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JOOLA Motion 18 Review

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Written by Jenny

The brand Joola is always a favourite with the professional table tennis players for offering good quality products. For the tournament level games, the players need great bounce and consistency of the performance and that can be availed from Joola Motion 18 Triumph table.  This product from Joola will survive through the hard playing sessions and procure the best result for the players.

JOOLA Motion 18

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  • The Joola Motion 18 Triumph table is great for both home use and professional playing. This is a lightweight one which makes it easy to carry wherever you need it.
  • Good balance is another great aspect of this table. You will never find this table to skid while you are playing a serious game on it.
  • The Joola Motion 18 Triumph table comes fully assembled. This is a hazard for most of the customers if they need to assemble the table after unpacking it. Often it needs some professional guidance and long hours. So this one comes assembled and you can start playing right after unpacking it.
  • This table is built by following the regulation size, so when you practice on it, you will be experienced on a professional level game of table tennis.
  • The charcoal painted MDF surface of 18 mm makes it a nice item for recreational use. The warp-resistant frame makes it long-lasting so you can take it to the garden or open terrace on a sunny afternoon and play with your friends.
  • The automatic folding legs come equipped with caster locking wheels. The wheels are located under each half, making the table stand strong even when folded.
  • To make the table even more secure, there is a double anti-tilting device. The adjustable rubber feet of the table makes it easy and smooth to drag. There will be no harsh sound or scratches on your floor when you move this table from one place to another.
  • As we have already mentioned, it can be folded by one part, and the other part can be still open. This is the ideal position for the solo game, so you can play the game on your own without any company.
  • This position also makes the storage easy.
  • The mid-level two-piece table comes with a strong undercarriage. Each part of that undercarriage is loaded with folding legs which are automatic.
  • The four built-in ball-holders are there in this table. In each holder, you can keep up to three balls. The holders of one part will be accessible even if you keep the table folded by the other half.
  • There is the magnetic abacus style scoreboard which is just the right kind of equipment when it comes to keeping the scores.
  • The ready to install net set makes the table a complete package. No need to buy the net set separately as Joola offers that accessory along with this table set.


  • Thick playing surface offering ample bounce
  • Heavy construction to ensure the sturdiness
  • Strong undercarriage with caster locked wheels
  • Folding capability to enable easy storage and solo playback
  • Powder-coated steel frame in the undercarriage
  • Extensive polyurethane paint prevents scratches


  • Net not of supreme quality


The Joola Motion 18 Triumph table makes your friends and family happy with its simple structure and easiness in playing method. The extra safety features are also right for the table which will be kept in-house, as kids will have no chance of getting crashed against it and get hurt.

The charcoal black look is appealing and will make nice furniture to be added to your house interior. Auto folding legs make it a safer and easier item to handle.

Also, you can use the table on any surface and can enjoy a stable game of tennis. The corner ball holders provide you with the opportunity to keep the balls safe by using friction. The steel construction and ¾ inch top make it a great buy at a pocket-friendly price.


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