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JOOLA 3000 SC Tournament-Table Tennis Table

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The JOOLA 3000 SC table tennis is an ITTF approved for official competition use and is a high-quality table with a centrefold. As we know these tables are of high quality so they can be used for multiple years and the material used for the table is also of very high quality as it is also used for competitions.

JOOLA 3000SC Review

The product is made in Germany so it becomes quite reliable. If someone is quite serious for the game or is doing the competition level practice then JOOLA 3000 SC table tennis table is the best table as it is a premier quality table and it is worth the investment.

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  • JOOLA 3000 SC has 22mm of the playing surface that is tournament ready and also that has been processed with a polyester coating so that the ball bounce is consistent.
  • Has a one-piece carriage with a powder-coated 50mm metal frame.
  • The JOOLA 3000 SC table also includes JOOLA WM net and a post set that has a built-in micro-vertical adjustment system.
  • The table also has 4 heavy duty durable wheels with brakes (either 2 or 4 wheels).
  • It also has adjustable solid rubber levelers under each corner leg.


The pros of JOOLA 3000SC table tennis table are as follows:

  • The table is a high-quality table that can be used for people who are professionals and also for playing at clubs and the people who are very enthusiastic about table tennis.
  • The JOOLA 3000 SC table tennis table is an ITTF approved table that means it is made within the standard of the game.
  • The table includes a very high-quality net that is also ITTF approved.
  • The table is very sturdy and firm and has a 50mm powder coated frame that can be easily folded.
  • The table is quite compact which makes it easy for storage as it does not require much space because it can be folded without any hassle.
  • In the table, no assembling of parts is required as it is pre-assembled and because of this the time is saved and you can set up table fast so that you can enjoy the game.
  • The table is of so high quality that it is used for competitions and is ITTF approved and also it was the official table of all major USATT events. The table has also been featured in three Olympic Games.
  • The JOOLA 3000 SC table tennis table has processed polyester coating that gives the ball a consistent bounce.
  • The JOOLA 3000 SC is a top-of-the-line product so it is expected that it can be used for over a decade or more because of its good durability as high-quality material is used in making this product.
  • As there are wheels underneath the table (2 or wheels) so it becomes easy to move the table from one place to another without much hassle.


The cons of JOOLA 3000SC table tennis table are as follows:

  • There is no fold up in playback mode in The JOOLA 3000 SC table tennis table.
  • The table is quite heavy as it weighs about 275lbs.
  • The table is only available in blue color and if you want some other color you will not find it because of the color limitation in this edition.
  • The JOOLA 3000 SC table tennis table is quite expensive as it is one of the top products in the line and is of professional level which makes it quite pricey and people who want to buy it for recreational purposes do not go for it. So people usually go for casual table tennis tables which serve the purpose.

Overall, the table is a wonderful and amazing table and does not have many negative points and it has been used for many international table tennis competitions, so it has to be the best.

Though a bit pricey but worth the money and is a durable table which makes it best for use over many years and you can enjoy the game with the same table. This table is usually preferred by professionals as it is not a casual table that is used for recreational purposes. The table is an excellent table with so many advantages and is worth every penny spent on it.


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