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JOOLA Motion 25 Table Tennis Table Review

Written by Jenny

It is very important that you get the right table tennis table so that you can play well in the matches. But, if you are the one who plays in matches and tournaments then you need high-quality surface. And the inferior surface will not be that suitable for you.

You can easily get the low-quality tables from anywhere, but if you are serious and want tables for a tournament that you should always prefer tables that have high quality. In this article, we will know about the Joola Motion 25 table tennis table.

Brand loyalty is an important feature for a table tennis player. Joola provides a good quality table tennis table to the market and we can completely trust them.

The fact that the table is made for huge benefit is really important. Let us now head on to the reviews of the table tennis table.

Joola Motion 25 Table Tennis Review:

Joola motion provides a great quality table that lets the user practise easily and in an affordable way. This is a great quality table that is suggested for everyone.

The assembly of the table is very easy and the surface quality is also very good. You can easily get the table at your home.

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Joola Motion 25 Table Features:

We will first see the features of the table and then head on to the pros and cons.


If we compare this table with the other tables in the range, then no doubt this table ranks top compared to the others. However, we should not be looking at the price but at the value of the table.

The table gives both the features that are affordability and value. Also, we find that the durability of the table is very high.

When you are thinking to buy a product, at that time you feel that the product should have quality at a reasonable price. And this table always succeeds in fulfilling these features.

Tournament quality

One of the important features that you need to note about the table is that it is highly affordable and has a very good quality that you would love to have in a tournament table.

The table has great quality and it prepares the users to play well. The table is approved by the USATT for the big tournaments.

If you are thinking of playing a big event, you don’t need to worry as this table will keep you protected. The surface is designed so that you get to play as you do on the tournament surfaces.


Now, when you get to buy a table you want one that does not consume a lot of efforts. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time to assemble the table. Since the table does not need a large time for assembly, therefore we feel that this is really a great feature.

And it is very important that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the assembly.

A lot of people do not have the space to keep the table in their home. But this table is easy to set up and can be moved around wherever you want to.


  • It is highly affordable.
  • The quality is high and suitable for tournaments.
  • Set up is very easy.


  • It is not available in a number of colours

The table tennis table comes in two thickness levels that are 18mm and 15 mm. This gives you the flexibility to choose. We know that thickness of the table is very important when it comes to bounce. So while choosing a table, you always need to consider the thickness and choose it wisely.

The dimensions of the table are that of tournament tables. This helps you to play on an accurate level and surface. This table has been trusted for 60 years.


This is among one of the affordable table tennis tables. It gives a high amount of value and we would suggest it to everyone. It can be used by everyone who uses it for fun or for tournaments.

Joola has made a high-quality table and we think it is the best for users.



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