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Joola Rally and Joola Inside Review: Which One to Buy

Written by Jenny

In this article, we will see the comparison between the Joola rally ping pong table and the Joola Inside table. By going through this comparison you will be able to know which table is better for you.

Best Comparison Joola Rally TL Table v/s Inside

The JOOLA Rally is a sturdy table, which is 15mm thick and has a charcoal painted fibreboard. This table is very suitable for indoor use and will suit the demands of any recreational player. This table can be used for improving their game or to have fun with friends and family.

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The surface of the table is mounted on a thick frame which makes it very sturdy and the best part is the price that is best suited.

Joola Rally TL Table

Let us see some of the features of the app.

Table surface

The Rally has a 15mm (5/8″) thick table that is made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard). It gives a reasonable bounce. The charcoal top has helped in creating a consistent and durable playing surface.

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If know about the importance of table thickness and the bounce then you’ll know that the thicker the table more the ball will bounce.

Tables are usually between 15mm and about 25mm which is the official regulation thickness. But if you are a little serious then we would recommend you table of 18mm.

If you have more budget to then you can go for higher thickness models.

If you want a bit of fun and recreational play, then for that the 15mm surface will be more than sufficient. But if you are very serious and want more bounce then you can go for thicker tables.

Durable frame and table apron

It has a 15mm surface and a 1.5″ tube apron. This will support the surface and will help in providing you more bounce. The undercarriage of the table is strong and sturdy.


Table tennis table can be very heavy and for that, you need to split it that makes it compact to put into storage. The Rally TL has two halves which that makes moving it very easy. Each half of the table can be carried up easily and can be moved to the required place. After folding it you can place it easily anywhere you like.

You can lock the wheels of the table, ad unlocks them whenever you want to move it. This makes your work quite easy. You can store your table very easily. But you need to be very careful while doing so, as it should not hurt you.

Also, you can fold the two halves separately and then play in a playback position. In this, you can fold one half and then use it to hit the ball. This is one of the best features that you can use to play. This is because you can easily practise using this feature.

Convenient ball holders

On each corner of the table, you get small spaces which can help to hold the ping pong tables. On each corner of the table, 3 balls can be held together. You can easily get a ball.

Another important feature of the table is that it has a magnetic scoreboard. This is very handy and helps to settle the disputes.


As far, the table is very easy to assemble. You can assemble it very easily on your own but you can do it with a second person too. The second person can help you in lifting the table.


  • It is strong and sturdy.
  • The frame is very durable.
  • The assembly is very easy
  • Can be easily folded
  • Used in the playback position
  • Magnetic scoreboard feature available.
  • There are ball holders in each corner.


  • It is only 15mm thick
  • A little expensive

JOOLA Inside Table

The Joola table has a 5/8 inch tabletop and is an indoor regulation table. This table has a 1.5-inch diameter and is coated with powder undercarriage so that you can prevent the rust. It is an expensive design and you can use it easily and quickly to get entertained.

This regulation table is about $1500. But you won’t wish to spend so much money, especially if you are purchasing them for your kids.

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This is one of the best selling tables in the market and there are a lot of positive reviews on it.


It has a 15 mm thick playing surface and is pretty well for playing ping pong. This table is made for beginners and is not so serious. If you will research then you will know that more the thickness more will be the bounce. The advanced models are more expensive and it is better that you go for thicker tables. You can easily afford them and get more bounce.


The table can be split into hales and it has a lot of benefits. You can use into play individually in the playback position. You can practise it on your own without the need of a personal player.

The movement of the table is very easy. It is very hard to transport the table so splitting it into halves can help a lot.

Strong undercarriage

The halves of the Joola table are very strong and solid. You can easily fold them and carry them wherever you want to. The legs of the table are very strong and sturdy. The bottom of the table has adjustable levellers and it makes sure that your table is levelled.


The table tennis table takes very less time to assemble so it is not a pain for you. This table is 95% preassembled, you just need to put the legs on it. The table can take just 15 minutes for assembly.

Net and posts

There are a lot of good features about the Joola Inside table that you should know. But the nets and the posts of the table are not too good.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Splits easily into halves
  • Strong undercarriage
  • Corner protectors are there
  • Sage and has height adjusters
  • It is light in weight


  • Does not have a very bouncy surface
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Net and posts are not so good
  • No warranty


Both the tables that are Joola inside and Joola rally have some points of similarity. There are some points of differences which make them different. If you want to assemble the table easily then you should go for the Joola inside. Both the tables have a playback position. The choice is yours, go through the article and choose accordingly.

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