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JOOLA 2000-S Table Tennis Table Review

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Written by Jenny

If You are a real Ping Pong follower then you know about the Joola Ping pong tables. This time we are going to talk about the Joola 2000-s, which has come with a metal frame size of 50mm. Very easy to use and if you are familiar with former Joola tables then the assemble process for Joola 2000-s going to be very easy for you.

JOOLA 2000-S Review

Along with a solid frame, the base of the table made of powdered coated metal design looks very sturdy. There are many features on this Joola 2000-s table, let talk about them briefly.

Features of Joola 2000-s Ping Pong Table

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Table Surface:

This is the main part of any table tennis table. Joola 2000-s has 22mm thick table little bit more than of generally competition tables.

The table is made for the professional player and the Joola 2000-s provides perfect match feeling with its surface.

The surface has a special polyester coating for better speed during the game. Very good table for fast players.


As we said that the installation process is very easy for the Joola 2000-s table. The table comes with the quick folding mount which makes on and off so simple. The user manual is provided with it.

For the better Transportation table has two stable wheels in each half side. It will take less space to keep when the game is off.

Material Quality:

Joola 2000-s is a well-built table designed with the help of German engineering and got manufactured in Germany.

The main supporter frame made off the 50mm metal frame provides so stability. It has made to provide around 10 years of durability.

You will find 2 hidden wheels in the centre at the net’s edge which laid upon both the table halves to provide better mobility.

Net Set:

Joola 2000-s is the only table available with the hidden wheel at the net. It called centralized oversized wheels on the net edge. This is a stationary ping pong table. The net set includes the Competition grade Joola WM net set.

The net post includes two sturdy, solid metal posts including two quick hand tightening screws that you can attach the bracket with the table. The net is made with double woven cotton-steel.

Features at a Glance:

  • 22mm fast playing surface
  • 50mm metal surface
  • Full steam body
  • 214ibs weight
  • ITTF approved table
  • Corresponds with the European standard EN 14468-1 A.

Pros and Cons of Joola-s


  • Made with good quality material
  • The surface provides a fast playing experience and good for fast games.
  • Easy to Handel and assemble
  • Hidden wheels provide great mobility
  • Provides good bounce rate
  • ITTF Approved table
  • Portable and high-level gaming table.


Not so serious cons found with Joola-s. Every user finds it so perfect for the game.

Reviews From Users:

We have douched some websites where Joola 2000-s is available to buy and get very positives outcomes from the users who have already used this ping-pong table.

One word common we found in the reviews is ‘ Excellent’ for Joola 2000-s. One of the uses from Romania found it an excellent table and used it in various table tennis competition events when he got recommended for Joola 2000-s from other users.

One other user said it great for quick bounce and spin and found it very enjoyable. One interesting user who usually play in table tennis table from Joola but found Joola 2000-s is little different as more comforting and he got two Joola 2000-S table in his club.


Joola-s ping-pong table is the table for the next level of the game. It has all the basic features for tournament-level games like fast pace surface, 22mm top with polyester coating and this is an ITTF approved table.  It also has WM Net and a set of Post Net. Joola-s has got 9 out of the 10 review points from the users.


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