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History Of Table Tennis| Why Table Tennis Is Called Ping Pong

Table Tennis History
Written by Jenny

We see that the table tennis game is popular for 140 years and is played a lot. Earlier it was being played by the upper class but now it is played by hundreds of players and countries all around the world. Now, in this article, we will be discussing the history of table tennis and how it has seen the various changes in it over the course of time.

Invention of Table Tennis:

This game was invented in the 1880s and in Victoria England. It is commonly known as ping pong. This game is a popular adaptation of the lawn tennis game.

This was done when it was too cold outside and the people started playing inside their homes. People didn’t need much space outside as they could play this game indoors as well. Therefore, it was found to be a lot more accessible. This game went by the different companies who were selling the equipment. Some of the names by which the game was known are;

  • Ping pong
  • Table Tennis
  • Whiff
  • Pom Pom
  • Pimp am and many other names.

The ping pong and the table tennis stuck in the year 1901 and then the ping pong and table tennis associations were formed.

From where did the name ping pong come?

When the game became popular the British manufacturer trademarked the name of the game like ping pong. This meant the manufacturers have to refer to the game as table tennis or ping pong for any of the products that they produce so that the infringing can be avoided.

Similarly in the US, when Jacques sold the trademarks right it was made sure that the other companies did not refer to it as ping pong.

Early equipment

 The equipment has evolved a lot after it has been discovered over the last 140 years. There are a lot of new bats and tables that have come up today that can be seen. The technology and materials that were available at that time were not as accessible as they are now.

Early game

When the game was originally developed it was played in the dining room. Players used to set up the nets across the table and even use a net at the sides of the table so that the ball could be cached easily. In India, the British made their own tables from books and nets and used the golf ball.

Early bats

There were a variety of different styles in the bats that were available. It includes shapes and sizes. The common bats were made out of wood and these were also covered in the vellum canvas and were stretched across the wooden frame. Ping pong got its name because when the ball hits different pitches it makes different sounds.

We also find that in the 1900s the E.c Goode discovered the paddle and it is more recognizable today. The person was the first one to use the wooden blade and rubber on the top of it. But the sponge was being used between the blade and the rubber very late.

Earlier table tennis game balls

There were different kinds of balls that were used while playing the game and these were of different sizes. The balls were created using different materials. In early 1900 the balls were made out of rubber but they weren’t as suitable because these were very unpredictable to use and the ball wasn’t enough.

In the year 1901 when James Gibb discovered the celluloid balls then this was the perfect approach to the game. The ball was 38 mm and was made of celluloid that quickly became popular and was considered the standard. It was even used as the way up till the ball was increased to 40mm. In 2014 the balls began to be created out of plastic.


We see that the game has evolved a lot since the first tie it evolved and there are a number of new methods that have come up with the game.

Moreover, we find that the game is very well suited for recreation and the users should surely try it out.


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