iPong V300 Table Tennis Robot Review

iPong V300
Written by Jenny

Being the most impressive iPong model, the iPong V300 table tennis robot is one of the best tabletop robots. Made by iPong a US brand well known for making affordable tabletop table tennis robots.

iPong V300 table tennis robots also considered as the Joola Buddy are made in China. Here we are to talking about its advantages and disadvantages.

iPong V300 – The Advanced Version

iPong v300 can produce topspin and backspin bounces and can move balls from side-to-side with its oscillation feature. There are many new features in it which you were not found on its previous version.

IPONG V300 is the latest version of IPONG Pro. The new version has a two-wheel design feature that provides a natural ball trajectory. It also has a wireless remote to control all the features.

Easy to Move – The iPong V300 table tennis robot is not so big but so portable. It made of plastic make it so lightweight. You can move it from one place to another very easily.

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Comes in Budget – Like other table tennis robot, it comes at a very little price of around $150. At this small price, you can get the same features which you could be in an expensive one.

Smartness – It comes with a wireless remote. You can set and manage frequency, oscillation, topspin, and backspin. It supports both the celluloid 40mm balls and the latest plastic 40 plus balls.

iPong V300 Features

  • Dimensions – 27.94×27.94×48.26 CM
  • Manufacturer – Joola North America, LLC
  • Total Weight – 4.54G
  • Included Accessories – 40mm and 40 plus mm balls, iPong ball catch net, iPong ball pickup net, Remote Control, A/C Adaptor, tilt stand, iPong Target and, Instructions manual.
  • Balls holding capacity – 110 balls
  • The frequency for balls casting – 12 to 70 balls per minute.

iPong V300 Functional Features

  • With the Wireless remote and Digital Display, you can control Advanced strokes practice without any partner.
  • Adjustable Spin Settings for topspin and underspin.
  • Oscillation features a caste ball for side to side spins.

On various e-commerce sites like Amazon and mega spin, the iPong V300 gets a 3.5 out of 5 customers rating. Satisfy users found it a very good table tennis robot for kids and beginners.

First-time users may get some difficulty initially and they need to use it. User manual and troubleshooting are very important before using the iPong V300.

For professionals or season players, this is a very good practice companion. Many users like its oscillation feature very well.

Another quality that users have liked is its easiness to get ready to play in quick time. You don’t need any assembly process just set and play.

Some users complain that the plastic use in the robot is not so durable and balls don’t come so frequently and the robot sounds so noisy when it on.

Updates Version of iPong V300

Joola North America has improved the IPONG V300 Table Tennis robot and fixing the debugs launched its newer version called IPONG Trainer Motion.

In this new Ipong Trainer motion manufacturer improved the motors and gear to provide consistency while delivering the balls. The newer version also includes a pick-up net.

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