fun and entertaining game.

Important points

  • Follow the instructions and assemble the table easily.
  • You need to be sure that the connections are tight.
  • You need to keep the foosball away from children under 3 years of age.


The table helps you to play easily and have fun. This will not let you get bored and you can spend a great time playing it. You just need to focus a bit on the assembly and rest all is good.


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