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Head Summit Table Review

The modern generation is much more health-conscious and they need to do something that will improve their fitness level every day. From exercising in different techniques to playing different outdoor games, fitness can be gained by any and every method. So if someone is fanatic about health and the fitness regime then it is best to have the equipment at home which will allow doing the practice regularly. Various kinds of indoor and outdoor games are here to let you practice at the comfort of your home. Ping pong tables are a unique addition to this list.

Doing different kinds of exercise makes it less monotonous a task. So you can inculcate some indoor games in your fitness schedule to get the motivation. Playing ping pong is a light exercise which is also quite enjoyable a form of work out. Ping pong is an extremely interesting and competitive game. Also when you want to keep a gaming zone at your home it is a nice addition for this purpose.

There are so many ping pong tables available in the market that it is quite normal to get confused about the choice. Some manufacturer boasts on longevity, while some others advertise about the bounce of their ping pong table. Also, you need to keep a check on the budget. So we have here selected one of the finest ping pong tables which are comprised of almost all the features and yet come at a pocket-friendly price.

Head Summit Ping Pong Table:

The brand Head Summit has come up with an indoor ping pong table that has a thick surface and thus you can expect a good and consistent bounce from it. This one is not IITF approved which means I do not comprise those parameters, but that does not mean that this table is not good enough to play the regular table tennis.


1. Surface

This table, as mentioned earlier, has 18 mm thick surface and thus it is expected to offer great bounce. Bounce is an important feature for any and every table tennis table, and if you are a novice buyer then you must check this feature in your probable buy. This one is an indoor table for ping pong, and the indoor table tennis table comes with a thickness of 12 mm to 25 mm. so this table comes successfully under this range. The thicker the surface is, the bouncy your game will be. Summing offers 18 mm thickness of the surface which is great for the casual and recreational ping pong players, but professional players also can practice on it.

2. Frame

The table from Head Summit can be split into two halves, which makes it easy to move anywhere you wish. As each half of the table can be folded, you can also store it easily. The two halves can be nested together when you are storing it in a small place. The legs of the table automatically deploy while you are folding or unfolding the table. This makes the process easy and safe. Splitting into halves makes the table ready for the playback position and you can experience the solo gaming option when there is no one to play with. This is a great way to improve your gaming skill. The table locks into the position in which you make it stand and this is really a necessary part of safety precaution. It will not flop down unexpectedly which is a safety feature of this table.

3. Leg height adjuster

Each of the legs come with height adjuster which ensures that the playing surface is totally levelled. This is a good reason to take the table anywhere you wish to, as the surface will be adjusted by twisting the legs to raise or lower the height as per the accommodation.

4. Locking system

There are eight caster wheels those lock into their places when you keep it open or in half-opened position. This locking system prevents the table from moving while you will be playing on it. Also while you are keeping it at the storage, it will not move away or flop down on its own, thanks to the locked casters.

5. Easy storage

This one is a heavy table but you can fold it into two halves. This process of splitting into two halves is great for easy mobility and storage.

6. Accessories

This table from Head Summit comes packaged with deluxe competition grade net and post which makes it a great choice for the ones who likes to get one in all. The post is a clamp styled one which means setting up is easiest. The tension of the net can be adjusted.

7. Preassembled

This can be called one of the key features of the table as it takes really less time to get ready for playing. The table comes almost assembled and it takes barely 30 minutes to get it fully ready for its first game. The brand offers 95% assembled table and you only attach the wheels at the end of the legs to make it ready to play.

This is a heavy table and it needs two people to turn it over.


  • Space-saving storage
  • Fast assembly
  • Deluxe net and post
  • Consistent bounce
  • Wheel lock
  • Nice and sturdy table


  • Heavy
  • Not ITTF approved

Customer’s feedback:

In Amazon, we have found lots of people who are happy using it. They have praised its sleek design and great bouncing ability. Also, the preassembled product is great for the ones who do not like much fuss over the assembly. The accessories are also greatly beneficial.


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