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How to win at Ping Pong – Tips and Tricks

How to win at Ping Pong
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Playing table tennis or ping pong has become a trend nowadays. Most of the office place now consists of a recreation room where, with other playing instruments, there are ping pong tables. Also, the households with kids of young adults contain a ping pong table along with net posts and bats to entertain the young generation at the weekends. As this game does not need much skill or the playing process is not much complicated, to begin with, people really love to play this game in their off time. The light exercise that this game offers is also greatly suitable for every age. So there are various reasons that this game has gained much popularity.

How to win at Ping Pong

How to win at Ping Pong – Tips and Tricks

While in-home or in-office, anyone who loves this sport will definitely try to win. As winning a few games will also provide some fun and make you the centre of attention among your colleagues or friends. We will be hereby providing you with some tips and tricks to win the games of ping pong.

Check out the tips below:

  1. The players allow their opponents to start the offence by pushing too often. You can mix up the loops, pushes, chops and drives so the variety confuses the other player.
  2. You can mix up the different length and spin serves which includes medium-long, deep, short, purse spin, down-the-line etc. if you serve to the elbow breaks the defence of opponents as then he gets little or no time to decide if it will be a forehand or backhand.
  3. When you are using long serve, attack at your own convenience but frequently. The player who opens the offence usually wins the game.
  4. Check the paddle of your opponent while he will be serving. See how high the ball is tossed and then watch back the racket. Do not stare at the ball only as then the server can confuse you with the deceptive moves.
  5. Develop good side to side footwork if you wish to hit forehands. Being two-winged, that is, being able to play really well with both the hands, help to win the game.
  6. Game-winning is psychological, and thus you must check your temper. You can miss several shots, going to lose the match, or are being unable to try different shots, then do not lose patience.  Do not give up until the match is over. Remember, winning or losing is all part of the game and you must enjoy the game to play it successfully.
  7. Some cool serves can save you from a disastrous situation. High heavy backspin serves or nailing the ball on the side of the net so it arcs back, are some of the fun moves that will give you advantage against your opponent.
  8. Rotate your hips and shoulders backward when you are doing a backswing. Then bend forward into the ball to stroke the forehand. The motion created by your body movement and the weight transfer of back foot to front foot will help you to serve the ball with utmost force.
  9. Use a good ready position which will be balanced and your body will move to any direction. This way you will be prepared to return the serves and strokes.
  10. When you first learn any stroke you use your full mental energy on it. You must keep practicing it so the mental picture of the stroke is formulated into your brain. Get this picture accurately until these moves come automatically to your paddle. This natural and reflexive flow will help you to win the game.
  11. You must keep the serves low over the net. As lower, it will be the lesser chance your opponent will get to form angles. Only if you use lobs then you should place the ball high so you get place to cross the net.
  12. Practice games are important. Play practice games whenever you learn a new skill. Try to develop your ability to compete with your opponent. While playing you may not be concentrating on winning but the skill and tactics are there to learn which will make you a better player, and eventually a winner.


Choosing medium fast blade and not the fast blade allows you to rely more on the technique. Also, check it for the optimum control. The blade and the rubber should get you the feeling of grip.  If you are a beginner, then choose the beginner level rubber grip for your blade. The speciality of these kinds of paddle is that it offers less spin and speed. The returns become easier for the spinning balls. Using overly spinning rubber for the first time may baffle the beginner level players. So these tricks may help you and you win the next match of table tennis at your office or club, good luck!


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