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How to Play Ping Pong: Tips and Tricks

Do you like to play ping-pong and want to be a topnotch player then, you are on the right page. Today I have come up with the Tips and Tricks of playing the ping-pong. No matter you’re a beginner or professional player by going through the article, you can improve your Ping Pong Game. Ping Pong is a simplistic sport one need to hit the ball back and forth and the ball moves and bounces. Likewise, many games and sports, ping pong has low & high learning between professional and beginner. Learning how to play like a standard player needs more than learning rules of the game.


Best tips to play ping pong:

So here are some of the tips and tricks to play like a high standard player, here we go!

You Should Know What Spin Is On The Ball:

One of the essential things for acquiring this skill in Ping Pong, you should carefully watch your opponent’s racket when they make contact with a ball. So here is the simple trick, when you see your opponent’s racket is moving from:

  • Opponent Moving Low to high – then your spin needs to be topspin
  • Opponent Moving High to low – your spin to be backspin
  • Opponent left to right – your spin needs to be right sidespin
  • Opponent right to left – your spin needs to be left sidespin

You Have To Compensate For Spin With Your Racket Angle:

If it the topspin then, you should angle your leading racket face down and then contact with the ball above its center.

  • But if it is backspin then, you have to angle your leading racket face up and then contact with the ball below its center.
  • For right sidespin, you have to angle your leading racket face to the right and then contact with the ball to the left of its mid-line.
  • And for the left sidespin, you should angle your leading racket face to the left and then contact with the ball to the right of its mid-line.

Whenever you hold the racket at the suggested angle, your stroke should be gently forward, and then you should make your spin to stroke the ball with more force.


You Should Use the Whole Body When You Stroke Forehand:

As you stroke your forehand, you should keep rotating your hips and shoulders backward during the backswing and forward into the ball. The motion is correlated with a transfer of the body weight from the back foot to the front foot. When you hit harder your forehand, your weight transfer must be more forceful. Most of times players do mistakes using the only arm to hit the ball that will severely limit the power of the player as well as the consistency.

You Have To Maintain Good Position:

One should always maintain the good ready position as it balances and prepares the body of the player to move immediately in any direction. So you have to use it whenever you are planning to return serves and between strokes. Some of the basic sequences of ping pong are the following:

  • You should always put yourself in a good ready position
  • You have to move with the ball with your feet and stay balanced
  • And then stroke the ball
  • After that, you have to return to your ready position
  • Once again, you have to repeat B, C, and D until the rally ends

You Have To Train Strokes Until and Unless It is Not Automatic:

Before leaning a new skill of ping pong, you should always use a lot of mental energy so that you will get a clear mental picture of how the stroke looks and feels. Once you start to get the mental picture relatively accurate, you have to keep practicing the skill repeatedly until and unless that don’t think about how to do it. If you don’t analyze your skill and play just focusing on the game, you can give your best performance.

One Should Use Personal Ping Pong Racket:

You should use your personal racket as every racket has its own feel as well as the playing characteristics. It will give you benefit using a personal racket you don’t have to adapt to a new too. Moreover, you should take good care of the racket and always treat it with respect. But if you’re using an inverted sponge rubber then, you can wash it with soap and water after using it.

Advance Your Sidespin Serves:

Usually, beginner player uses sidespin on serves. However, a high standard player uses sidespin on almost every serve. Most of the time sidespin is combined with either topspin or backspin whereas pure sidespin is rare in a ping pong game. But one of the useful services is sidespin and backspin that goes low to the net and then bounces twice on the other side of the table. By using this kind of services will limit your opponent’s serve return options.

You Should Keep Your Returns Low Over Net:

If you place your shots lower over the net then, your opponent can use less angle. As it will make it harder for the opponent to hit it with power, if you use lobs then, you have to place the ball very high over the net.

You Have to Keep On Practicing:

One of the essential is to practice as it will develop your ping pong game by strengthening and concentrating on some aspect. So you should play and practice until and unless you don’t come up with a new skill. Even if you compete, your main goal is to learn a lot about your skills and tactics by analyzing your matches.

Get a Ping Pong Training Partner:

It is essential to have a partner so that you can practice with them to advance the game. You need to find someone at your level to practice together on a regular and consistent basis. But you can progress by playing with players at a higher level as well as the table tennis robot. So these are some of the tips and tricks of a Ping Pong Player!

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