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JOOLA Rally TL Review and Buying Guide

If playing table tennis is a hobby and passion for you, then you must have used quite a few branded TL. The one we will be discussing now is of great quality and with unparalleled features. JOOLA Rally TL is used in table tennis game indoor. The recreational players who intend to take their game a notch higher may try this TL. This TL is sturdy and thick. There is charcoal painted fibreboard which offers strength and finishes to the players. Not only for serious players, can this TL add to the fun time with your family and friends.

JOOLA Rally TL Review

The surface of the table is wide enough so you can play effortlessly irrespective of your height. The price of this TL is also quite reasonable and thus you can get it for your home without thinking too much about the budget. This is an affordable tennis table with almost all the features included, so let’s probe into the features and look how you like it.

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JOOLA Rally TL Features:

  • Charcoal table surface:

This TL has a 15mm thick charcoal table surface, and it is made up of medium-density fibreboard. Due to that, it provides ample bounce, even at the lower end of the table. The thickness is just perfect to offer you the right amount of bounce. The top has silk-screened white stripping along with the charcoal coating. This combination increases the consistency and durability of the table. As we all know that the thickness of the table is responsible for the bouncing ability of it, and the thicker the table, the more bounce it will offer. So the regular TLs are 15 to 25mm thick. For the serious table tennis players, 18mm boards are a must, but if you prefer to keep the game at the hobby level, then 15mm table will be fine for your cause.

However, for the ones who are more serious about the table tennis play, and wish to spend a few more bucks on it, may try the other options from the same brand. Joola Rally TL is also available with 18mm and 25mm thickness. So if you intend to take the game on a higher level then you can buy Rapid Play180 or Rapid Play 250 which are the same other than the thickness of the table.

  • Table apron and durable frame

The table comes with a 1.5-inch tube apron under the 15mm surface, and it offers supports to the surface. Also, it offers even bounce throughout the table. Your ball can hit any part of the table and it will be bounced nicely. The steel frame of 30 by 30 mm helps to hold the table sturdily. However, other models of Joola Rally come with thicker frames. This is due to the increased thickness of the tabletop. The weight of the heavy tabletop can only be held by a heavier frame.

  • Table legs

Also, the table legs are 1.5mm thick which ensures that the durable steel frame is provided with enough support. The tabletop and the sturdy steel frame are heavy and thus the legs need to be strong enough to hold the weight successfully. The legs at the end have height adjuster which is a great benefit for the players, they can play the game as they wish and make the table as flat as they need. As an indoor table, this one has rubber ends at each of the feet, so there is no scratching on your floor.

  • Foldable

Table tennis table, or more famously Rally, are pretty heavy. As you have to store it, you need to split it into two halves. The Joola Rally TL can be folded into two halves and that makes it easier to move or store. The table can be conveniently halved and folded so it does not take up much space to get stored. This table, when folded, can be safety latched so the sudden collapse to cause some accident is prevented. This is just perfect for indoor storage and also no pet or kids can cause any mishap by unlocking it or tripping on it. There are anti caster wheels that again offer more stability.  You can roll the table even if it is a heavy piece to move. The lock will help you to stop the wheels where you need to keep the table. During a game, the table will not move away thanks to the locking system. Also while it is stored somewhere, you will not find it moving as the wheels will be locked.

The separating of two halves of this table will also offer you the opportunity for solo practice. When you are playing solo, use the other half of the table as the bouncer and keep it as a personal payback.

  • Magnetic scoreboard

On the side of the table, there is a magnetic scoreboard. This one is a handy feature to keep the scores, and there will be no disputes regarding the issue.

  • Ball holders

The small spaces at the corner of the table offer a place for holding the ping pong balls. The place at each corner can hold up to 3 balls, which means the four corners of the table hold 12 balls altogether. This is a nice way to get the balls handy during the play.

  • Easy assembly

Joola Rally TL is pretty easy to assemble. Only due to the heavyweight you need someone’s help to lift the table. Rest all settlings can be done single-handed.

The brand:

The brand Joola is a German manufacturing company who offers quality sports products. It has been there for the last 70 years and has built a reputation in this industry. For various Olympic Games, they had been the official game equipment provider. Not only that, they take care of the requirement of multiple national and international tournaments. Online portals that sell their products are filled with great reviews from the users. The customer service of this brand is also great and the users can access them easily.


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  • Sturdy built
  • Charcoal finished tabletop
  • Easy assembly
  • Foldable
  • Lock in wheels
  • Magnetic scoreboard
  • Ball holders


  • Not so thick tabletop
  • Priced high


This Rally TL is perfect for those who are not yet professional but wish to upgrade their gaming skill. It is an affordable choice meant for indoor use. The online portal users have flaunted their love for it by rating it 5 stars.  The folding ability, the scoreboard as well as the charcoal finished top earns it some brownie points over other Rally TLs.  The tabletop could have been thicker, but if you want something that fits your pocket and will last for a few years then this is a good option.

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