Harvard Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

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The brand Harvard is doing great business in the US and thus you can say that this is a trustworthy brand who is selling quality sports products. They have a ping pong table, paddle and much other merchandise.

Harvard Ping Pong Paddle

The manufacturing brand is set in Cambridge. They have always sorted for a personal way to reach to their clients. There are various products which they manufacture and most of them are quite good in quality. In 1950 their products were selected for US National.

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The ping pong paddle from Harvard is a good buy, and we will discuss why.


  • The Harvard ping pong paddle is of vintage quality as the brand is reigning over the table tennis products for a very long time.
  • The wooden handle of the blade associates it with great potential. The strength it will offer is good for the professional players who like to hit the strokes with full force.
  • The competition line red and black rubber face makes the Harvard ping pong paddle look smart and solid. It is a high-grade product and will offer a suitable structure for the games on championships.
  • The paddle comes with a smart cover which keeps it protected from dust and weathering. This is secured by zipping so the paddle will be covered fully and will remain safe within it.
  • The longevity of the product is great, it will last you a few seasons easily.
  • The height of the paddle is 10 1/8” which is good for serving backhand or forehand shots.
  • The quality of the wood is good and that is why you will feel the force to work upon the ball when it will touch the pad.
  • The grip is good and if you use a superior quality rubber with this paddle then there will be no issue on the holding capacity of the ball.
  • The Harvard ping pong paddle is tournament graded which shows the trust of professionals on this paddle. The width and thickness of the paddle are good for the players of championship games.
  • The pad is not cheap and it will not peel off easily.
  • The flat blade offers great bounce and the top of the line rubber makes it good in delivering spin, balance and grip.
  • You can play full ranged strokes with Harvard ping pong paddle. The reverse rubber has pips-in style allow you to play any kind of shorts with much ease.
  • You can put your skill to best use and the manufacturer are determined to provide you with the best quality output with passion and persistence.


  • Competition level quality
  • Nice smart look in red and black
  • Zipped cover available
  • Strong wooden handle
  • Wide blade
  • Great bounce and spin
  • Perfect height for all kind of strokes


  • Heavyweight


You should be clear about the playing style and only then you will be able to buy the right kind of paddle for yourself. The Harvard ping pong paddle is great in potential and strength. It will work compatibly with almost all the level of players. It is somehow a bit heavyweight and that is the reason for the force behind the strokes that can be produced with this paddle.

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