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JOOLA Nova DX Review

When you are planning to buy a table for playing table tennis, it should be the best. The brand which is trusted for the last 60 years and have the experience of providing tables for table tennis in Olympic can be an unmatched option. This table is great for a long time outdoor playing and you can safely invest your money on this table knowing that you will get a good return of it. However, it should definitely be mentioned that the item comes at a pocket-friendly price, so you do not have to burn a hole in your purse to get a table of such a great reputation.

We are discussing the Joola Nova DX ping pong table and we will be discussing all the pros and cons along with the features that you can expect in it. So if you are thinking of buying a ping pong table recently for outdoor gaming sessions, then hopefully our article will help you in the process.

JOOLA Nova DX Review

The table comes with a nice 6mm thick aluminium plastic tabletop, to ensure the anti-rust characteristic of the table. It is built to be used outdoor, that is why it comes with weather-proof features like this. Warping caused by humidity and extreme weather will not happen with this Nova DX.  There are more such great features to this table which makes sense while you are planning to buy this one and not some other regular ping pong table.

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JOOLA Nova DX Features

Now let us discuss the features of this table in detail:

  • Table surface:

The surface of the ping pong table differs when it comes to thickness and the difference is caused due to the user preference. When you are using a table indoor the thickness should be something between 15 to 18 mm or more, but in case of outdoor ping pong tables, it should be 5 to 7 mm thick. As using weather friendly material is a must for the outdoor tables, the thickness of the tabletop reduces. The table we are discussing comes with 6 mm thick surface. It offers ample bounce to the ball throughout the surface. The consistency of the bounce is also even which is great for an outdoor ping pong table. Also, the speed it offers is enough for hobby players. The outside nature, specifically the heat and moisture will not be able to tamper it as it built of weatherproof material.

  • Undercarriage

The undercarriage is the base of any outdoor table, and it is definitely disastrous when you see your almost new ping pong table getting rusted at their undercarriage. To ensure the longevity, Joola has created 30 by 30mm rust-resistant sturdy undercarriage which is again powder coated to ensure that there is no rusting or corrosion due to the humidity of outside weather. However, using a table cover means no harm and taking extra precaution always comes with its benefits. Also keeping the table stored in a shaded place is a must, as there is no point in keeping it under the direct heat of the sun when you are not using it, as it will give the table some extra years of longevity.

  • Leg levellers

The legs of the Joola Nova DX table come with levellers which means you can keep the table anywhere, in any kind of surface. By spinning the levellers you can shorten or lengthen the height of the table accordingly.

  • Folding option:

As the table is a large thing, it is easy to move it when it is folded. And yes, Joola has made this table foldable one. You can fold this table into halves, after the game is over, and then move it to the storage. When you will be playing next time, just bring it from the storage, unfold it and start playing. Or in case of the single playing session, you can fold the half of the table and use it for personal playback. Solo playing will be fun with the help of this feature. Each half part of the table has four wheels, and that helps you to move the table separately. Otherwise, it would be a heavy thing to budge. Also keeping the table folded takes less space for storage.

  • Wheel casters:

Each wheel has a 3-inch caster which helps them to move through terrain. The casters offer you the feature of locking the wheels at the spot where you will be playing. After locking the table will not move from its place and that is a great feature. The wheels are not very tough though, but you can get an easy replacement anyway.

  • Net and post:

You will get the weatherproof net and posts along with this table. The net is 72 inches wide, and it is weatherproof. It is completely easy to set up as it comes with screw-on style. The tension can be adjusted so this is much flexible and user-friendly.

  • Easy assembly:

With the help of another person, you can easily set the table within 15 minutes. Just attach the legs and wheels with the help of the 8 bolts. There is a YouTube video tutorial to help you with the process.


  • Weather-resistant surface
  • Rust-resistant undercarriage
  • Net and post included
  • Leg leveller
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy assembly


  • Surface not thick enough
  • Flimsy wheels


The Joola Nova DX table is great in features, and also it is worthy of its price. The durability of the table is not to be ignored.  It is an easily moveable table so you will face no problem during the cold season, and easily store it inside the house or garage. The users on the online portal always praise this table, so you can depend upon the reviews of them and get it for your outdoor table tennis sessions.

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