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How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber

How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber
Written by Jenny

You can customize and modify a table tennis racket for your comfort and best suitable one for your playing style. Although you can take service from other people who can do it for you, you can also do it for yourself.

How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber

Here we are going to tell you how you could be –

There are two ways You can Modify, Repair or Customise a Ping pong Paddle –

  • Buy parts; Racket Dommy and Rubber and assembled.
  • Repair Racket you already have; Replacing the rubber.

How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber

Replacing the Rubber:

You want to replace the surface rubber of the racket because –

  • it has distinct
  • The present Rubber is not generating speed and spin as you want.
  • The Thickness has gone.

Now you want to have the same grip but replace the Rubber. You will need the following things to do that –

  • Glue – special Glue for table tennis is available. It is much better to have a water-based glue.
  • Sponge.
  • A Pair of Sharp Scissors
  • Roller – any kind of rolling pin.

Now Follow these steps to Replace the Rubber –

  • Remove the existing rubber. You should unstick from edges and remove them from side to side.
  • Now apply the glue on the surface and in the sticking part of rubber.
  • Now let the glue dry.
  • You apply glue with the sponge and if you are using new rubber the first coat of glue may get absorbed. In this case, you need to apply another layer of glue.
  • After the glue got dry, that you can touch it, place the rubber in the blade.
  • Now use the roller and press the rubber to stick it into the blade.
  • Now use the sharp scissors and scrub the rubber in the edges to make the rubber equal to the surface of the blade.
  • Like that stick the rubber on the other side too.

Sometime Rubber is coming out of the surface of the blade, it would be due to too much use of the racket, racket got hit in any hard surface.

  • Follow the above steps to replace the rubber
  • If the damage is minor, you simply apply glue in the affected area and address it.

Choosing The Rubber:

There are two ways in which you can have a new paddle; first, you can buy a ready-made racket second, buy a customized racket. In the second option, you have the freedom to choose a rubber you like to have.

Rocket rubber is available in different varieties. According to standard rule, one side of the paddle should be red and the other side should be in Black.

For the big games authorized by the ITTF, the rubber should be with the ITTF logo because it would be considered as ITTF standard rubber. ITTF issue the list of its standard where anyone could find the standard for Rubber.

Thickness –

The Paddle rubber comes in different thickness –

  • 2.0mm or 2.5mm sponge will be faster and good for attacking game.
  • 1.5mm sponge gives better control and 1.0mm is for defensive playing which gives slow speed.

Pimples –

Some rubbers come with Dots or pimples. They would Out pimples or inward pimples.

  • Outward pimples come in varieties; small and big pimples. Small pimples generate faster speed than the long pimples.
  • Inward pimples give better control of the game.

Conclusion –

Replacing the rubber allows you to use the same paddle for a long time which is always right for you. You can manage bound and spin by replacing the rubber and could have great games. There is some paddle which rubber can’t be replaced. These paddles are for beginners.


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