Joola Nova DX vs Stiga XTR Review

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When it comes to choosing the outdoor tables with a moderate price tag and lots of features, it often creates confusion. There are hundreds of branded tables which cover this criterion and offer superb features.

Joola Nova DX vs Stiga XTR Comparsion & Review

So, here we will be discussing Joola Nova DX and Stiga XTR to know which is better.

Joola Nova DX

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  • Tabletop thickness 6 mm
  • 6” caster wheel
  • 9 x 5 ft playing surface
  • Net post 72”
  • Weight 90 lbs
  • Playback position 60”x25”x66”
  • Apron thickness 2”


The table is a superb outdoor table from one of the renowned sports goods manufacturing brand. As an outdoor table, it is proficiently workable as it comes with 6 mm thick top. Good and consistent bounce and speedy play are available thanks to the superb built comfortable tabletop. This is weather-resistant as outdoor tables are supposed to come in close contact to the moisture and heat. This does not warp out due to the exposure of harsh weather.

The Joola Nova table comes with the weatherproof rust-resistant undercarriage. If your table starts rusting due to wreathing then it needs to be abandoned. However, this table comes with a rust-resistant powder coating which makes this product withstand the ferocity of weather. But it is always preferred to keep the table in a shade or store it after covering with a sheet.

There are leg levellers which can be spun to increase or decrease the table height as per the requirement. This feature allows you to place the table on any kind of surface and play the game safely.

You can fold this Joola table which is a great advantage for storing it. The folding also makes it easy to store as it takes less space in this position. Also in the folding position, you can play the solo game in playback mode. There are four wheels on each half of the table. This allows you to move the halves separately. The wheels are sturdy and you can drag the table across any terrain with them. Just be cautious while moving the tables as the wheels are not super strong.

The net post is included with this table and that too is really easy to attach. Screw-on style post takes a few seconds to be adjusted, and then you can fix the tension of the net as per your convenience. The table comes in 90% pre-assembled state and it will take 15 minutes to fully assemble it with the help of bolts and screw.


  • Rust-resistant undercarriage
  • Foldable
  • Easy to move
  • Bouncy top
  • Playback position


  • Surface not thick enough
  • Wheels not sturdy

Stiga Outdoor XTR

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  • 3” ball bearing wheels
  • 6 mm thick tabletop
  • 5-inch tubular steel apron
  • 25-inch square steel legs


The Stiga Outdoor XTR table is the mid-tier table which comes with all the weatherproof qualities. The material and design are capable of resisting heat and moisture. The aluminium composite top can handle sun damage. It even does not warp when it comes in contact with the weather for long years. There are steel apron and frame with powder coating which makes the table weatherproof.

There is steel apron which connects the square steel legs and all are powder-coated to stay intact instead of weathering. This table is easy to carry, and you can keep it on the garage or patio. As it is capable of handing weathering, there is no need to keep it inside the house. But use a cover while storing it for months.

It comes in 95% pre-assembled position, so you can fix it within 10 minutes after unpacking it. The tabletop is made by aluminium composite material which offers good bounce and thus makes it playable for professionals. The bounce is consistent and there are leg levellers to keep the table steady on any uneven surface.

You can quickly fold the table and store it without much hassle. The Stiga XTR table comes with self-opening legs which keeps it safe during playing or storage position. The frame of the table is welded with cross braces on each side so it offers some extra strength to the table.


  • MDF top
  • Weatherproof
  • Portable
  • Leg levellers


  • Not of championship level

Our choice:

Both the tables are almost similar in characteristics and price-wise also they come close to each other. We prefer Stiga XTR over Joola Nova DX table as the Stiga one has the better bouncy top and it has the wheels which are strong enough to carry the table anywhere. Also, the user’s feedback complies that Stiga also is a long-lasting table than Joola Nova.


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