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JOOLA Quattro Review

Best weatherproof ping pong table
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This is not just another option for playing ping pong. But the table from the renowned brand Joola has to offer much more than just a regular table. It is a nice piece of sports equipment which covers the maximum requirements of a ping pong game and also it comes with outstanding longevity.

This one is actually the most pocket-friendly table without compromising with the size. This full-sized ping pong table from Joola does not suffice as per the tournament regulation, but nonetheless you can use it at home to begin the table tennis game. For beginners, this table will be just perfect as it comes with all the regular features and size, but the price is quite easy on the pocket. You should not underestimate this decent ping pong table as this one is easily honoured to be great sports equipment for the home purpose.

JOOLA Quattro table tennis Review & Buyer Guide

The ping pong surface of the table is the deciding factor, and in this regard, this Joola Quattro table will not score high. The surface is pretty thin compared to other ping pong tables, but in accordance with the price, this is not a con actually. For individuals, this is a nice table who just wants to start with the ping pong game. A full-sized table at this price is quite an unmatched product.

JOOLA Quattro best Alternative

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JOOLA Quattro:

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  • Assembly:

While some of the popular brands bring us ping pong tables that are pretty hard to assemble and takes 2 to 3 hours along with a YouTube tutorial to assemble, Joola offers a most simple method for assembling this Quattro table. However, having one more person to help you with the assembling is necessary, but the process is easy to follow.

  • Weight:

This is a heavy table weighing 216 pounds so there can be accidents caused due to the kids hitting against it, as it will not stand strong in its place. But the lightweight makes the table easy to move as well. However, if you need something that cannot be moved easily, then look for some pricier option.

  • Surface:

This table comes with 19mm playing surface, the bouncing is great all over the surface. Being such a pocket-friendly product, it does not compromise with the surface bounce, which is a great thing for such a table.

  • Frame:

The undercarriage or frame is all metal made and thus is quite sturdy. You can depend upon the strength and force of the table, which will not budge from its place and not tilt in the middle of the game.

  • Wheels in undercarriage:

There are twin rollers in the undercarriage which means you can easily move it as well and that also means you can keep it stored anywhere you wish to, as the movement is made easy by the help of rollers. The wheeled support system makes it easy to store and that is quite a user-friendly feature of this table.

  • Great workmanship:

As Joola is a world-famous brand for sports equipment, you can expect no less than best workmanship even for the cheapest product. The making of the Quattro table is no less in quality and it has the same kind of crafting as the high priced products of the same brand.

  • Net set:

This moderately priced table comes with the net set, which is an amazing feature. Would it not have with the net, you have to buy it separately. But being such a pocket-friendly set, it offers extra benefits like the net set which is an obvious part of a ping pong game.

  • Tabletop:

The tabletop is blue and nice-looking, which makes the table looking a stylish one. You can get decent ball performance in the table, which is just what is expected from such a product. The top is moderately weatherproof and will not warp soon.


  • Nice stylish look
  • Great indoor table
  • Easy to move
  • Easy setup
  • Cheap price
  • Great workmanship


  • Thin tabletop
  • Not for tournaments

Joola Inside table tennis



This is the right kind of table for the indoor ping pong game. This is not the best table, but for the price it is amazing. The bouncing quality is great, and if it is stored properly, will last long. It is easy to move and comes with the net set. Assembling is easy and you can get it going with the help of another person within an hour maximum. It also can be levelled, so basically you have got all the features put together in a pocket-friendly price. The only con it has is that it is not a table for the tournaments. But for the home use, this will work great. Users are all in praise for this product, as mentioned in their posts, so you can expect a nice buy for fewer bucks from Joola with this Quattro table.

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