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JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket review

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If you are a lover of the Table Tennis and scrolling the list of the premium rackets, then we are pretty much sure that you must have found JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket. In this article, we are going to share with you a detailed review, from every aspect, of this high-quality racket. We are going to share with you the features, pros and the cons of this racket. So keep reading:

The racket has been manufactured with the superior quality material along with the top class rubber which has been exclusively designed for it. The table tennis pros love this racket due to its controlled spins and sturdy material. JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.

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This racket is specifically designed for those table tennis players who use the offensive playing techniques and are keen to become more aggressive in their game format. But that does not mean at all that it can be exclusively used by them only.

JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket In depth Review

This racket falls in the Spinforce series of the Joola rackets, which is available for both professional as-well-as amateur players. It has been contrived with the standards of the Olympic Games.




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JOOLA Spinforce 900

Ultimate Professional Ping Pong Paddle with Carbon Layers

The table tennis players who want to evolve offensive play style and advanced spins then JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket is going to very beneficial for them.

These rackets look basic and identical. There is a basic important thing about the rackets. There is difference in price and ratings as compared to the other rackets. Even if you are new, investing in this rackets will be helpful. There are a lot of models better, but this will be no less.

Joola Spinforce 900 is among the best selling rackets out there. It has a lot of great features that you can use and it makes learning well.

The carbon plywood used might not be too stable for the spin, but this drawback is compensated by using extra thickness and rubber. This is one of the best models and has the best spin. The rubber of this table tennis racket is heavy and will avoid the vibrations. This is one of the common issues with the plywood.

Talking about the handle, there is grip and it is strong and sturdy. You can use it for backhand and forehand and there are absolutely no issues at all. The strokes are the best and you won’t lose the intensity. This handle is the best for playing in hot weather. Even if you are sweating and your hands are wet, the racket will not sip from your hands. You don’t need a stronger grip if you use this racket as it has the best handle.

Taking this point of consideration, Joola Spinforce 900 table tennis is comfortable to use and it will not lead to any pain. The player will feel relaxed while playing with this racket.

This racket comes preassembled. You don’t need to put the parts together; you can easily use it as it arrives.


  • It is of 10, 6 and 1 inches.
  • The weight is in 5.43 ounces.
  • It comes assembled
  • The thickness of sponge is 2mm.
  • It is very soft.
  • The vibrations are less
  • There is spin control and attacks are offensive
  • Handle is flared
  • Plywood blade is 7 layered


  • Heavy spin
  • Excellent control
  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Boosts speed
  • Good for training
  • Good for competitions
  • Flared handles prevents slippage


  • Beginners will need time to use it.
  • Might feel heavy

The Top Features of JOOLA Spinforce 900

Here are the top features JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket which will force you to go for it:

  • It comes up in pre-assembled form so there is no such kind of complication to assemble the same to make it ready to play.
  • The JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket has been made with durable and long lasting quality material.
  • Its soft sponge will give you a very strong grip and control over your game.
  • The racket has been designed and made for both the beginners as-well-as the proficient of the game.
  • The blade has seven layers of the plywood. Not limited to this the material used in the blade is carbon-based.
  • The handle of the racket is very comfortable to get the grip and lead the game.
  • JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).
  • The rubber of the racket is replaceable or upgradeable for heavy use depending on your requirement. So you need not worry about the rough use of it.
  •  Made with the benchmarks of the Olympic games

What we liked about JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket

Here are some of the positive reviews and feedback of the satisfied customers of this racket:

  • The racket’s quality is amazing and it is giving very strong hits.
  • Many of the players are pleased with the spin and speed it gives. It makes the ball hit the table harder.
  • There are several players who asserted that JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket outperforms the TT rackets made available by the other brands.
  • There is also a chunk of the satisfied customer who shopped this racket when they started to play with the defensive technique but when they shifted to the offensive game style there was no need to replace the racket. The racket can be used in both of the game styles. You can also go for many other paddles or joola paddles.

What we dislike JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket

JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket has a very limited number of cons on the basis of the reviews and feedback of the actual users of it. These are as following:

  • Some of the players complained about the worn out of the rubber after a very short time span.
  • There are some other players also who say that quality is not up to the mark as expected from the price range.
  • The customer support service is very poor, complained a number of users of the JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket.


If you are quite impressed with the features and the pros of the JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket over its cons so we would suggest you go for it as it can be used in both defensive as-well-as offensive game styles and the second thing is that the paddles of the racket are replaceable which will not impact the level of your proficiency in the game.

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