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Harvard Ping Pong Table Review

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Looking for one of the best Ping Pong table available in the market? Are you looking forward to making your table tennis experience more amazing? If YES then Harvard Ping Pong Table is one of the best options you can trust upon.

As we knew the fact that, the surface of a table tennis table holds a special place as per its usage, and hence the cover of Harvard ping pong table is being designed and developed from high-quality materials to provide you extremely safe experience. Here we are providing in depth review and well used and tested harvard ping pong table that you can get today with best price.

One of the most critical aspects of the thickness of the table is that it helps the users in determining the bounce quality of the ball.

If you are thinking to buy a ping pong table you should consider three basic things space to play you have, your level of the game, and your budget. Harvard ping pong table is good for entry-level players as it takes laser space and comes under budget.

Harvard Ping Pong Table In depth Review

Better will be the width of the ping pong table, more will be the cost it would have.

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So, if you are looking for one of the most beautiful pieces of art then get ready to pay a little more than that of the normal range.




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Harvard Ping Pong

Bat Inside Table Tennis Table Ping Pong Net

This beautiful ping pong table by Harvard is a combo pack of various amazing features that has made it one of the on-demand products available in the market.

Should You buy The Harvard ping pong table?

We recommend this table to those who are under budget of $300 but if you would like to spent additional $100 you can go for alternative we have listed to have a better ping pong table.

If you are ok with the bounce quality then we can give you reasons to have it, first, the table has good safety and sturdy features as it has 1-inch steel self-opening legs and caster wheels of 2 inch. There shouldn't be any issue of super large ping pong wheels as it is for not an outdoor play.

This one of the best ping pong table comes up with 1” steel self-opening legs that offer it an extreme sturdiness and strength and hence offers you enhanced durability at an affordable price range. The tabletop of this amazing product is a folding playback product that enables it to easily port along with you and hence you can practice on your own without having any disturbance.

Harvard  Table Tennis Table 

 The height of the table top is ½” that is pretty good as a comparison to other ones available in the market at this price tag. One more thing you can easily fold the product into a package of 75” * 60” * 19” and hence easy to carry along with you where ever you want. Adding more to its amazing features, the presence of 2” double wheel casters make it extremely portable product in the market that you can quickly move around as per your desire and convenience.


  • High-quality construction material: Harvard Ping Pong table is one of the most excellent ping pong tables present in the market today that are being designed and developed to provide the best experience to the users. The table is extremely safe to use for the more extended period and hence the best one to purchase for the practice of your own at a very affordable price range.
  • Easy portability: Easy portability is one of the other things that make it one of the most demanded products available in the market. You can easily fold the table top into a small package and store and carry it as per your choice and convenience. Just pack it into a lower case and store it anywhere you want.
  • Highly durable: Each of the table tennis players surely love to have the most excellent product that you can easily use for a more extended period and taking hence taking all of your expectations under considerations. Harvard Ping Pong table is being well designed and developed to provide you long-lasting results that you ever had. The legs of this table tennis are being extended from self-opening steel that offers it high durability.
  • Comfortable affordable: Who doesn’t want to have a product that comes up in a smaller package and for which one doesn’t need to spend any extra charges, almost all of us. So making it more convenient and affordable for you, this excellent product by Harvard is very much cheap in comparison to others in the market.


  • Lower bounce: Bounce holds a very much important place in every game of table tennis. The bounce of the ball and its swing primarily depends upon the thickness of the table tennis top.
  • More will be the depths better will be the bounce, and hence you need to have a set that is quite enough to provide you a better bounce. This ping pong table by Harvard usually comes up with a height of ½” that is much lower than that of the one that requires for a higher bounce in a game.

If you are ok with the bounce quality then we can give you reasons to have it, first, the table has good safety and sturdy features as it has 1-inch steel self-opening legs and caster wheels of 2 inch. There shouldn't be any issue of super large ping pong wheels as it is for not an outdoor play.

Alternatives for Harvard Ping Pong Table :

If you don't like the thickness of the surface or is too thin of the Harvard ping pong table, you have better options like Joola Indore table tennis table or from STIGA table.

Harvard ping pong table has got 6 ratings out of 10. We can say it is good but not for a high-level game of players.

With this table you will get good material quality and easy to use the feature but the adjustability is not as good as others. 

Remember one thing if you want better quality on ping pong table than Harvard then you should ready to spent more money. With the alternative options, you will get tournament ready table with a better bounce rate.

We hope with this Harvard Ping Pong Table Review you would have got an idea about this table. Feel free to post any questions or query in the comment below. 

Harvard Quickplay Ping Pong Table review

The ping pong lovers will definitely like the solidity of the Harvard Quickplay Ping Pong table which comes from the great quality construction material. The medium density fiberboard guarantees the proper and consistent bounce. The table surface is smooth and flawless, which offers nice playing experience. If you are seeking a table for fun playing, then this table stands a strong chance.

 The design of the table makes it a safe choice for the recreational players. It comes with amazing longevity for the price which means you will be a gainer with this table. The affordability is another great reason for buying it. You will not get many ping pong tables within this range with a subsequent number of features and quality.

The undercarriage of this table makes it best choice for the entry level category. It may not be the best table for beating, as the legs are placed distantly, but the lockable caster wheels make it a good buy. The wheels give it portability as you can transport the table conveniently. This is a lightweight table. Harvard Quickplay Ping Pong table is much potable as you can fold the table top and carry it in a small package. The folded tabletop also offers you the solo playing facility. You will be able to practice ping-pong without any company.

The table comes with legs that can be extended from the self opening steel, this feature adds to the durability quotient.  The table is compliant with the ITFF standard which means while you will be practicing on this table you can gain the professional standard bounce. The simple assembly process makes it a hit with the users. The package comes with mostly pre-assembled parts, so you can do the rest without any professional guidance.

The table top construction is so impressive with ½ inch thickness that the playing will be more comfortable. At a pocket friendly price, you will surely love the Harvard Quickplay Ping Pong Table.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Portable
  • Good bounce
  • Durable
  • Easy storage


  • No height adjustability
  • Not for professional level

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